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Ultimate Breast Lift (Bellesoma)

I'm writing this review again, somehow it didn't post the first time. It is almost 6 months post-op since I had the Ultimate Breast Lift by Dr. Hordneski. I love my breasts. I had a lift back in 2008 and 6 months later back to where I started. I still have to go for scar revision later in... READ MORE

Lifting my Breasts Lifted my Confidence! Cohasset, MA

Got a bilateral mastopexy (breast lift) almost 3 years ago and I still often look down my blouse and can't believe they are really mine:) I've always had sagging breasts which only got worse with weight loss and gain from years past. They seemed to fall to the middle of my torso before the... READ MORE

Post-op Surprises

Hello to the "experts"! I've extensively researched procedures (incl. videos of "live" surgeries), looked around this site, and made comparisons between US & out of country. I've wanted to do for this YEARS. Goals - better ht-wt proportion; not having to hold in stomach; clothes fitting.... READ MORE

Much Need Breast Uplift After Weight Loss - Hull, GB

After losing a few stone my boobs had lost a lot of volume and were very droopy (I was only 23 at the time and this made me feel very self conscious) initially I wanted a lift and implants at the same time but was advised the healing process may be complicated and would be much easier to perform... READ MORE

Unhappy with Breasts Since Puberty - San Diego, CA

I'm 26 years old, no children, 120 lbs, and have been unhappy with the appearance of my breasts since forever. They were never perky, the same size, and I hated the size of my areola (thought they were tuberous). It led to many insecure moments with myself and with others. Finally I'd saved up... READ MORE

43 Yr Old Newly Divorced Mom Needed a Gift for New Chapter - Vancouver, BC

Due to nursing when turning 40 years old, weight gain & loss, and bad genetics, I was left with considerably drooping breasts aka "ptosis." I wouldn't even look at myself in the mirror when naked. The first thing I did in the morning was to put on a bra. When wearing a bikini, a boob... READ MORE

Breastlift Correction. Manila, PH

Last June I had my breast lift surgery with Dr. Rino Lorenzo in Manila. I previously had a breast augmentation which turned out to be very unsuccessful, so I went to Manila to Dr Lorenzo for correction. I think I made a good decision. My breast lift was the best thing that I have ever done! I... READ MORE

Breast Lift- Dr. David Shafer - New York

For over 12 years I contemplated getting a breast lift or implants. I was never happy with the position of my breasts or size of my areola (I always felt they were too large). After many years of feeling self conscious, I finally decided to go through with the surgery. I should add that I'm a... READ MORE

50 Year Old Needing Breast Lift Thanks to Age and Gravity - Indianapolis, IN

When I was 25 I had breast implants. With time and age, gravity took its toll. I wasn't having back pain, etc. I just wanted a "perkier" appearance. Dr. Zollman did the implants, and I loved him, so I called and made a consult. I knew I wanted to look better but I feared the scarring. Initially... READ MORE

Highly Recommend Dr. Timothy Fee - Jacksonville, FL

Three months out from breast lift performed by the incomparable Dr. Fee. Mentor memory gels were reccomended. Extremely comfortable and much better feel than my prior saline implants. Scarring minimal. Sized beautifully and perfect proportion to my frame. Dr. Fee and his exceptional staff were... READ MORE

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