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23 Year Old Ultimate Breast Lift - Sugar Land, TX

Hey. Before having my surgery, all I did was read reviews on here so I wanted to post one so I can help others. I am 23 years old, 153lbs, 5'2. I have had sagging breast all my life. I started researching doctors while I was in college and all of them wanted me to have the anchor scar, which is... READ MORE

Bellesoma Technique Minimal Scar Breast Lift - Whitby, ON

So I did it! I signed the consent forms for my first procedure....Bellesoma breast lift with Dr M Kara in whitby Ontario. I've been researching the options and wanted a technique that would provide me with minimal scarring. I recognize that I can't steer clear of scars when it comes to surgery,... READ MORE

Excellent results

I decided to get serious and find a doctor after many years of thinking about having a breast lift. I am 53 years old and wore a 14C. I thought I would like my breasts back where they used to be many years ago. After going online I found Dr Ellis Choy, he operated in my area and ticked all the... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Mr. Stewart - Spire

I have nothing but praise for this surgeon who performed my breast uplift and one side reduction. He put me at ease right away and I felt comfortable with him at all stages of my operation. 18 months on my breasts are better than I even hoped for and the scarring is minimal. Fantastic surgeon... READ MORE


Hey Ladies , I made my mind up I'm getting my breast Lift Dr.Frank Stiles will be my Doctor I'm going to go braless backless all Summer and I know Dr.Stiles van get me what I want being that he did a Superb job on my Tummy Tuck he has his on operating office into the back of his main office he... READ MORE

47yo BL/BR After WLS - Durham, NC

Lost 115 lbs 3 yrs ago with WLS. So glad I had this done. Ill update as the weeks go by because I want to document and see my progress. I hope this helps someone make the decision to go for it. The surgery went well and I am still getting used to my new breasts. There was some pain in the first... READ MORE

Over 50 with Much Needed Breast Lift

I had been looking at this issue for about 20 years, but could not bring myself to do the traditional breast lift due to the vertical scars. In 2015, I was checking to see if there were new options, and was thrilled to run across Dr. Horndeski. Thanks to him, I have the shape breast I have... READ MORE

51 Athletic and Lean, Long Snaggy Breasts Are Gone! Newmarket, ON

I am very athletic, 122lbs, 51 yr in need of a breast lift. I consulted three boards certified plastic surgeons. I felt I had chosen my surgeon until I went to Dr. Andrade's office and ended up choosing him. All doctors were professional and informative but Dr. Andrade, his staff and his... READ MORE

Amazing No Vertical Scar Breast Lift with No Implants - Houston, TX

I am a 19 years old married female with no children ! I come from Paris France and now live in Florida. I took an airplane 2 tickets that cost me about 300$ round trip. I had been looking for over 2 years to get breast lift but I did not want implants or a vertical scar. I went to 3 doctors... READ MORE

Disappointed in Bedside Manners! - Mississauga, ON

The clinic was beautiful and the staff were very professional. I was however very disappointed with Dr. Lista. I found him to be arrogant and rude. It took me quite some time to make my decision of having a breast lift. I choose Dr. Lista because of his procedure which left minimal scaring and... READ MORE

Amazing experience

I had a breast reduction and lift surgery and my experience was great. The doctor did an excellent job and everything turned out as expected. I visit my doctor twice after the surgery and travelled 10 days after. My recovery was fast and smoothly. It's been almost 8 month now and my scars are... READ MORE

45 Years Old, 1 Child, Much Needed Breast Lift

I have wanted to breast lift for as long as I could remember. I never had "perky" breast. I was tired of feeling insecure about my body, so for my 45th birthday I decided to go for it. I am in the medical field and researched a few plastic surgeons in my area. One name that just kept... READ MORE

Review Dr Horndeski

I initially drafted a review very quickly after I got out of hospital. Even straight out of surgery and looking like Frankenstein with the stitches and swelling, I already loved my new-looking, perky boobies better than my old "post-breast feeding four children" saggy ones. But I wanted to wait... READ MORE

Love this Doctor!

I knew from the moment I met Dr. Kayser that he would be the Dr. that I would trust for the Breast Lift I had wanted to do for several years. He is progressive in his field as not many Doctor's perform the Spair Method that is an less scaring procedure. He took the time with me and was very... READ MORE

Exactly what I had envisioned and more!

As far as I'm concerned Dr. Hamori is the Michelangelo of breasts. Due to multiple pregnancies, hence fluctuating breast size, my formerly full B/C breasts had become a deflated sad mess. I did A LOT of research, even canceled a surgery had lined up with another very competent doctor, to... READ MORE

Best Plastic Surgeon You'll Find!

I have had a prior surgery done by Dr. White at USA Plastic Surgery and was ecstatically happy with the results. I had a tummy tuck done in 2012 after losing over 100 pounds and he removed over 8 pounds of skin for me. To say that made me happy is certainly an understatement, so of course when I... READ MORE

Look no further - this is your doctor!

Overall, I am very impressed by my results. My surgery was in February, so I'm a little more than a month out. I went from a 32DDD to a 32C/D. I am so much happier with my smaller breasts, and knowing that I never need another surgery. Pros - (1) I kept nipple sensation. (2) Jana, the... READ MORE

So pleased with the results!

Dr. Waldorf is awesome. So personable, yet so professional. Caring and compassionate. Totally understood what I needed with breast lift/reduction procedure. Never having had a procedure of its kind, I was extremely nervous. I received extensive information on what the procedure would entail... READ MORE

Love my New Breasts! - Chapel Hill, NC

Uneven breasts from old augmentation on one side. My breasts were noticably different sizes and I had an augmentation done on one of them over 35 years ago. So he had to match them up from being uneven and having old skin stretched out. He listened to all my concerns, mostly about just... READ MORE

Much Need Breast Uplift After Weight Loss - Hull, GB

After losing a few stone my boobs had lost a lot of volume and were very droopy (I was only 23 at the time and this made me feel very self conscious) initially I wanted a lift and implants at the same time but was advised the healing process may be complicated and would be much easier to perform... READ MORE

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