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52 Yo Scarless Breast Lift with Fat Transfer from Abdomen - Boca Raton, FL

I will be undergoing the scarless breast lift with a fat transfer from my abdomen in just 6 days, I have chosen Dr. Hilton Becker in Boca Raton, Florida after searching for an alternative to the vertical "lollipop" lift. I live in the Tampa area and will be traveling 4 hours to undergo the... READ MORE

28 Y/o Breast Lift Without Implant

I've been lurking this website since i decided to go through with a consultation with my friend's PS. Have read so many reviews that have been so helpeful, so decided to write my own. I deal with a LOT of anxiety. Like, a lot. But yesterday was my surgery, and i did not panic once. I lost 50... READ MORE

54 Year Old New Lease on Life - La Mesa, CA

Just had my breast lift (no implants) and upper arm lift 3 days ago. I have lost a considerable amount of weight with gastric bypass surgery last year, and these were the two body parts I wanted to restore as best as possible. I'm writing this initial review during my immediate recovery period... READ MORE

37years Old, 2 Kids, Breastlift No Implants. Best Surgery, Best Doctor, Best Money Spent - Instabul, Turkey

I have always wanted to do my breast. I noticed as a young teen, I never really had that firm perky breaths all my mates had, but I guess I lived with it. Then came marriage and two kids down the line and of cause the breat firmness dropped. I was shopping around on real self when a friend told... READ MORE

Mediczech Prague review

I never write reviews but I felt I owed it to my the team at mediczech considering the excellent level of care I received. I was very apprehensive about this procedure, especially as I had to travel from Ireland to Prague to get it done. The standard of care was excellent and even after I... READ MORE

Breast Lift Without Implants

Located in Tijuana Mexico. very knowledgeable, highly intelligent and professional. Dr Camacho Melo is a very caring person. He speaks in terms that you can understand. He is very easy to talk to. He takes time with his patients to ensure they understand what their desires are. He is a doctor... READ MORE

32 Yrs, 3 Kids, Breast Reduction in 1, Uplift in Both, Liposuction, Flanks, Inner and Outer Thigh - London, GB

I'm finally going in for surgery today. As you can see I have a difference in my boob size. 2 cup sizes to be precise!! I'm not going to blame the sagginess on the kids, they have got worse but I've always had saggy boobs so over the moon that I can finally get them sorted. I am very nervous... READ MORE

40 Year Old, Mother of 2, Athletic, Breast Lift No Implants in Europe - Kaunas, Lithuania

Hi everybody. I'm so glad this site is here and you all add your experiences. They have been so helpful to me. I will have my lift in Lithuania 13th June and I'm anxious and excited. I had a tummy tuck 10 years ago too here in Ireland. My boobs only began to grow when I was 17/18 and I was... READ MORE

Europe Surgery Poland

So my journey was very easy to Europe surgery in Poland. Everything was easily booked. Stayed in the clinics accommodation which is right next to the clinic. Chris the taxi driver was always available to pick me up if needed too. The clinic was very clean and professional. Was made to feel very... READ MORE

60 Yrs Old and Finally Getting a Breast Reduction and Lift - Mexico

All my my life I have had hanging breast. I can't remember a time when I had perky breast. Now I'm less then 2 weeks away from having nice looking breast. OMG, I'm so excited about it. I'm not the least bit scared. I'm going back to Mexico to have Dr. Pantoja do the procedure. He did my Tummy... READ MORE

27yo Breast lift, Thailand

Given that there are now only just over 2 weeks (omg!) till my surgery, I thought it best to begin my story. I'm 27 years old and have never liked the appearance of my breasts. They grew overnight when I was 15, to a large C from a small B and continued to grow to a DD over the next couple of... READ MORE

42yo, 1 Child & a Type 1 Diabetic - Boca Raton, FL

I decided to fly to Boca Roton & have my breast lift procedure with Dr. Hilton Becker. Best decision I ever made. Although I am in a lot of discomfort (because of drains) I was able to look past the pain because my breasts look PERFECT! His staff is perfection & I couldn't be happier. I was a... READ MORE

32yrs Mum of 2 Uplift in Prague - Czech Republic, CZ

I was very overweight after having my two girls, now 5yrs and 8yrs. I lost about 5 stone and hated my droopy empty breasts. I decided to have the op in Prague due to cost and set off the night before my op was due on my own! Terrified! I was met at the airport and transferred to an apartment... READ MORE

Breast lift no implants; Samui, Thailand

I'm booked into Bangkok International Samui Hospital (perhaps confusingly not in Bangkok at all but on the lovely, tropical island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand) and I'm struggling to fall asleep as I'm excited/nervous. Mostly excited! I first started considering this and doing my online... READ MORE

I Am Scheduled with Doctor Mel Ortega for My Breast Lift - Miami, FL

Dr. Ortega's staff were so nice and made me feel comfortable with having the breast lift. What I like the most was that they did not push implants on me, since I like the size of my breast. My scheduled date for May 7th. I will be flying to Miami with my husband. At this point I am excited... READ MORE

Before the Baby!!! - Dominican Republic, DO

Just wanted you ladies to see what i looked like before the baby. Miss these days! When i had Beach body! I will be posting the pics I sent to Dr. Yily in a second. When u see these before and after baby pics you will clearly understand why I need the mommy make over lol. All I keep thinking is... READ MORE

UK London to Belgium Brussels 615cc Breast Augmentation Dr Plovier Beclinic - Belgium, BE

I researched extensively for a surgeon to enhance my breasts. I looked at Transform UK but I found many hideous reviews so I scratched them off my list right away. I then heard of Beaucare in Belgium and saw amazing before and after pics, many of which were by Dr Frank Plovier and luckily I... READ MORE

21 y/o getting full breast lift (no implants) and areola reduction

Hi! I am 21 and never been pregnant, or had major weight fluctuations -- just bad genetics. I am 5'6" and weigh ~140lbs. My bra size is 36D-DD. Since puberty, I was never comfortable with my breasts. Despite being young and never having kids, my boobs are saggier than they should be and my... READ MORE

Back Lift + Breast Lift without Implants (Round 3) ...2 BBL's later

I found Dr. Manon on Instagram when searching #backlift He has amazing results. Some of the nipples on his breast bother me than some don't. So I am still debating if I will get the breast lift done or not. He quoted me the following: 1) back lift + breast lift w/o implant = 5600 including rec... READ MORE

2 botched jobs by Dr Luc Damen

I recently flew from the UK to Belgium to have next day surgery at the Wellness Kliniek with Dr Luc Damen. I was booked in for a breast uplift and labiaplasty. During my consultation Dr Damen advised an anchor lift for my breasts. He did not explain any risks associated with the operation but... READ MORE

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