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scar revision + Breast Lift

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Exciting NEW & IMPROVED BREAST LIFT for this Young Mami!

I just had my Breast Lift surgery this morning around 10 am and I am already awake this evening feeling good! That just speaks for itself how detailed and neat Michael Brucker is! I am not even sore I've just been resting all day. I came home and took a nap and now I'm watching some TV:... READ MORE

Ultimate Breast Lift (Bellesoma)

I'm writing this review again, somehow it didn't post the first time. It is almost 6 months post-op since I had the Ultimate Breast Lift by Dr. Hordneski. I love my breasts. I had a lift back in 2008 and 6 months later back to where I started. I still have to go for scar revision later in... READ MORE

Removal of Implants with Breast Lift/Reconstruction - San Diego, CA

I previously had a "purse string" mastopexy with implants about 9 years ago, and not being satisfied with the results, I started researching cosmetic/reconstructive surgeons. My ultimate goal was to have the implants replaced for a rounder, "perkier" look, as well as the necessary steps... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Complications - Sugar Land, TX

I won't bore everyone with details about how long I wanted a boob lift, etc. I'll just tell you that I decided to have one with Dr. Horndeski after a friend had hers done by him and she had remarkable results. I really liked the look he was able to achieve in his patients and the fact that... READ MORE

57 Y.o. Mother of Four Rebuilding Confidence with my New Body Rebuild. Charleston, WV

I'm 57 y.o. mother of four (all breastfed) who has wanted a breast lift for a looooong time! Up until this past July I was: first--too busy raising four kids (2 year space between each) and then--too busy working ALL THE TIME to help put them through college! I resigned from my job last July and... READ MORE

Lollipop Breast Lift With Implants For Upper Pole Fullness - Southfield, MI

I used to be very embarrassed about my breast. They were long, stretched, and looked like I've breastfed before (even though I don't have any children). My areolas were the size of a cookie! Once I found my doctor, Amy P. DeRosa, I booked immediately. After the procedure, my breast looked very... READ MORE

Circumareolar (Peri-areolar) Mastopexy with Scar Revision - Reston, VA

Dr. Weston did a small breast lift (a "donut" lift around my nipple, also known as a circumareolar mastopexy. This doesn't leave the scars of other, sometimes necessary but not in my case, breast lifts.) Now my breasts are much perkier! I have rather large breast implants and now I have the best... READ MORE

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