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Why Do I Have Pain in Muscle Pocket 3 Years After Bilateral Mastectomy?

My muscle pocket is thick on side of left breast. 3 yrs out from BC with Bilateral Mastectomy with saline implants under muscle. Constant pain in... READ MORE

Can fatty necrosis occur 3 years after mastectomy with reconstruction?

I had stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma, diagnosed in October 2012, and had chemo and Herceptin (HER2+) and my bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction... READ MORE

Filler for failed nipple reconstruction?

Thank you for opportunity to post a question. I'm 3 years out from prophylactic skin sparing bilateral mastectomy with nipple reconstruction utilizing... READ MORE

I Had a Bilateral Mastectomy Almost Three Years Ago, and For the Last Few Years Off and On They Itch Like Crazy?

I had a bilateral mastectomy almost three years ago, and for the last few years off and on they itch like crazy! It literally feels like I am trying... READ MORE

I Am 68 Had a Mastectomy 6/2008 Reconstruction 5/2009 Developed Pseudomonas Had Implant Removed 12/2009. Should I Try Again?

I Am 68 Had a Mastectomy 6/2008 Reconstruction 5/2009 Developed Pseudomonas Had Implant Removed 12/2009.  Should I Try Again? READ MORE

What is the huge blister that appeared over night on left reconstructed breast 3 yrs after last surgery? (Photo)

A blister 2in by 3 in appeared over night on the skin not flap. No heat, sun etc. Had preventative double masectomy and reconstruction in 1999.... READ MORE

After having breast reconstruction 3 years ago, can an incision split open under the skin?

I have no pain, but after taking a shower, I noticed this place on the breast that I had had a lumpectomy and radiation 20 years ago. My PC was able... READ MORE

Reconstruction after dbl mastectomy, left with surface scarring that is shriveled, hard, painful & ugly. What to do? (Photo)

Had dbl mastectomy 3 yrs ago--no follow-up rads or chemo needed. Had reconstruction w/ inserts 1 yr later. Healed w/ exception of left breast, front... READ MORE

It is Normal for Implants for Soften a Lot After Three Years?

My implants recently started feeling very soften and the skin is loose, after three years o f reconstruction an dsilicone implants READ MORE

Can my implant be infected 3 years after surgery?

I had a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction due to brest cancer almost 3 years ago. Sunday I went to sleep and I woke up with swolen breast (left)... READ MORE

3 Years Since Mastectomy, Can I Still Have Expanders Placed?

It's been years since my mastectomy, it is still possible to have tissue expansion and implant reconstruction? READ MORE

When do I need to do something about capsular contracture if I have a flap and implants? (Photo)

I had bilateral reconstruction with a flap and an implant 3 years ago. One breast has started to look misshapen. There is a noticeable dent in it... READ MORE

3 years post op from double mastectomy with reconstruction and feel a very small pea like lump near underarm. Scar tissue?

I had a mastectomy with reconstruction 3 years ago, I have recently found a very small pea sized lump on the breast where I had Cancer (close to... READ MORE

How does cool sculpting compare with plastic surgery. I have also had a mastectomy and need reconstruction

The original plan was to take the fat from my stomach and construct my left breast but I have been very slow (3 years) in recovery and have gained... READ MORE

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