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Skin and Breast Shape Changes After Radiation Treatment

Currently I undergo radiation tx after unilateral mastectomy which has been about 2 months ago. My plastic surgeon is great and satisfied with the... READ MORE

Long Term Pectoral Muscle Use After Breast Reconstruction?

I'm 7 weeks post tissue expander surgery and can now get back to working out. My surgeon told me I have to limit the use of my pec muscles to 5-10 lbs... READ MORE

Fat Necrosis Removal After Diep Stage Ii Surgery?

Hello all, I had stage ii diep surgery on february 25th, where i had some fat necrosis removal done on the right breast. It is now April 16th, and... READ MORE

Can Filling Tissue Expanders Too Quickly Cause a Wound to Appear That Looks Like a Burn? (photo)

I was 2 months post op from a double mastectomy. All was going well and I was scheduled to have my implants but in within the next month. However a... READ MORE

Can I Have Plastic Surgery to Fix a Lumpectomy Depression Before Having Radiation?

I had a lumpectomy and re-excision on one breast about 8 weeks ago. I am currently having chemotherapy and am scheduled to begin radiation in April.... READ MORE

Dehiscence of Abdominal and Breast Wounds Following Diep Flap Surgery and Possible Link to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome?

Wounds started dehiscing at 2-3 wk post op.Told to Silvadine all wounds but ab eventually had to be packed. I'm 9 wks post op.Ab wound is 3 cm... READ MORE

Airport travel. Will my drains be an issue?

I have to travel to Asia on business for two weeks and my drain is still in after 7 weeks. My surgeon says I can go but keep it clean and stay on... READ MORE

I had Prophylactic Mastectomies with direct Alloderm implants 8 wks ago. What can I do about the extra skin? (photos)

I am concerned about loose skin on right side including excess above IMF incision. On this side I feel ripples in a implant more on outside too, as it... READ MORE

Minor Fluid Build-up 2 Months After Breast Tissue Excision, How Long Should this Last

I had excision of a fairly large amount of breast tissue. Everything went well, except that now, 2 months later, I am having minor fluid build-up on... READ MORE

What size breast implant will give me a small D cup after a double mastectomy?

I had delayed Breast Reconstruction surgery 7 weeks ago. I'm 5 foot 7 and 145 pounds. So far I have 500 cc's in my TE's. I would like to get to a... READ MORE

Is wound breaking down? (photos)

I had double mastectomies with immediate reconstruction,strattice and silicon implants 10 weeks ago.5weeks after my op the skin flaps on my right... READ MORE

New Complications Post Bilateral Double Mastectomy with Reconstruction

I've just completed 2 wks IV treatment with Pen G for cellulitis (staph a). Now, 5 days later I have a sinus infection and was put on Biaxin... READ MORE

I am 7 weeks post bilateral mastectomy with flap and tissue expanders, have swelling on both both breast. What can be going on?

Had bilateral mastectomy with flap reconstruction and tissue expanders 7 week ago. Had last 2 of my 6 drains removed at week 6 after treatment for... READ MORE

My Plastic Surgeon Said my Muscles Are Too Tight?

I had a bi-lateral mastectomy 7/11/12 and a second surgery on right breast due to hematoma on 7/13/12. This decsion was prophilactic measure because I... READ MORE

What do you think is happening? What do you think needs to be done? (photos)

I am concerned with incision. Two months out of reconstruction surgery. Incision looks infected and opening. READ MORE

I am 7 weeks post reconstruction with cohesive gel implants under the muscle. Will the pain and my muscle reactions ever lessen?

I am 7 weeks post reconstruction with cohesive gel implants under the muscle. Every time I flex my pectorals, exercise or use, they ache. It feels as... READ MORE

I had a Mastectomy with silicone implant. Incision hasn't closed & continues to drain 8 weeks post op. What should be done?

I am 65years old, completed chemo 12 weeks ago and had a complete response,no other health plastic surgeon feels I was not having enough... READ MORE

I have a "complex" abdominal seroma 7 weeks after a free flap done as reconstruction for bilateral mastectomy?

I had a bilateral mastectomy and a free flap reconstruction.The last abdominal drainage tube was removed after 5 weeks;it was still putting out 200ml... READ MORE

Still swollen 3 months after abdominal lipo and breast reconstruction and concerned?

I am still swollen 3 months after abdominal lipo and breast reconstruction with implants. I am about 8 pounds up from pre-surgery although 3 days... READ MORE

I have pain in rib after reconstructive surgery. Any suggestions?

Im 10weeks after masectomy and immedoate reconstructive surgery.i have a very bad pain in my left rib at top.simce day 1 i thought it was the drain... READ MORE

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