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Breast Lift with No Implant - Sherman, TX

I am a healthy, fit, childless 48 year old woman. Puberty graced me with large breasts then I became overweight during my adult life. I'm 5'4 with a medium frame and at my heaviest hit 200 lbs. I lost and regained significant amounts (30+ lbs) probably 3-4 times in my life. My most dramatic... READ MORE

47yo BL/BR After WLS - Durham, NC

Lost 115 lbs 3 yrs ago with WLS. So glad I had this done. Ill update as the weeks go by because I want to document and see my progress. I hope this helps someone make the decision to go for it. The surgery went well and I am still getting used to my new breasts. There was some pain in the first... READ MORE

Using Bellesoma Method Now Pain Free in Virginia. Sugar Land, TX

I am a 52 year old woman who has been waiting to do this surgery since the birth of my first child 29 years ago. My sized 34C breasts blew up to a 36E! After 3 more pregnancies (and breast feeding) my breasts finally settled down to a sagging 36DD. I suffered neck and back pain for years... READ MORE

45 Years Old, No Children...working,living and Dating in Dubai UAE

I never realized how low my breasts were until one of my close friends had shared with me that she did the breast lift with Dr Horndeski. For years, I could never wear any clothes without a bra. Also, I could never find the proper breast tape to mold my breast to fit certain tops. I was a... READ MORE

BA and BL Big Big Mistake for Young Girl Without Kids. Longueuil, QC

I Had a BL and BA 500 cc saline submuscular three years ago, I had tuberous breast and my dortor sad I need a lillop lift for my breast to look natural and for changing the shape for my breast. I had 20 and no kid. He make me a scar under my right breast (10 cm ) that he never talked before. I... READ MORE

So Almost Done with All my Consultations.....

Wow where to start. OK. So far i have had 3 consultations. It is crazy how every doctor gives a different answer to all your questions! Anyways. The first (being the worst) was with Dr Joel Maier. To sum up my first consultation ill just say after leaving there he had me not wanting to get this... READ MORE

25 Years Old, No Kids - Bella Vista, AU

Id had a breast lift performed. Like any surgery there are risks. With a breast lift the cons were possible loss of nipple sensation, scarring. But since surgery im now six week post op and my scarring is excellent and very light and nipple sensation has never gone. The staff at Norwest private... READ MORE

54 Yrs 2 Boys Now 18 & 23 Yrs - Fresno, CA

I had talk with 2 doctors in the same facility and I was comfortable with the 2nd Doctor. He explained the whole procedure on the pamphlet and paperwork on the procedure he is up against. I love how he took his time with the explanation and the post surgery recovery. The procedure itself in my... READ MORE

First Eyes, Now Boobs! - New York, NY

For too many years I was unhappy with my breasts. Unlike many who want to "add", I was very heavy chested and as I got older, the weight and sagging was (to me) awful. Dr. Engler performed eyelid surgery for me 5 years ago and I knew he was the one to do my breast lift, once I finally decided... READ MORE

Breast Implant and Lift - Draper, UT

Breast lift and Augmentation. Breast lift was 450cc's . I have always wanted to have implants done. I've had three kids and my breasts looked like deflated balloons. As I was doing some online research I came upon Dr Fryers website. I was so impressed with all the info he had listed. (I was a... READ MORE

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