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2 Years After Mastectomy/Reconstruction Still Have Tight Chest Feeling and Pain, What Can I Do?

I had a double bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction 2 years ago and am still having a boa constrictor feeling around my chest. The pain... READ MORE

Muscle Repair After Breast Reconstruction

I had bilateral Breast reconstruction 2 years ago. The results are very unsatisfactory. I find it hard to explain what happened, but I have lost... READ MORE

Pains After Breast Reconstruction with Silicone Implant?

I have severe back pain,,its now 2 years after my mastectomy and silicone implant .and also sharp pain on my left chest..pls can someone help me READ MORE

Repairing Damaged Inframammary Fold After Skin Sparing Mastectomy and 3 Revisions. Can I Get a Repair?

I had a skin sparing mastectomy with immediate muscle sparing free tram reconstruction less than 2 years ago. I have since gone under general... READ MORE

I Have Had Implants For 2 years After Expanders, and Now Experiencing Pain. Why?

Now i got my inplants after 2yrs right breast is hurting could of i hurtt i from lifting weights READ MORE

Do You Think my Implants Rejected?

Back in 2011 I had saline breast implants put in (behind the muscle) as part of a 3 stage breast reconstruction a few months after I came back from... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel pain almost two years after a reconstructive breast surgery?

Two years ago i had this reconstructive breast cirgury to cope with a malfotmation k had since birth. They removed an importan quantity of muscle and... READ MORE

Why do I keep getting a recurring infection after Mastectomy And Reconstructive Surgery? Going on 2 years post-op now.

I had a profalactic mastectomy in March 2015, 6 weeks later infection in left breast. Had surgery to remove and cleanse inside w/new implant. 5 wks... READ MORE

Pendulous tissue removal, seroma and pain 2 years post-op, what can I do? (Photos)

I'm so desperate. Going on 2 years and failed reconstruction. IFC grade 3 stage 2 pain on left chest wall. I awoke from masectomy the left side in... READ MORE

I had DIEP flap reconstruction with implants. Where they cut around my waist still hurts. Like it's numb.

My surgery was 2 years in March. I weighed 107 when it was done. I still have a numbing pain around the incision.Will this stay the rest of my life.... READ MORE

Could this be my body rejecting or a lyphodema of the breast? (photo)

1/2012 Cancer 3/2012 Dble Mastectomy 11/2012 Implants 10/13 Peud Orange fluid with ultrasound 12/13 severes swelling stabbing pain redness 1/14 MRI... READ MORE

Any idea what this might be? (Photo)

I'm 2 1/2 yrs post reconstruction surgery. High profile, under muscle. This side has been bothering me with pain sometimes, shift in placement, and... READ MORE

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