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Reconstructive Surgery with Expanders - Infected

12/23/11 had prophylactic bilateral mastectomy(twin sister & sister with breast cancer)I was discharged with 2 jp drains 16 hours after surgery... READ MORE

What body factors impact expander vs. direct to implant breast reconstruction?

I have been told by my breast and plastic reconstruction surgeon that the decision to do direct to implant using alloderm (no expander or months of... READ MORE

What Do I Need to Consider when Having the Areola Tattooed?

After skin sparing mastectomy with nipple reconstruction and tram flap procedure, my entire areolar complex was sacrificed. The original tatoo from... READ MORE

Help with Choosing Method for Breast Reconstruction, Lift and Implants?

I need to make up my mind regarding breast reconstruction, with breast implants and breast lift. I have gone to different plastic surgeons. I am 50... READ MORE

I Am 50y Swimmer Golfer and Need to Do Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy. What is the Best Option for my Life Style?

I Am 50y Swimmer Golfer and Need to Do  Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy. What is  a Best Option for my Life Style  ? READ MORE

Allergan Style 410 or Mentor CPG Versus Free Flap Reconstruction?

I had bilateral breast reconstruction w/ saline implants almost 17 years ago. The implants lasted 13 and 15 years, and deflated due to capsular... READ MORE

BRAVA + AFT Vs Implants 2 Years Post Bilateral Mastectomy?

I am 53 and had a bilateral mastectomy. I had chemotherapy and no radiation. I am considering reconstruction. First, does implant surgery require... READ MORE

Bilat DIEP Flaps or Brava+fat Graft to Reconstruct A Cups?

51 yo non-smoking ft student wi 9 mm carcinoma rt breast, no nodes involved and have elected to do bilat mastectomies due to family hx. Used to have... READ MORE

I Just Had a Bilaterial Mastectomy. DCIS is the Right and my Decision to Remove the Left Breast. I Am 5'8' and 185 Pounds?

I just had a bilaterial mastectomy. DCIS in the right breast and my decision was to remove the left breast also. I am 5'8" and 185 pounds.I'm 51 years... READ MORE

Size Determination for Breast Reconstruction?

I had a double mastectomy on March 27, 2013 and have had by 2nd expansion. My plastic surgeon explained to me that cup sizes are different than those... READ MORE

What are the pros and cons of sub pectoral vs. sub dermal implant placement immediately following a bi-lateral mastectomy?

I'm 45 and I've been diagnosed with Stage I breast, ER and PR positive, HER2 negative, BRAC 1& 2 negative, left breast. I've decided to undergo a... READ MORE

I had a fat transfer on April 19th for breast reconstruction. I look worse than before. Is this normal after 4 months? (Photo)

I am a 54-year-old personal trainer who had a smooth belly before having liposuction done in the area. I was asked to gain 3-10 pounds to have enough... READ MORE

What is the best implant for a mastectomy patient? I wanted Sientra but they don't make the implants very big.

I am 53 and active. 5'8, 150lbs. I wear 34/B. I had a single mastectomy. During my surgery, they inserted an expander and did a partial fill. My BW is... READ MORE

How long does it take for the muscle to heal from explantation? The expanders were placed under the muscle & placed in Feb '14

I'm 49. I am a 16 month surviver of breast cancer. I had a bilateral mastectomy in May 2013. I felt rushed & pressured to go ahead & do reconstruction... READ MORE

DIEP, is There Anything else in the Pipeline?

I am 47 and have had breast cancer twice. A lumpectomy with radiation at 31 and bilateral masectomy at 43 without reconstruction. In my opinion, the... READ MORE

Can the Implant Get Larger with Message to Release Scar Tissue Will the Boxy Look Go Away and if So, How Long to Accomplish?

I was given 800 cc gel implants after a bi-lateral mastecomy. I was a 40C cup before and now I can't even fill in a 40 B cup. I am 46 yrs old at... READ MORE

I am not satisfied with the size or looks of my new breast. What can I do?Thank you. (photos)

I am 51, 5'4", 224 lbs. Bra size before... I was 38C and some 39D. I have gummy bear implants the largest they make. The right is too low. It... READ MORE

Best choice w/ least complication for PBMx w/ reconstruction ? ( 410 or smooth round) (photos)

I'm 47, 5'4 ,105-110lbs, rib cage(26.5" around) ,32 b/c bra . This for prophylactic mast, which is best aesthetic outcome with least complications... READ MORE

Had Bilateral Mastectomies and Expanders. Doc Said Skin Was Thin, So He is Using No. 5. What is This?

I'm 47 yrs old, 5'6" & 212lbs,(I use to be a full D) And no I can't lose weight, if I could I already would have. I had bilateral mastectomies,... READ MORE

Advantages of bilateral mastectomy/reconstruction?

From a plastic surgery perspective, what are the advantages to having a bilateral mastectomy in implant based reconstruction? (I asked my plastic... READ MORE

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