tightness + Breast Lift

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58years Old. Roseville, CA

3 weeks post op I started experiencing skin tears. I have had repair surgery on the left breast six times and repair surgery five times on the right breast. As of today my last surgery repair was on October 21, 2016. As of today October 27, 2016 I am still experiencing skin tears. My surgeon is... READ MORE

Auto-augmentation and Tickle Liposuction of Four Areas; Back Rolls, Abdomen, Hips, and the Tail of Spence.

I had an Auto-augmentation and tickle liposuction of four areas; back rolls, abdomen, hips, and the tail of Spence. The tail of Spence is the fat under the arm pit. "Auto-augmentation is a relatively new technique that lifts and augments the breast using the patient’s own tissues. While a t... READ MORE

35, 2 Kids - Breast Lift - No Implants & Lipo of Abs, Flanks, Back

I wrote a long, detailed review of the last month, and accidentally hit the back button on my browser! I made collages of before and after pics, which is what I mainly wanted to see before my surgery, so I will upload them again now and rewrite my review later. I had a breast lift without... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Implants... 5/25/12 - Knoxville, TN

Ok so this has been something that I have wanted for many years. I finally decided the timing was right and now I am only 2wks til the big day. I am very nervous! excited! and filled full of emotions that I am not even sure as to what they are. I will continue to post updates along my... READ MORE

Breast Lift Exceeded ALL Expectations! 39 Years Old, Mom of 2 - Sugar Land, TX

It has been about 6 weeks since my breast lift with slight reduction. I am amazed at the look and shape of my new breasts. They remind me of the youthful, full, perky breasts I had in my 20's before childbirth. Afterwards, I had a lot of tightness and had to be extremely cautious with any... READ MORE

39 Year Old Mum of Two Finally Goes for Much Needed Breast Lift -

My breast size had always fluctuated depending on whether i was on the pill on not and after two pregnancies and breast feeding they became empty and saggy. i was never really happy with their shape from the moment i developed anyway i mean the nipple always looked kind of low so i knew one day... READ MORE

2 botched jobs by Dr Luc Damen

I recently flew from the UK to Belgium to have next day surgery at the Wellness Kliniek with Dr Luc Damen. I was booked in for a breast uplift and labiaplasty. During my consultation Dr Damen advised an anchor lift for my breasts. He did not explain any risks associated with the operation but... READ MORE

54 Years Old, Desperate for Decent Looking Boobs - Leeds, GB

I hadn't been happy with the look of my small 34c saggy boobs for a long time, nothing I wore looked nice although I'm am quite slim, was always conscious of how they looked and was envious of ladies with great looking boobs. I decided to get In touch with my breasts, hence I went to see George... READ MORE

46 Year Old with 5 Kids Gets a Breast Lift - Marquette, MI

Definitely something that I would do again, if I had to. I had so much back pain right around by my brastrap. I was very nervous, thinking about all the bad things. But, I knew that I could not live another day with my old boobies. So, I went through with it. I woke up and instantly I felt so... READ MORE

Breast Lift for Tubular Breast. LOVED IT - Lexington, KY

I always knew my breast looked different but I figured well no one is the same so i let it go. then one night while watching a tv show they was talking about tubular breast and showed a picture of them. It looked just like me. So I made the appointment with dr. clark to see what she thought. she... READ MORE

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