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BRAVA or Implants: What Do You Feel is Safer and Has Best Results?

I have been dx'd with IDC and will be having a bilateral masectomy in March with reconstruction. I love the idea of BRAVA as a more... READ MORE

Sjogren's and Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy

My 57 year old friend has a mild case of Sjogren's. She also had a Mastectomy. She would like to have Breast Reconstruction. One doctor turned her... READ MORE

BRAVA + AFT Vs Implants 2 Years Post Bilateral Mastectomy?

I am 53 and had a bilateral mastectomy. I had chemotherapy and no radiation. I am considering reconstruction. First, does implant surgery require... READ MORE

Can the BRAVA Add Permanent, Increased Breast Size?

I need to gain about half a cup size permanently in my breasts, but I really don't want to have surgery to do so. If I use the BRAVA correctly, will I... READ MORE

Can I get a nipple reconstructed on my left irradiated breast mound?

Hello. I had a unilateral Mx July 2012. Then I had chemo and radiation. I was going to do a DIEP flap procedure but found out about BRAVA. Did 3 Brava... READ MORE

Has the Brava System Been Used Successfully to Replace Implants AFTER Breast Reconstruction?

Brava wasn't yet available when I had my bilateral with reconstruction (tissue expanders / silicone implants). I haven't seen any discussions of it... READ MORE

Is There Any Data on How Long a Breast Reconstruction with BRAVA System Lasts?

If I have a reconstruction with the BRAVA bra and fat transfer, how long will the results last? Over time, is there a likelihood of fat necrosis or... READ MORE

Can fat grafting with Brava be used for a women who had diep flap surgery that failed to give enough volume to breasts?

I was only able to achieve a small b cup size with the flap and desire to be at least a full C. READ MORE

Mastectomy and radiation?

I have to have a mastectomy followed by 5 1/2 weeks of radiation. The doctor is recommending the DIEP. I saw the Brava and am wondering if that might... READ MORE

Does BRAVA work? Double Mastectomy had DIEP on left breast/no radiation/want natural look for right breast? (Photo)

Had DIEPon left, tried expander for implant in right. Expander was too painful had it removed. Plastic surgeon said my only option would be the BRAVA... READ MORE

Can Brava fat grafting heal lymphedema?

3/15dblmac remove15nodesleftcancerside left arm swelled I have stg1manageable lymphedema Dr Calva/Brava sent me followin: Fat grafting reverses... READ MORE

Is Brava Required for Fat Grafting Breast Reconstruction when You Are Getting Your Implants Removed?

Isn't the expansion already there from the implants? Mine have been in for six years. READ MORE

Should I just have a mastopexy, or get more fat grafting? (Photo)

I had a Brava assisted fat grafting 250 mg to my L breast. Am I ready for a nipple and ariola graft and an aditional mastopexy. Or should I get... READ MORE

OC California Lady needs Dbl Mas Reconstruction Brava aft or Lat Back Flap? Which would you do for your daughter/wife? (Photo)

HI, I have thin skin& leftside was radiated 28 days. Had dbl Mas & have current expanders @ apx480 PS says skin looks good but thin & diep not an... READ MORE

Would Brava be an option for a person who had a mastectomy and radiation?

I am at the point now that my MD suggested Brava as a treatment although he has never had any experience with this. I just had muscle taken out of my... READ MORE

BRAVA with implants? Mastectomy recon - new surgeon said for additional fat graft need to stretch skin with suction. (photo)

The device is not actually BRAVA that they shipped to me, but more of a suction cup breast enlarging device. Is this safe to use over implants? Will... READ MORE

BRAVA with implants ?

I had mastectomy dec 14 DCIS, and reconstruction with 355 ccl Silicon implant in same procedure, no adjuvant therapy. Unfortunately I have got... READ MORE

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