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Breasts have large, hard lumps 6 weeks after free flap reconstruction. Is this normal?

I am 6 weeks out from a bilateral TUG flap reconstruction. I can feel several areas that are very hard. They are large areas, like 2 inches by 2... READ MORE

How does inflammatory breast cancer present itself in a saline implant reconstructed breast? (photo)

Bilateral skin sparing mastectomy Jan 2012 for multiple noncancerous reasons, had removal of implants Oct 2012 due to staph infection, latissimus... READ MORE

DIEP flap reconstruction. Is there possibility that the flap can still fail?

I had a bilateral DIEP flap reconstruction 10 days ago. Surgery went very well. Last saw PS yesterday and he said everything looks good. Is there a... READ MORE

I need a surgeon who specializes in explantation / reconstruction. I'm willing to travel within the U.S. Any suggestions?

I had a bilateral breast augmentation / mastopexy in 2011 to repair a tuberous breast deformity using submuscular silicone implants. Both breasts have... READ MORE

Had reconstruction, hate the results, what can I do?

I had a bi lateral, nipple sparing, double mastectomy, no radiation, no skin sparing. I was a 36DDD before I opted to go smaller with reconstruction.... READ MORE

What type of doctor should I see for a chronic seroma? (12 cm x 12 cm x 4 cm).

8 years ago I had a bilateral TRAM post breast cancer (chemo, radiation & hormone therapy). Immediately a large seroma formed (right auxilla to left... READ MORE

What are the drawbacks of delaying bilateral implant-based breast reconstruction?

I am 29, diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. I prefer to postpone any unnecessary surgeries or complications for a few years, when I'll be... READ MORE

Breast very tight and scar is hard and skin above scar so tight and lacking arm motion? (Photo)

I was a fail with breast recon. Had bilateral on 7/28/15 and reexcised margins after chemo and radiation along with complete capsolectomy. The... READ MORE

What are my options if there is not enough tissue for DIEP?

I am 42 and post right mastectomey with a few slips of pec taken. No skin was spared. Chemo was needed but no radiation. I would like a right flap... READ MORE

Can I have my diep flap surgery in a different state?

I am considering having my bilateral diep flap surgery in a state that is about a 4 hour flight from my home. Is it feasible to fly home after a few... READ MORE

I would like to know if the bravvo and fat transfer would really work under these conditions?

I am considering bilateral breast reconstruction after breast cancer. Chemo and radiation followed. 12 months of Herceptin ends in dec 2013. I would... READ MORE

I'll have a silicone with fat transfer. What do you think about that?

I have bilateral reconstruction and currently have tissue expanders. READ MORE

Unsure how current sub pectoral implants effect reconstruction for Breast Cancer?

I forgot to ask my surgeon. But I had sub pectoral 250 cc implants placed in 2003 as part of mastopec. I now have Invasive Lobular C and pervasive... READ MORE

Pain in one breast 10 weeks post reconstruction with implants under muscles. Any suggestions?

I am about 10 weeks post reconstruction with bilateral cohesive gel implants under the muscle. I'm having pain in my right breast when I exercise or... READ MORE

Questions about complications from a Perforated Flap reconstruction

3/14 I had a Bi Lateral DIEP reconstruction the breasts except for 1 nipple healed well. The abdominal region had issues holes & a bulge, first it was... READ MORE

Redness/bruising above tissue expander not improving, is this permanent? (Photos)

I had a bi-lateral skin sparing mastectomy 8 weeks ago with tissue expanders placed at the time of surgery. I've had this redness/bruising the entire... READ MORE

Would nipples flap reconstruction leave noticeable scars?Would breasts have less projection due to nipple recons?Best technique?

I had bilateral modified radical mastectomies, chemo, NO radiation. Delayed breasts recons with expanders, anatomical Natrelle dual gel firm silicone... READ MORE

Can radiation be given to breast once a bilateral and immediate reconstruction are done?

Can radiation be given to breast once a bialateral and immediate reconstruction done READ MORE

Will PVC's during a bilateral PAP flap breast reconstruction harm me?

Bilateral Pap flap breast recontruction scheduled for the end of OCT, 2014. Pre op EKG showed PVC's . They told me I need to have a cardiac clearance.... READ MORE

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