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Have A Staph Infection From Scab, Could My Implants Be Infected?

In May, I had implants put in, and have had a scab on the left breast since the surgery. I July I noticed a small hole on the left breast, so I showed... READ MORE

I Had a Breast Reduction in March. My Right Breast Developed Necrosis

I have lost nipple, areola, and breast volume through debridement. The wound is still being packed twice a week but end of tunnel is in sight. Despite... READ MORE

Largest Projection Breast Implants Available (For Breast Reconstruction)? (photo)

- I am 26, had a BMX with TEs - I got Mentor Smooth Round - Ultra High Profile: 590 cc (diameter = 12.5 cm, projection = 6.3 cm) - I'm 5'2", 115 lbs... READ MORE

I Had Double Tram Flap and Now I Have a Blister on my Left Breast Where I Had the Tissue Flap? (photo)

4 months Post Op. Any input would be great, no rads no heating pads , zero sun.. cancer was in right breast 8years ago . I was stage 3 her2 nu.. I... READ MORE

Would You Recommend a Lift and Small Implant in the Natural Breast to Provide Symmetry to the Flap Reconstructed Breast? (photo)

I had an immediate left breast reconstruction using the SIEA flap done 4 months ago. I will be planning for the nipple reconstruction and refinements... READ MORE

4 months post op Bilateral Mastectomy w/ reconstruction, I have a Hematoma under my implant. What treatment would you recommend?

I had a Bilateral Mastectomy with reconstruction four months ago, last week while lifting something too heavy something popped in my right breast.... READ MORE

I had a fat transfer on April 19th for breast reconstruction. I look worse than before. Is this normal after 4 months? (Photo)

I am a 54-year-old personal trainer who had a smooth belly before having liposuction done in the area. I was asked to gain 3-10 pounds to have enough... READ MORE

What to Do with High Implant 3 Months After Breast Reconstruction?

I had my breast reconstruction after mastectomy some 3-4 months ago and the implant is still riding too high. My surgeon had suggested that I do... READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction Using The SIEA Flap 4Months Post. Opinions On Lift and Placement of Small Implant For Symmetry?

I had an immediate left breast reconstruction using the SIEA flap done 4 months ago. I will be planning for the nipple reconstruction and refinements... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Make my Boobs a Little Larger?

I had a bilateral mastectomy. Left side with expander, right side direct implant. 600cc texture natrelle implants, I am smaller then I wanted to be is... READ MORE

Diep flap done 4 months ago. Rib cartilage removed on left side and I look like a mess. Can this be fixed? (photos)

I have a huge concave area on left side where rib was removed. It looks like I was born with a chest wall deformity. Can this be fixed? Not finding... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction: Do I have cellulitis or something else? (photos)

I had a double mastectomies in september with expanders at 300 cc each. The drains were removed 3 weaks later, then a day or 2 after I develpoed... READ MORE

How much would reconstruction of my left breast would be? (photos)

I had a breast augmentation and lift and because of poor circulation i lost my left implant and part of my nipple it's been 4 months and i would like... READ MORE

I have had a left breast mastectomy with phase one of a DIEP Flap reconstruction completed.

I am contented so far but my issue is with the Mons area. I am 15 weeks out and it looks huge. At this point it does not seem to be swelling, it... READ MORE

Tissue expander scar opening after almost 4 months

DCIS, dbl NS mastectomies 8/28/15 & alloderm and silicone gel implant reconstruction above muscle. Scar revision 10/8 and 11/13. Infection... READ MORE

Soreness/tightness throughout breast after surgery

I'm 4 month post op and I've had a double mastectomy and reconstruction at the same time. I've gotten back to my normal routine for 2 months now which... READ MORE

Will my 10 year old irradiated breast ever look the same as the other breast after mastectomies & reconstruction 4 months ago?

Ten years ago I had radiation to my right breast. Four months ago I had bilateral mastectomies & reconstruction with submuscular tissue expanders &... READ MORE

I had breast reconstructive surgery with implants about 4 months ago. Drains keep falling out after a about a week or so.

This week my Dr is out of town and he agreed that when he returns we need to have extra done to see where fluid is coming from. I have been in a lot... READ MORE

Delayed healing after DIEP. Is this normal? What is causing this?

I had a mast. + DIEP flap 4 months ago b/c I am BRCA 2+ . I have fluid draining in 2 places on my ab. incision. The worse of the two is a location... READ MORE

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