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Bellesoma Technique Minimal Scar Breast Lift - Whitby, ON

So I did it! I signed the consent forms for my first procedure....Bellesoma breast lift with Dr M Kara in whitby Ontario. I've been researching the options and wanted a technique that would provide me with minimal scarring. I recognize that I can't steer clear of scars when it comes to surgery,... READ MORE

Happy with perky boobs'

This is one week after my surgery. I'm curious if it's healing well as I have been changing the bandages myself and haven't seen the nurse for the past week so I am a bit worried. The doctor used the lollipop technique and one or two days after the surgery the nurse said it looks great but to me... READ MORE

44yo on a breast lift journey

So I've been reading reviews here on "realself" for over a year and now I am ready to DO IT. My oldest child is 25 and I've wanted a lift for 24 1/2 years. I've begun the process of interviewing doctors and I'm feeling confused already because I've heard two techniques for the same procedure by... READ MORE

No Vertical Scar. Goes Breast Lift and Implant Removal. Couldn't Be Happier

54 years old, 34C. Had first implants just two years before. After menopause and weight loss, my breasts became 'empty balloons'. I was not really unhappy with them, but found certain clothes no longer worked well, and had a friend who'd had really great, natural results with just implant to... READ MORE

34, 5'3" Breast Lift No Implant- College Station, Tx

I could not be happier with my decision to have a beast lift. After pregnancy and nursing my son for over a year, my breasts were quite deflated. After I made the decision not to have more children, I made the choice to under go a breast lift. Originally, I wanted implants as well, but Dr. Rude... READ MORE

Feeling Rejuvenated - Sugar Land, TX

After years of being discouraged that my breasts were sagging, I went to Dr. Horndeski for a breast lift. I did a lot of research and I knew from customer reviews, the before and after pictures, and from his unique procedure that he was the right person to do my beast lift. I wasn't... READ MORE

Happy with my Results of my Breast Lift with Dr. Gary Horndeski - Houston, TX - Bellesoma Method!!!

After a few years of thought and discussion with my husband, I decided it was time to give myself a gift. After having four children my breasts were a deflated 36C.  I am 51 years old.   I’ve never been a person interested in breast implants but a lift was something I’d looked at over the years.... READ MORE

Tears of Joy

I literally cried when I seen my breasts after surgery yesterday. It's been 10 years since I wanted and needed a breast lift but never got one. With starting a new workout regimen and changing my diet I decided to start researching breast lift doctors. Looking at before and after photos of... READ MORE

Best Breast Doc in the Country - Sugar Land, TX

Dr. Horndeski explained in great detail his technique of lifting and reducing breasts. He even has pictures of actual procedure of how he does it. The before and after pictures are unbelievable! I thoroughly researched the different types of techniques available here and abroad; and his results... READ MORE

Love my Breast Lift Results! - Sugar Land, TX

My breasts were very low, hanging to almost my waist, and were very flat. I wanted implants but Dr. Horndeski explained that due to the hanging skin the implants would be low. We decided on the new breast lift procedure and my breasts are AMAZING! they look like implants but it is all my tissue!... READ MORE

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