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Recovery Time After Exchange Surgery of TE and Silicone Implants?

It has been just over two weeks that I had my exchange surgery,...tissue expanders to 700 cc's silicone implants. I wear a bandage over the top part... READ MORE

Unhappy With Asymmetry After Reconstruction/ PMB- Revision?

I recently(2 weeks ago) had my expanders exchanged for implants. I am so unhappy. My left breast is higher and larger than my right. My PS told me I... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Nipple Reconstruction to be Ready for Tattooing?

2 weeks post nipple reconstruction after bi-lateral mastectomy, How long does it take to heal before tattooing can normally be done? How long does the... READ MORE

Rippling with Implants After Reconstruction? (photo)

I had reco after a m with silicone implants. I have what I guess may be "rippling" in my left breast. I had an expander leak around 280 ccs... READ MORE

I Have Severe Pain After the Exchange of Tissue Expanders for Silicone Implants 2.5 Weeks Ago, Why Would this Be?

I had a b/l mastectomy for DCIS in 9/2011 with tissue expander placement (with Alloderm) and was always very uncomfortable with the expanders. I am... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Op- Breast Reconstruction Surgery- my Left Implant Bottomed Out-internal Sutures Torn? (photo)

I just had a major reconstructive surgery- removal of 650cc saline breast implants, remove capsules, close pockets, internal sutures, create new... READ MORE

How Can I Correct Silicone Gel Implant Rippling? Will Saline Be a Better Option?

I underwent a bilateral mastectomy and was in tissue expanders for 5mths. I had an xchange surgery for Natrelle HP 500cc silicone implants. I am 2... READ MORE

Is there still hope for partially black nipple to survive? (photos)

I am 2wks post op from nipple sparing PBM (BRCA1 carrier) with expanders. One mo prior, I had a nipple delay and my left nipple developed scar tissue... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have White Meat After Free Nipple Graft? (photo)

Some white meat in areola. I am almost 2 weeks post-op. Had a double mastectomy with free nipple grafts. Mostly pink skin and not healed yet. Both... READ MORE

Post Breast Reconstruction: Will my Fibromas Make My Right Breast Larger or is it Just Swelling?

I have NF1 and my right breast has fibromas and was much smaller then my left breast. I got breast surgery, My left 225 CC. My right breast 275 CC for... READ MORE

Mastectomy Scars Changed After Tissue Expander Surgery?

Two weeks ago I had tissue expander surgery 2 years after a bilateral mastectomy. My original scars had faded nicely but now they are red and a bit... READ MORE

Why would my plastic surgeon put in 2 diff size implants?? Is the tissue in the left breast gonna die? (photos)

2 weeks ago i had a nipple sparing double masectomy. My sergeon did not do a pre-op appt nor did he discus my options. I didn what to expect when i... READ MORE

17 days post implant exchange, what are my limitations? I still have pain, is this normal?

17 days since implant exchange surgery (400 cc silicone), and nipple reconstruction. Am active but not exercising. Occasionally lift and carry heavy... READ MORE

Will I need revision surgery, or will I heal on my own? (photo)

I am 12 days post op, has a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with insertion of tissue expanders. Drains still in (2, 1 on each side). Right now... READ MORE

Wanting to increase your breast size after reconstruction with implants? Will expanders be needed again?

Hi, I am two weeks post opp. I had my expanders exchanged for 505cc textured round HP silicone implants. I was expanded to 450. they are shaping up to... READ MORE

Had a mastectomy with immediate Implant & Strattice. Can I go bigger in time? (photos)

2 wks ago I had mastectomy immediate implant & strattice. Im feeling v tight as he put in largest implant he could. I have got to have radiotherapy &... READ MORE

Reconstruction Gone Wrong? (photos)

10 days post op Natrelle 410 FF 740 cc. Following double mastectomy. I was expanded to 660 cc. The left side was always smaller a little misshaped and... READ MORE

Why is my JP drain output so high? Do I have an infection? What are my options?

I had righ TE exchanged 12 days ago because I had an open wound and the TE was exposed. I am 12 days post-op and am in considerable pain and still... READ MORE

How do I relieve the chest tightness felt post bilateral mastectomy with tissue expanders placed at the time of surgery?

Two weeks ago I had a bilateral Mastectomy with bilateral tissue expanders placed to start the reconstruction process. I am on antibiotics. My chest... READ MORE

Is this a normal appearance for 2 wk post expander to implant exchange? Not pleased. (Photo)

Bilat mastectomy for IBC in Jan. Expanders were placed and filled to 240 cc immediately. I had one fill 2 wks later which put me at 300 cc. Expander... READ MORE

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