Antibiotic + Breast Reconstruction

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Had DIEP Flap Surgery - Incision on Belly Splitting Badly

I had DIEP flap surgery 4 weeks ago, breasts are fine, some issues with the tummy incision. my incision started to separate 3 weeks later. saw my PS... READ MORE

I Had a Bilateral Mastectomy, and Antibiotics Don't Seem to be Helping an Infection, Options? (photo)

I had a bilateral mastectomy on 7/21/11. Tissue expanders were placed at that time. I am currently filled to 655ccs on the left and 705 ccs on the... READ MORE

After expander removal possible infection? Feels like my ribs are bruised, redness, edema and swelling (photo)

Double Mastectomy in February, expanders in place,within 5 days redness,swelling,low grade fevers started.Oral ABT taken Cipro Bactrim & Keflex for 2... READ MORE

How should I treat leaking at breast reconstruction incision site?

2 months after breast reconstruction surgery my left breast had a pin size hole in the incision and was leaking pus. the doctor put me on antibiotics.... READ MORE

After antibiotic for infected incision, my symptoms are back again this time with pain. What can I do? (photo)

2 months after breast reconstruction surgery my left breast had a pin size hole in the incision and was leaking pus. the doctor put me on antibiotics.... READ MORE

What is on and in my Right Breast? (photo)

My PS Has No Idea and Apparently 2 Radiologist, 2 Other PS and 1 Oncologist Have No Idea? Radiation done in 2006, Breast implants on both and... READ MORE

I Had Rt Mastectomy on 8/15. I Still Have a JP Drain?

I still have a JP drain that's putting out 100-110cc a day. Dr changed antibiotic a week ago. Is it normal to still have a JP drain READ MORE

Double masectomy due to brca1 had tissue expanders exchanged for implants 3 months ago I have cellulitus in left breast? (photo)

Been on iv antibiotics for 11 days but changed to stronger ones 2 days ago with definate improvement but they still say I could lose implant, I do not... READ MORE

Can it be an infection of te? (photos)

I had masectomy done with Te on march 31st. Temp 101 frm past 2 days. Took..2 tablets of antibiotic bactrim ysty My breast looks slight pink. I was... READ MORE

I developed Cellutitus post Mastectomy. Would you advise to continue taking antibiotics, or getting the tissue expander removed?

Five or six weeks after a bilateral mastectomy I developed cellutitus. The area was very red, but I did not have a fever or an elevated white count.... READ MORE

Will my breast go back to normal?

I have stage 1 HER2 Breast cancer. A 2.1cm lump was removed, it didn't spread. After surgery a large hematoma formed & was evacuated. About 8oz. Of... READ MORE

My wife had a mastectomy with a direct implant 6 weeks ago. She had fever 2 weeks after surgery and Doctor changed her antibi

2 weeks after surgery she had a fever l. The surgeon changed antibiotic and she was ok. The breast was starting to heal (the redness was getting... READ MORE

Can my implant be infected 3 years after surgery?

I had a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction due to brest cancer almost 3 years ago. Sunday I went to sleep and I woke up with swolen breast (left)... READ MORE

Can I take doxycycline after implant surgery?

Just had reconstructive breast surgery (First operation had major problems due to scar tissue.) That said, because of radiation and a first time fail,... READ MORE

Infection after breast reconstruction. (Photo)

I am 1 month out from a bmx with tissue expanders expanded to 400 cc. I contracted a staph infection and my PS said I would be on an IV of antibiotics... READ MORE

How much is too much for drainage after tissue expander surgery?

I had a tissue expander put back in my left breast on April 18, 2016. I am still draining about 80cc every day. I had a mycobacterium fortuitum... READ MORE

Does ancillary node removal impair the immune system permanently?

Does complete ancillary node removal during a mastectomy impair the immune system permanently making antibiotics more likely after chest infections.... READ MORE

What does all this mean? No antibiotic? How does this affect my aggressive cancer level? (Photo)

I had a modified radical mastectomy no expanders or augmentation for stage 2 her2+ cancer on right breast. 3 wks since surgery and dr removed... READ MORE

Had a recon surgery 6 days ago w expanders and drains. What kind of antibiotics can I take? A lower dosage w longer duration(?)

Dcis in right invasive in left. Horrible recovery w throwing up after surgery. Sensitive to pain meds, antibiotics. Read that Angelina Jolie dr at... READ MORE

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