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34 y/o breast lift only

Wow! Dr. Park is a skilled surgical artist. We went thru a few rounds of me pushing towards implants and Dr. Park convincing me to do a lift only. I'm glad I listened!! I have amazing results and don't have to worry about implant revisions or the health risks of having implants. Dr. Park and... READ MORE

Long-awaited Breast Lift

I've always been unhappy with the physical sensation of how my breasts laid against my body. I have been blessed with extremely sensitive breasts, and dreamed of how they would feel, and how my quality of life would improve, just with the passive experience of feeling clothing move over them as... READ MORE

29, No Kids, Failed Breast Lift (Mastopexy) - Nuffield, GB

I am so disappointed with the non-results of my breast lift. 6 months on and they have returned to their position and I'm told they might get worse. It's now 9 months and my choice is to go get more surgery at a small discount, risking health, finances and the same thing happening again or live... READ MORE

Up, Up, Up! 10 months and feelin' fine - Ottawa, ON

I'm 47 years young and lead an active lifestyle. My bra size is 32E. I've considered getting a lift for a few years and now I'm 6 sleeps away. My reasons? I'm investing in me. I'll feel better and look better. No justification required other than that me thinks. I've talked with women who... READ MORE

The best there is

I'm not even sure how to begin explaining the incredible experience I had with Dr. Tal, because he was excellent in every aspect of my journey, from start to finish. I had originally met with another doctor in the same building, and was so unhappy with the consultation that it almost turned me... READ MORE

Life changing body consciousness thanks to a great Surgeon!

Completely new and wonderful body experience!! I have known Dr. Laliberte through a previous procedure (Carpal tunnel relief surgery) and was already then very impressed by his professionalism and yet very human and kind approach. He took a lot of time to listen to my wishes and gave me a... READ MORE

Outstanding experience!

This was my second surgery by Dr. Tarola, so obviously I think highly of him. I'm always so pleased with the results and how he's explained the procedures, risks and options. I work in healthcare, so have had other dealings with Dr. Tarola and find him professional and thoughtful. I really... READ MORE

61 Year Old with History of Yo-yo Dieting

I had lost and gained the same 50 lbs since childhood and it definitely took a toll on my body. I wanted to explore skin removal surgery and breast lift for many years once my weight stabilized, but I never found the right surgeon with whom I felt comfortable and secure. I finally found Dr.... READ MORE

2 botched jobs by Dr Luc Damen

I recently flew from the UK to Belgium to have next day surgery at the Wellness Kliniek with Dr Luc Damen. I was booked in for a breast uplift and labiaplasty. During my consultation Dr Damen advised an anchor lift for my breasts. He did not explain any risks associated with the operation but... READ MORE

Very skilled doctor

Dr. Jean is very skilled and I am very happy with my results. I had a lift with no implants and am very pleased with how natural my breasts look. He was very honest, professional and realistic, which I really appreciated. Also, my procedure was rescheduled for health reasons and he showcased ... READ MORE

Amazing Experience!! - Kanata, ON

Kanata Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery has a very comfortable atmosphere!! Dr Ian MacCarthur and his staff were amazing through the whole process from my first consultation to my last follow up appointment! Dr MacArthur explained everything from the procedure, risks and after care!! I had a breast... READ MORE

36, mastopexy (lift) with fat transfer

Absolutely amazing experience! It has been 7 mts and I'm very happy with my results. Dr.hall-Findlay is definitely an artist. After breast feeding my 2 children I was left with saggy different shaped breasts. I wanted an augmentation as well as a lift but without using implants. We decided to do... READ MORE

Pain Free After 8 Years

I had two breast reductions and lifts before Dr. H. They resulted in severe pain in my left breast. I am short waisted and even after 2 lifts/reductions, my breasts were still large and sagging. I was considered high risk because of the two previous surgeries but I was in severe pain constantly... READ MORE

50 Years Old, Needed a Breast Lift After a Reduction Surgery Many, Many Years Ago.

Breast Lift has given me confidence to wear a swimsuit/shirts that don't require a bra. Dr Lohke was highly professional and confident the procure would benefit me, while also giving me the risks with the procedure. This was my second procedure with him. He performed a tummy tuck on me in... READ MORE

Worst Cosmetic Surgeon - Portland, OR

Dr. Waldorf is in my opinion a terrible cosmetic surgeon. I feel she is out of her game at her age. She should not be operating. I spent $6000!!! for just a breast lift cuz she said I had enough tissue to not get implants. Well now my breasts are like half the size they used to be and they are... READ MORE

Finally Booked Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift (No Implant) After Thinking About It for 6 Years! - Metairie, LA

I had twins 7 years ago (a 7 pounder and 6 pounder) so needless to say I am stretched out alot. I have done my three consults and finally made my decision on who my surgeon will be and can't be any happier. I am scared, but starting to get over the idea that this is a selfish decision. I am... READ MORE

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