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Breast Lift So Worth It!!

I am extremely happy with my new breast. I feel so much more confident. I had the lift about 6 months ago. The Surgery went great and recovery was pretty easy. First couple days uncomfortable but not unbearable. Back to work after a week and I was back to running and exercise at 6 to 8 weeks. I... READ MORE

Braline Back Lift and Breast Lift - Salem, OR

I've always been unhappy about my back. I read someone's description of their back looking like melting wax. I felt very uncomfortable in a bathing suit. I used to make my husband walk in front of me. My Girls also needed some help after nursing three babies and just getting older. I researched... READ MORE

No Vertical Scar. Goes Breast Lift and Implant Removal. Couldn't Be Happier

54 years old, 34C. Had first implants just two years before. After menopause and weight loss, my breasts became 'empty balloons'. I was not really unhappy with them, but found certain clothes no longer worked well, and had a friend who'd had really great, natural results with just implant to... READ MORE

41, Extended Breast Lift, Flank Excision & Ab Lipo - Burbank, CA

About 11 years ago I had breast augmentation/lift and a tummy tuck. After having four children and breast feeding I gave myself the gift of pulling things back into place. However, over the next decade my weight fluctuated, I maintained no fitness regularity and gained 20 pounds. At 40 I... READ MORE

Breast Lift in Mexico with Topplasticsurgeonsmexico

I had my breasts reduction last March. My name is I’m 32When my breasts started to develop, more or less when I was 13, I've always had very droopy, long, sagging and large but they started to worsen after my 2 pregnancies. I breastfed my kids 2 years. My breasts looked like two big balloons f... READ MORE

Breast Lift (No Implants) Best Thing I've Ever Done - Laguna Beach, CA

I am a 30 y/o female who naturally had large breasts (34-36dd) and after breastfeeding two babies they sagged significantly. I could never go without a bra and did not fit into many cute clothes due to the sagging and uncomfortable bras. I had a breastlift with reduction and galaflex by Dr Dan... READ MORE

29 Year Old, Much Needed Breast Lift - Sugar Land, TX

I had DD breasts since my early teenage years, I've lost about 30 pounds in the last couple of years. That made for a bad combination- saggy boobs. I hated them, and felt uncomfortable without a bra. I am now 8 weeks post-op and I couldn't be happier with my results. I can't wait for my final... READ MORE

41 Years Old Always Hated Saggy Breasts - Plymouth, GB

I had breast lift with implants . More painful and harder than I thought it would be . After 7 days I had a bad hepatoma which I got rushed into hospital where my surgeon operated on me again . Since then I have been better my right breast feels good . Left breast where I had hematoma still... READ MORE

29 Yrs, No Children, Breast Implant Removal with breast Lift - London, GB

I had breast augmentation under the muscle when I was 21 and my breasts are currently sitting at a 32DD. Over the years through ageing, bad genetics and yo-yo dieting my breasts dropped and lost their shape a little which has made me really uncomfortable. They don't look like they have implants,... READ MORE

It's Time for a Breast Lift!! - with liposuction of bilateral sides, Back and Reversion of Abs!!!!Great Neck, New York

Ok this was a harder decision to make, because my breasts aren't huge but they do sag with my age. They're really uncomfortable actually I have hanging skin to the sides of each breast I was going to just have some liposuction done but the skin will still be there, so it just made more spence to... READ MORE

22 Year Old Mother of One - In NEED of Breast Lift - North York , ON

Due to having a baby, my breast was pretty much destroy. I had excessive sagging to the point that I hated my boobs and everything about them. After having my son I wanted no one including my son's dad/ boyfriend to see them. Due to my insecurities with my boobs I discuss maybe having a lift... READ MORE

Age 56: Explant (Capsular Contracture), Anchor Breast Lift, No Implant Replacement - Chicago, IL

Silicone implants placed 26 years ago. Developed capsular contraction, hardness in both breasts. Very uncomfortable for several years now. I'm looking forward to having the implants removed and breasts lifted. Nervous about scarring, but this site is extremely helpful, supportive and... READ MORE

39 Year Old Mum of Two Finally Goes for Much Needed Breast Lift -

My breast size had always fluctuated depending on whether i was on the pill on not and after two pregnancies and breast feeding they became empty and saggy. i was never really happy with their shape from the moment i developed anyway i mean the nipple always looked kind of low so i knew one day... READ MORE

Doctor in Quole Clinic Ruined my Body - Netherlands, NL

I looked for the best doctor and the one I trusted the most and he was i the one because he listened and took his time. unfortunatly every consultation turned to be a lie, I hope this can help others because it changed my life drastically, my implants are coming out, they are very uncomfortable,... READ MORE

I had an amazing experience.

Dr. Lund was wonderful. He listened to my needs, and planned my treatment accordingly. He was kind and understanding. I had implants put in in 2002 by my gynocologist who was just beginning this type of surgery. He put the saline implants over my muscles. Because of the heaviness, they sagged... READ MORE

My experience with the very talented surgeon Dr Dan Marsh.

Where do I start…  I am a mother of two after having children my breasts continued to grow here’s my story. I started off as a B cup before I had my first child then my breasts increased in size to a DD cup, 5 years later I became pregnant with my second child my breasts increased in size once... READ MORE


I know that Dr. Salzberg has many great reviews, but I am unable to add to those. I am a mother of three who hoped for a new set of breasts, as I have had sagging breasts ever since I had my third child. Let me start off by saying that Dr. Salzberg is a little too friendly, while I had chats... READ MORE

Breast Lift. Allentown, PA

I am very happy. I had waited for this a long time. I wish I could have done It sooner. It has really improved my quality of life. I could never find a bra that fit me, I was always uncomfortable. Now I can just wear undershirts. I was so nervous but the office staff were very kind to me, which... READ MORE

Excited for What is to Come! - Madison, MS

Devin was wonderful at making me feel like the only person she talked to that day. Dr. Brantley knew I was nervous and uncomfortable, but was so kind and reassuring and I felt as though he truly listened to every word I said. I'm so excited to move forward and to see my results! I'm still... READ MORE

45 Years Old, RN, Mother of 5. Commerce, GA

My breasts had always been large, 36 D, but after breast feeding 2 kids for 2 years, and natural aging, they began to sag - especially this past year. Finding a bra with enough support became a major headache, not to even mention a bathing suit. Exercising had become uncomfortable and my neck... READ MORE

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