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Staph A Infection 6-weeks Post-op Double Mastectomy with Reconstruction, How will this Effect Healing?

Can you please tell me more about the success rate of healing cellulitis in a reconstructed breast using IV antibiotics (Penicillin G) vs. surgical... READ MORE

Did my Wife Receive Nipple Saving Surgery or Not? (photo)

My wife had DIEP nipple saving surgery 7 weeks ago. She did not have cancer prior to surgery. We notice two weeks after the surgery that her nipples... READ MORE

Should breast implants after reconstruction begin to sag and ripple after 6 weeks? (photo)

What are the best techniques to repair this? Delayed reconstruction after double mastectomy even with 24 hours support bra wear. Spacers in for 3 1/2... READ MORE

Breast Expander Ripped out of Place?

I had a bilateral mastectomy 6 weeks ago. Last night while sleeping, I awoke with severe pain under my right arm. I think I jerked my arm in my sleep.... READ MORE

Breasts have large, hard lumps 6 weeks after free flap reconstruction. Is this normal?

I am 6 weeks out from a bilateral TUG flap reconstruction. I can feel several areas that are very hard. They are large areas, like 2 inches by 2... READ MORE

I am six weeks post op from a breast reconstruction. Recon breast has bottomed out and augmentation breast is too high? (photo)

I had a tissue expander exchange to a silicone implant on my right breast and a lift and augmentation to my left breast to achieve symmetry and the... READ MORE

Softenning of breasts and skin color after reconstruction. How long will this take?

Do breasts that have been reconstructed after mastectomy (skin/nipple sparing with implants below the pectoralis muscle and then allograft placement)... READ MORE

Persistent Drainage Issue After Bilateral Masectomy/Reconstruction Normal?

It has been over six weeks since my bilateral mascetomy/reconstruction with AlloDerm, and I am still draining 50ccs per 24 hour period. There does not... READ MORE

Red Bumpy Scars?

My second time around for implants. Lost them to infection last year and had to start over. This time my scars are almost round and thick, they feel... READ MORE

I will be 6 weeks Friday for bilateral reconstruction. Is it ok to swim in a pool?

My doctor is out of the country. Nothing for my depression has helped medicine wise so I am going to push myself to exercise. READ MORE

How common is excruciating pain from bilateral mastectomy w/ partial reconstruction at 6 weeks postop?

I am nearly 6 weeks postop prophylactic bilateral mastectomy w/ partial reconstruction (alloderm, tissue expanders expanded to 300cc in surgery, and... READ MORE

Bruising and hardness in breast after diap flap reconstruction

7 weeks since my operation, my breast is still bruised with hard areas which I have been told to massage firmly every day, should I still have... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction movement guidelines.

What are general guidelines to increase mobility/decrease pain and scar tissue after reconstruction? It is now 6 weeks post-op flap reconstruction and... READ MORE

Is it possible to achieve greater expansion of breasts w/ thin skin by filling more slowly over a longer period of time? (photo)

I had M and recon. with expanders / alloderm 6 weeks ago. Radiation to R starting in 3 weeks. Happy with expanders, no pain but Im very disappointed... READ MORE

Something digging into my right rib 6 weeks post breast surgery?

I had breast reconstruction 6weeks ago and thought I was healing fine. About 2 days ago every now and then when I moved my arm a certain way it felt... READ MORE

Gel Implants Possible Leak and Dropping More?

I am almost 6 weeks into my 5th reconstructive surgery after a double mastectomy. I have gel implants. I see 2 wrinkles at the top of my left side.... READ MORE

After 6 weeks; no results? (Photos)

I've had to come to my surgeon to get fix only to tell me is normal? After advise a surgeon from Miami told me they was still liquid inside the he... READ MORE

32 year old DIEP flap reconstruction after BC treatment. One C and one A? (Photos)

I am 6 wks PO, bilateral DIEP reconstruction. Complication with abdominal incision opening up so have a wound VAC to heal faster. My other concern is... READ MORE

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