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Increase Breast Size Through Reconstruction After Mastectomy?

Is it possible to increase breast size with reconstruction following a mastectomy? Will it increase both breasts, even though only one will be... READ MORE

What can I do to decrease my fluid output so that I can have my JP drains removed after having them for 3 weeks already?

I had a bilateral mastectomy with TE's in Oct 2014. My swap was 3/2015. On 6/29, I had a revision done - larger implants with Alloderm above/below... READ MORE

My plastic surgeon says my skin is too tight/thin around tissue expanders to expand anymore. Can a bigger implant be inserted?

I had prophylactic mastectomy with expanders. I am at 350ccs and doc says my skin is too tight to expand more. I am disappointed as I wanted to be a... READ MORE

3 months ago I had reconstructive breast surgery, not satisfied with size, position too low and right breast bothers me. (Photo)

I'm 5'2 and weight 120lbs, my implants are allergen silicone 340 cc. Do I have double bubble on right breast? Is there a way to improve the appearance... READ MORE

2 Phase Reconstruction Post Bilateral Mastectomy - Unhappy with Size - Stage 2? (photo)

Hi there. i had a bilateral mastectomy due to er- pr- her2 +3 b cancer. ive had my tissue expanders removed they where filled up to about 510cc's and... READ MORE

How Much Can SM Expanders Be Filled?

I am very small/petite, and my plastic surgeon chose an SM expander. Otherwise she said it would fill on the sides but I want to go D size... READ MORE

Post Breast Reconstruction: Will my Fibromas Make My Right Breast Larger or is it Just Swelling?

I have NF1 and my right breast has fibromas and was much smaller then my left breast. I got breast surgery, My left 225 CC. My right breast 275 CC for... READ MORE

What is the largest silicone implant on the market? My ps told me 800 cc is the biggest silicone implants made.

I am 57 years old and had a double mastectomy. I wore about a 38 D Prior to breast cancer. I had the expander exchange 5/17/16. Prior to surgery he... READ MORE

Prophylactic Mastectomy Last Year. Was a Full C, Healing Process Been Horrible. Can I Go Bigger?

I had a Prophylactic Mastectomy last year. Prior to surgery I was a full C my wt was approx 360lbs. I could not get the Spacers so I was told by the... READ MORE

Enhancing my Size After Reconstruction. Can I Do That?

I had a dbl mastectomy with a nipple sparing reconstruction. Everything turned out great but now i am wishing I went somewhat bigger. Can that still... READ MORE

Wanting to increase your breast size after reconstruction with implants? Will expanders be needed again?

Hi, I am two weeks post opp. I had my expanders exchanged for 505cc textured round HP silicone implants. I was expanded to 450. they are shaping up to... READ MORE

Had a mastectomy with immediate Implant & Strattice. Can I go bigger in time? (photos)

2 wks ago I had mastectomy immediate implant & strattice. Im feeling v tight as he put in largest implant he could. I have got to have radiotherapy &... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Make my Boobs a Little Larger?

I had a bilateral mastectomy. Left side with expander, right side direct implant. 600cc texture natrelle implants, I am smaller then I wanted to be is... READ MORE

Can I go larger after reconstruction following mastectomy?

I had invasive ductal carcinoma and had bilateral mastectomy radiation to right breast, reconstruction 2 years later. Tissue expanders, don't... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction. I have a question for my friend: does she need bigger implants to fill the breast? (Photo)

She had SLE and took high doses of cortisone which increased her bra size from 34C to 40H in 3months. She did reduction from 40H to 34D in 2011. Due... READ MORE

I had Breast Augmentation in Feb of 2014 & was diagnosed with IDC breast cancer in Dec. Will I be able to get a bigger implant?

I had a lumpectomy and will be starting radiation soon. I really don't want my breast size to change. Will I be able to get a larger implant to... READ MORE

Do I Need to Be Concerned About Skin Problems Later if I Go Up to 420cc Size Withy Panders & Receive Memory Gel Implants?

I had a double mastectomy with nipple and skin sparing. No radiation, I was BRCA positive. I want to go up to 420 cc and am at 360 now with expanders READ MORE

Have breast expansions filled to 360. Doctor wants to stop expansion due to thin skin. Can I ask for more and medically be safe?

Reconstructive surgery due to double mesectomy. Age 45. Was a B cup size prior to mesectomy. Want to know the medical fluid amount to accommodate a C... READ MORE

My right breast was severely injured in a car accident. Can this deformity be corrected?

I was injured in a car accident 13 years ago. My right breast was split internally at the 4 o clock position, and a large band of scar tissue formed.... READ MORE

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