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How Long Does It Take Implants to Look "Normal" After Reconstruction Surgery?

Hello, I am 27 years old - 5' 3" 155 lbs. Medium frame. I recently had a bilateral mastectomy and went thru the tissue expansion process and... READ MORE

Young Mastectomy Patient - 800cc. Can I Go Larger?

Double mastectomy: reconstructed with 800cc/high profile/gel/below muscle. Even with such a large implant, it's NOT close to my size before... READ MORE

One of my Breasts Has a Indent/fold in the Cleavage Area? (photo)

I had a bilateral mastectomy w/ immd recon. After surgery one of my breasts had an fold in the cleavage area. My PS did some repair work during the TE... READ MORE

Size Determination for Breast Reconstruction?

I had a double mastectomy on March 27, 2013 and have had by 2nd expansion. My plastic surgeon explained to me that cup sizes are different than those... READ MORE

What is the best implant for a mastectomy patient? I wanted Sientra but they don't make the implants very big.

I am 53 and active. 5'8, 150lbs. I wear 34/B. I had a single mastectomy. During my surgery, they inserted an expander and did a partial fill. My BW is... READ MORE

Wondering about exchange size after double mastectomy with tissue expanders in filled to 420 cc causing back pain from surgery?

I'm 5'6 was a 38 B and weigh 156 pounds. Want ultra high profile silicon implants? I have had failed back surgeries READ MORE

Why is an Implant of 350cc Smaller Than the Expanders with the Same Volume?

I'm 5' 5'' and 150lbs. I currently have 350cc in my expanders and the size is a D cup which is bigger than I want to be when it is done. I'm concerned... READ MORE

I Would Like an Opinion About my Breast Reconstruction and Implants?

I am 16 years old and recently underwent breast reconstruction for my tubular breasts. Before the surgery they were very asymmetrical and oddly... READ MORE

What type of breast reconstruction would be best for me, post-mastectomy and post-radiation of my right breast? (Photo)

I'm 36, 165 pounds, and 5' tall. My bra size is 38B. I have breast cancer in my right breast MO advises right breast mastectomy with axillary node... READ MORE

Size of silicone implant : cc?

I am 5' 6", and I weight 160 pounds. I will be having a bilateral mastectomy with tissue expanders immediately following surgery. What size implants (... READ MORE

Follow-up Question: Is 600cc to big for my size, I have 500cc expanders in right now.

Hey Im 28 years old 5'2 150pds.I had a breast reconstruction because I have the Brca 2 gene. And at 25 yrs old my twin was diagnosed with breast... READ MORE

49yo having TE implant reconstruction. PS wants to inject Lovenox 2 hrs before op. Should I worry about bleeding risks or DVT?

Had Uni mx 2 years ago, no anticoagulants, 4 other surgeries, no anticoagulants either. New PS surprised me telling me have risks , my age, my weight... READ MORE

I have a breast which has been made smaller due to infection of necrotic nipple and surrounding skin area?

As I had radiotherapy 15 years ago on right breast and also a BRCA 1 patient my double mastectomy went well but nipple on left side needed to be... READ MORE

Is this implant size correct for me please?

I am currently a 34EE and have just finished treatment for breast cancer. Next week I will be having a double mastectomy with immediate reconstruction... READ MORE

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