1 Year Post-op + Breast Reconstruction

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1 year post op of Bilateral Mastectomy, I started to have back pain. Is this normal?

I had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction in March of 2013. Just recently (about 3 months ago) I started having back pain in the... READ MORE

Will losing weight after bilateral reconstruction adversely affect their appearance?

I had a bilateral mastectomy 1 year ago and am now in the process of filling my expanders. I've been trying to lose weight but have a goal of 30 more... READ MORE

Fat Grafting to Breasts to Treat Post Mastectomy Pain?

I had a BMX 5/2012 and am still having pain and tightness. Tssue expanders exchanged to gel implants 11/2012. No rads or chemo, but right capsule... READ MORE

Post DIEP Bulge and Charlie Horse- What's The Cause?

I am 11 mos. post DIEP and 4 wks post stage 2 (a little lipo done on abdomen) and have had a random cramp on lower rt side for last 9 mos. and slight... READ MORE

Very Little Inframammary Fold After Bilateral Mastectomy and Reconstruction?

I am 69 yrs old and it's now been nearly a year since my reconstruction using silicone implants was done. I still have very little natural breast... READ MORE

Painful Implant over 1 Year PO Successful Double Mastectomy with Reconstruction?

Mentor silicone high profile 500cc, no remaining breast tissue. 3 days ago, sudden severe constant pain in left breast only extends through shoulder... READ MORE

I Am 7 Months After Implant and Almost a Year After the Mastectomy. It Feels Like It is Swollen?

Ialways have the feeling like it is swollenunder the implent. it feel very uncomfortable. My doctor say it is nothing and everything is of. I amnot... READ MORE

Prior Breast Cancer/radiation. I asked my PS if a C cup is possible and he said he would try. (photo)

1996 I had breast cancer, surgery, lumpectomy, radiation, In 2014, breast cancer again, same breast. Had double skin sparing mastectomy, and breast... READ MORE

Pectoral Muscle Removed, Normal?!

Last Aug I had breast reconstruction. After 8 weeks I developed a grade 3 capsule that was infected. I had the implant removed and a capsulectomy done... READ MORE

Can a free tram breast be reduced in size after one year?

Had a free tram reconstruction done a year ago. The doctor wants to add fat to my other healthy breast to make them match in volume .... my new breast... READ MORE

Just a year ago I had a bilateral mastectomy. It was preserved my skin an nipple. Right away I had recontruction in a 34b size?

Now im getting second surgery due to capsular contracture and fix appareance. Doctor suggested 420cc saline low profile. I wanted a little bit more... READ MORE

Why is my breast suddenly fuller?

It is 14 months since my mastectomy and breast reconstruction. I have a silicone implant. The past 2 weeks my breast appears larger and fuller... READ MORE

How to get reconstruction implants to feel natural?

After double mascetomy, how do I get implants to soften . It's been 15 months since implants were put in READ MORE

Mastopexy/Augmentation revision needed? (Photo)

I had a unilateral mastectomy to my left breast (the one you see on your right) in July, 2013 for DCIS/LCIS. In summer of 2015, I had reconstruction... READ MORE

I am still in extreme pain and discomfort and being told I will have to undergo another surgery in 4 months.

In April 2015, I underwent double prophylactic mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. The doctor was able to place the silicone implants on top of... READ MORE

New pain one year after diep flat reconstruction (two years post mastectomy and radiation).

For the past 6-8 weeks I've been experiencing increasing pain under/next to reconstructed breast. It is radiating around my shoulder area and can be... READ MORE

i recently had a seroma removed, now have build up of bllod, am on anti biotics, the area is dicoloured and hot to touch.

How can this be resolved as this has been going on for a year now, as i had a reconstruction that didnt work and thus ended up with a build up of... READ MORE

Gel implant feels different than before and only after about 15 months from surgery.

I had a bilateral mastectomy 18 months ago and final gel implants 15 months ago. I have noticed my right Breast just feels uncomfortable. There are no... READ MORE

I've run into medical problems since bilateral mastectomy, and am now 15 months with expanders. Have I had these in too long?

DC IS bilaterally no chemo or radiation needed Dec 2014. 2015 I had other medical issues (not related to the mastectomy), but my PS says expanders can... READ MORE

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