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Young Mastectomy Patient - 800cc. Can I Go Larger?

Double mastectomy: reconstructed with 800cc/high profile/gel/below muscle. Even with such a large implant, it's NOT close to my size before... READ MORE

Mentor ultra high profile 800cc implants. Will I get enough projection? How will I look? Will they be really small? (photos)

I'm having my exchange surgery soon. I have 900cc filled tissue expanded. And I wanted 1200cc saline implants but my PS said my boobies would be to... READ MORE

750cc in Tissue Expanders Currently. Is 800cc Correct for Silicone?

I am 6 weeks out of Preventative Bilateral Mastectomy, BRCA1 positive, pathology is clear. Skin Sparing, not Nipple sparing.My PS was able to make... READ MORE

How are woman getting over 800cc implants in the USA. Even with breast reconstruction after a mastectomy? (Photo)

I am just wondering this because I have TE filled to 770cc and I am a larger woman and feel totally un-proportioned. my PS said she wont fill a saline... READ MORE

Are there silicone breast implants available at 1000cc, for reconstruction after double mastectomy?

Due to my measurements I need to have implants of 1000cc. I want silicone and have been told by my DR. that 800cc is the largest available, that I... READ MORE

I Have Expanders That R Filled with 800cc Surgery in a Week Will I Look Close to This Size After?

I'm 22 I got diagnosed with breast cancer last may and had a double mastectomy I was a 38c before surgery.. I have expanders in that r filled with... READ MORE

Will 800cc implants look right on my frame and will they feel better than tissue expanders? What would be an ideal size? (Photo)

I had a mastectomy with reconstruction on feb 5, with alloderm and tissue expanders. I was filled to 500cc. Its been three weeks and I went for my... READ MORE

Will I Be Able to Have the D Size I Am Looking for with an Expansion of 800cc?

I have had a bilateral mastectomy due to breast cancer. When under going the expansion I had infection leading to a removal and replacement of an... READ MORE

What is the largest silicone implant on the market? My ps told me 800 cc is the biggest silicone implants made.

I am 57 years old and had a double mastectomy. I wore about a 38 D Prior to breast cancer. I had the expander exchange 5/17/16. Prior to surgery he... READ MORE

Why do I have a line in my boobs?

I had a breast reconstructive surgery and decided to go to a bigger implant. I am pretty thin but have broad shoulders. I went with 700cc and 800cc... READ MORE

Need tissue expanders a 2nd time?

I had a bilateral mastectomy last September with tissue expanders with the exchange surgery in April.  I expanded to 650cc silicon implants and... READ MORE

Can the Implant Get Larger with Message to Release Scar Tissue Will the Boxy Look Go Away and if So, How Long to Accomplish?

I was given 800 cc gel implants after a bi-lateral mastecomy. I was a 40C cup before and now I can't even fill in a 40 B cup. I am 46 yrs old at... READ MORE

At a crossroads on implant choice for reconstruction exchange surgery. How can I choose the right size?

At 23 I had bilateral mastectomies & expanders then exchanged to 800cc mentor silicone implants. I have had 2 ruptures in the past 10 years and now am... READ MORE

Adjustable gel/saline implants by mentor? (Photo)

MyTE are 770cc and will be getting 800cc at exchange surgery.I want silicone feel and I like the idea of saline because of overfilling. I love the... READ MORE

Why can't I find breast reconstruction before/after pictures of fuller figure women? (photos)

I'm 41 5'8" 225lbs (203 pre-mastectomies) my bra size was 38D. I had bilateral skin sparing mastectomies. I was expanded to 600cc and I now have 800cc... READ MORE

Can I receive fat grafting to increase size with implants as well?

Double mast April 2014. Instead of tissue expanders PS used old implants from prev Augmentation.I had 400 saline implants in July 2014. Changed PS, he... READ MORE

Why are my breasts wrinkling?

I had a bilateral masectomy with tissue expanders. Expanded to 800cc, with silicone implants 800cc. When I lean forward or lay on my side there is... READ MORE

Were my tissue expanders over filled during breast reconstruction?

The day of my mastectomy the doctor filled my tissue expanders too 800cc. it cause me to have severe pain and necrosis of the the operation site. I... READ MORE

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