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Right Breast Reduction (to correct asymmetry), Lift Both Sides (no implants)

I've always been unhappy with my breasts which have never been pert, always droopy and the right a whole cup size bigger than the left. I had a lift on the left and a reduction and lift on the right, with no implants as I was already a 34DD. I am 12 days post-surgery and extremely happy with the... READ MORE

I had an amazing experience.

Dr. Mukerji and his staff are amazing. They made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision to move forward with the procedure. I had a breast augmentation by a different surgeon in 2011. Had another child in 2013 and with weight gain from pregnancy my breast changed. I wanted to have... READ MORE

34 y/o breast lift only

Wow! Dr. Park is a skilled surgical artist. We went thru a few rounds of me pushing towards implants and Dr. Park convincing me to do a lift only. I'm glad I listened!! I have amazing results and don't have to worry about implant revisions or the health risks of having implants. Dr. Park and... READ MORE

13 Years in the Waiting: The 26 Year Old With Droopy Breats.

I was 13 when I 'properly' started to sprout. Really early on I remember looking at myself naked and thinking I looked different; to all my friends, to my mum, to the Google results when I clicked the search button once I'd taken a deep breath after typing in 'boobies', 'tits' or 'wangers'. I... READ MORE

Amazing Surgeon, amazing results!!

Dr. Park is a gem!!! Great bedside manner and a highly skilled surgeon. It doesn't get better than this. Thank you Dr. Park for your amazing work! I'm very happy I didn't get implants & had a lift only. He is fairly priced. He is the surgeon the other healthcare workers and doctors have do... READ MORE

Highly recommend!!!

Dr T and his assistant Bea made me feel at ease once I walked in the office. I was able to have all my questions answered and recommendations were made by the Dr but everything g was my decision. He wanted to make sure I made decision that I will be happy with. I never felt rushed or pressured.... READ MORE

Amazing results!!!!

This is one amazing, down to earth surgeon. He talked me through the entire process and even answered all of my family's questions. The wait was always short and Mallory is very pleasant and knowledgeable. He has a passion for plastic surgery!! READ MORE


Hi my name is Loren I am in Bolivia now, I arrived 7 days ago and I am going to stay until tomorrow, one of my best friends came to have her body lift here with Makeover Travel(a Medical Tourism Organization) and she recommended me to come to Bolivia to have my surgery. I accepted because I saw... READ MORE

55 Year Old Whom is Athletic Yet Does Adult Modeling

I have wrestled with a breast lift for over 20 years. Do to the scarring and waiting for a method that magically lifted them without scars and kept shape I have held off. I am at a point now where I really am tired of certain aspects of my breasts placement. I have 4 grown children and just... READ MORE

Ultimate Breast Lift 12-weeks post-op looks great

I traveled long distance to have the Ultimate Breast Lift with Dr. Horndeski and I'm so glad I did. I started with a natural 34f/g bra size and was unhappy with the sagging. I'm now a 33d/dd and am very happy with my results so far. Dr. Horndeski, all his staff, Especially Jana took great care... READ MORE

39 Year Old, Breast Implant Removal and Lift

I went to see Dr. Randy Rudderman after deciding to get my silicone breast implants removed. After getting silicone implants, I developed numerous autoimmune symptoms including severe Raynaud’s syndrome. My rheumatologist recommended I remove the breast implants, so after much prayer and c... READ MORE

I'm 55 and not ready to "set it down" just yet so I'm having a tummy tuck, breast lift, and bbl. I chose two different doctors

Dr José Leon in the Dominican Republic for his work with breasts and Dr Wilberto Cortez in Houston aka "Dr Hourglass" for his brilliance in tummy tucks and bbl"s. I had Lipo w/some maniac surgeon in Atlanta a few years ago.... results so I really wanted to go to Dr Cortes first but after my ... READ MORE

24, 2 Kids, 5'6" 103lbs

I'm absolutely in love with my new chest! However I think I may have needed a bit of a lift as my implants sit pretty low at the moment. When I started it wasn't apparent because of how little tissue I actually had to start with. The cost was pretty high, especially for this area but I'm... READ MORE

36 year old breast lift

I've always had big boobs. After having 2 children-they began to sag. Cute shirts and dresses-forget it! Halter top anything-nope! The back aches, neck pain, sleeping at night not wanting to roll over and pinch them was enough to convince me. I had my lift done yesterday with Dr Salemy and I... READ MORE

breast lift and tummy tuck

I had a breast lift and a tummy tuck with Dr Preketes in 2011, I have just completed my second and final surgery in 2017 (see thigh lift section) I have had nothing but great results without any complications, not even an infection. The results Dr Peeketss has given me have been life changing... READ MORE

Dr Kumar Cosmetic Surgeon Genius

Dr. Kumar is a Cosmetic genius. After meeting Dr. Kumar in June, my life has changed dramatically. It has been 2.5 weeks post surgery, and I cannot express my utmost happiness with the results so far. After performing a Breast Lift and 360 Circumference Body Lift, I can honestly say I have never... READ MORE

Breast lift, or breast lift with augmentation? 34 YO W/3 kids, 5'3", 140 lbs, naturally a 34DDD

Just beginning on my journey, and trying to figure out which will be the best path for me to take. I'm not particularly crazy about a foreign object being in my body, but I also realize that simply a lift might not be all that I'd need to achieve the look I'm after. I'd also prefer to invest... READ MORE

Very satisfied with surgery 5star

I am so happy to have done plastic surgery with Dr Craft !!! He is a very detailed plastic artist, with a lot of charisma and a lot of art, his team is the best, the attention is excellent, from resepcion, coordination, nurses and assistants, and the chirofano !!!! Dr Craft performed breast... READ MORE

I hade an incrediable experience

My whole experience with Dr Marando was very exceptional. I have had very saggy breast for as long as I can remember and I am only 28. I've had three children, my breasts have fluctuated from 34DD to 38H whilst pregnant and due to the fluctuation left them extremely deflated. Everyone tried to... READ MORE

Scarless Breast Lift So Far Unhappy, Please Help and Tell Me What You Think!

Hi I had the "scarless breast lift" with Dr Gary Horndeski and so far im unhappy with the results. I don't know if I'm on track for them to heal normally or if this is what I'm stuck with now. I've contacted the office about my concerns and they're telling me to wait which I'm ok with as long as... READ MORE

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