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Breast Lift of Good Breast After Unilateral Mastectomy?

I'm 35 years old and in two weeks, I'll have Mastectomy of left breast and immediate Breast Reconstruction with implant-expander. The PS told... READ MORE

Is Symmetry Difficult to Achieve with Breast Reconstruction?

Can i expect to have symmetrical breasts following a single mastectomy/reconstruction? How is symmetry achieved? READ MORE

Unhappy With Asymmetry After Reconstruction/ PMB- Revision?

I recently(2 weeks ago) had my expanders exchanged for implants. I am so unhappy. My left breast is higher and larger than my right. My PS told me I... READ MORE

I Am Almost 17 and Have Severely Asymmetrical Breasts, What Can I Do?

I am almost 17 and my left breast is an A cup and the other is a C cup. It is very noticeable and the larger one is sagging. They've been uneven for... READ MORE

How Do I Choose a Good Surgeon to Fix Extreme Asymmetrical Breasts and Help Paying for Procedure?

Since I was 12 (puberty) ive had uneven breasts (im 21 now). My left breast is an A cup and my right breast is a D cup.. Ive seen plastic surgeons... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction Via Lipofilling After Lumpectomy?

Is it possible to restore a breast after a lumpectomy using lipofilling? I had a large amount of tissue removed from the top part of my breast. I... READ MORE

I'm 20 years old 5'4" and 140 lbs. I Am a Female with Pectus Excavatum and I Have a Breast Size Difference - What Can I Do?

I am 20 years old 5'4" and 140 lbs and i have a pectus excavatum and my breast asymmetry is very noticeable B vs. DDD cup and i have worn a silicone... READ MORE

Tissue Expander Disparity?

I underwent prophylactic bilateral mastectomies on Aug 20th with immediate tissue expanders placed. Thank God there were no complications. I noticed... READ MORE

What Implant Size Will Most Nearly Match a Natrelle Saline Implant Style 45, 460 Cc,

Ater having a nipple sparing mastectomy on my left breast, I am trying to figure out what breast implant size would most equal my reconstructed breast... READ MORE

Would You Recommend a Lift and Small Implant in the Natural Breast to Provide Symmetry to the Flap Reconstructed Breast? (photo)

I had an immediate left breast reconstruction using the SIEA flap done 4 months ago. I will be planning for the nipple reconstruction and refinements... READ MORE

What's the Best Option for Poland's Syndrome if You Have Scoliosis As Well?

I've always had breast asymmetry; but, I believe it's Poland's Syndrome. I have what appears to be a missing pectoralis & loss of my anterior... READ MORE

I am six weeks post op from a breast reconstruction. Recon breast has bottomed out and augmentation breast is too high? (photo)

I had a tissue expander exchange to a silicone implant on my right breast and a lift and augmentation to my left breast to achieve symmetry and the... READ MORE

I am a 25 years old at 5'10.5" and 190 lbs. Asymmetrical Breasts - Different Shaped Implants for Each Side? (photo)

I am a 25 years old at 5'10.5" and 190 lbs; I have asymmetrical breasts. My surgeon suggested doing a tear shaped silicone expandable implant on my... READ MORE

Is It Best To Lose Extra Pounds Before Breast Reconstruction?

I have 35 years and in November of 2010 I had a mastectomy on the left breast. They put an expander and now …after chemotherapy, is time to... READ MORE

What can be done about this asymmetry in my breasts? (photo)

The right one is about a cup size smaller and it drives me crazy. Also how much would it cost roughly in your opinion? READ MORE

I Had a Recent Revision to PBM and I'm Still Experiencing Tightness on Right Side and They Appear Too Close, Normal? (photo)

The tightness around my right implant, slight asymmetry and closeness of the new implants worries me. The tightness was also on the right after my TE... READ MORE

My 450cc Expander if Full but Only Sz A Cup. Other Breast is a B and Needs Reduction to A to Match?

I had a mastectomy and a 450 cc expander was put in. How much can that be filled? At 450 I am a size A cup but my good breast is a size B and now has... READ MORE

Surgery to the Opposite Breast to Achieve Symmetry After a Lumpectomy Not Covered by Medicaid?

After (3 surgeries total) - 2 WLE and a lumpectomy, I ended up with a naturally gravity pulled DDD on one side and a high-riding B with a "divot" on... READ MORE

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