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My Breasts Are Flat Post Reconstruction/Revison

I had bilateral mastectomies with immediate bilateral reconstruction with implants and free nipple grafts 1 week ago. I had 600 cc saline implants... READ MORE

My Silicone Gel Implant is Flat in the Nipple Area, Will That Round Out?

I am 5 days post op and this was placed after my expander that was in place post mastectomy. The scar is across the area tha is flat, so I don't... READ MORE

Do I have skin necrosis or just feel bruising? (Photo)

8 days ago I had a BL mastectomy with TE expanders. I got home the next day and had deep purple bruising just like the picture. 8 days later nothing... READ MORE

One Side is Hard and Higher Than The Other 1 Week After DIEP. Will It Drop?

I just underwent a surgery for Breast Reconstruction..I had a DIEP Flap procedure done September 2011 and just had another surgery to finish. Implants... READ MORE

Am 8 days post op from breast reconstruction exchange from expanders to implants. Do I need a do over? (photos)

I think I don't have any symmetry they don't resemble breasts? Do they and how could this be corrected? Also my cleavage is very close and I'm worried... READ MORE

I had Breast Reconstruction June 17th, is it normal to still be in pain My drains have been removed.

I was not sure if I should ask my Dr. for more pain medication, I feel like a baby but I have done all that I can I am using ice around the clock it... READ MORE

Excruciating pain-deformity-probable infection after bilateral mastectomy-reconst. Expanders Alloderm stage 1 normal? (Photo)

1 wk post-op. My plastic surgeon removed my dressings 4 days post-op. Nurse came home follow-up and putted dressings back. I am worried about pain... READ MORE

8 days post-op and still a significant amount of pain and swelling in my right breast? (Photos)

My right breast was originally my smaller, most tuberous breast however is now seemingly significantly larger than the other and is more painful. My... READ MORE

My scar from 1 week post op mastectomy has me alarmed? (Photos)

I read all the books went to so many internet sites to educate myself. I thought I had asked all the right questions, but when I looked at pictures I... READ MORE

Concerns with Asymmetry one week post op Mastoplexy, Right Capsulectomy and implant replacement. Any suggestions?

I am 6 days post op mastoplexy with bilateral implant replacement of 260cc plus capsulecomy in the right breast. I have had no pain post op during... READ MORE

Before and after double nipple sparing preventative mastectomy. What are this risks for nipple necrosis? (Photos)

I had a double profelactic mastectmay 7 days a go. Over the muscle high profile direct to implant 425ccs. I am 5'3'' and 118 lbs and was an a/b size... READ MORE

I am 5 days post op, expander exchange for silicone implants.

I bled into left breast and its swollen. painful. I called my Plastic surgeon after having an ER Doctor I was working with look at site. Is this true? READ MORE

Darker nipple, I'm afraid of necrosis (6 days Post op)

Last Friday I had a prophylactic mastectomy with immediate reconstruction using implants. The right breast is doing good. On the left breast the... READ MORE

Are my JP drains post reconstructive surgery creating my Frankenboob look?

I'm 5 days post my direct to implant nipple sparing mastectomy. I have spent 100 of hours looking at reconstructive photos and thought I was realistic... READ MORE

I have excruciating pain in my back after an expander was inserted 5 days ago.

I started breast reconstruction of my right breast and reduction of my left. I have what i consider normal pain from the surgery. But I have extreme... READ MORE

DIEP Swelling Post-Op? Heavy legs.

I had DIEP surgery last week. At the same time I had an abdominal hernia that had to be repaired. A week later I was back in the hospital for a... READ MORE

Had left lumpectomy and radiation now done. Any suggestions?

Got reconstruction on left implant and lift and implant on right . It's Been a week . But I still wake up in morning and they are very sore .but... READ MORE

Tissue expander not feeling as tight anymore?

I have a tissue expander I had it filled a week ago and it felt tight. Now it doesn't feel tight and the bottom part of the expander is soft when I... READ MORE

What would your return to work recommendations be?

Bi-mastectomy 2 yrs ago, with skin removal. Skin was so tight the stitches pulled apart leaving 2" wide scars. Now TE's implanted with scars removed.... READ MORE

Look flat chested after implants

After double mastectomy and expanders, I had 390cc silacon implants in 6 days ago. Will My breast fill out more after awhile? I am almost flat even... READ MORE

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