loose skin + Breast Lift

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13 Years in the Waiting: The 26 Year Old With Droopy Breats.

I was 13 when I 'properly' started to sprout. Really early on I remember looking at myself naked and thinking I looked different; to all my friends, to my mum, to the Google results when I clicked the search button once I'd taken a deep breath after typing in 'boobies', 'tits' or 'wangers'. I... READ MORE

The best thing I've ever done..!

I have lost a lot of weight this year through diet and exercise - not sure how much but I've come down about 4 dress sizes. This left me VERY saggy, and much worse, with a bunch of loose skin, which was actually the reason I did this (I could have lived with the sagginess alone if they had... READ MORE

I Am Going In! - Tucson, AZ

After 9 years since my abdominoplasty, I have considered having my breast reduced as a consequence of breastfeeding two kids. I have volume and size but the elasticity of my breast doesn't allow me to wear certain shirts because my skin is loose. I have many friends who have both go for... READ MORE

27 Yr Old, Registered Nurse, No Kids, in Need of New Boobs! - Sugar Land, TX

After I made the decision to go through with a breast reduction/lift…my main goal was to find a pair of boobs that looked similar to mine (saggy, loose skin, dinner plate areolas lol) and see if those end results were similar to what I wanted. I knew I wanted Lifted; Full breast and smaller a... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Lipo 49 yo In Need of an Overhaul

I had been interested in getting a breast lift for well over a year. When I found this website, I was on it almost daily. I am 5' 3" and weigh 129. Last tear I gained some weight when my thyroid was off. I seemed to be around by belly mostly. I did a session of cool sculpting and it worked... READ MORE

40yr Old, Mom to 6 Finally Got Breast Lift, and Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair - Columbus, OH

I'm a mom to 6 kids ages 21, 16, 14, 11, 8 and 6. I nursed them all for atleast a year or more with the last one nursing for 25 months. After the last one was born, I took up running and working out and lost about 40lb. Surprisingly my boobs were the last thing to go, I guess because I was... READ MORE

26 Years Old, With Sagging 36 D (Almost DD) No Kids - New York

I've always had pretty large breast since middle school and they always made me feel uncomfortable. Eventually I started to grow into them, but during college I gained a significant amount of weight and they doubled. I was probably a 36C in high school and jumped to a 36DD after. While everyone... READ MORE

21 Year Old Breast Lift No Implant 32 FF Cup

I wish to go through with a breast lift as i have a lot of volume but sagging and loose skin, i would like to have perkier firmer breasts just by removing the loose skin - im also trying to find reveiws similar to me and a surgeon with before and after photos!!! Ive seen a fee reveiws @Harley... READ MORE

25 Year Old Saggy Breast - Sydney, AU

My breast have made me felt very insecure throughout the years, due to the loose skin/ sagging of the breast it was hard to find a bra where i didn't overhang. Two people who i work with had breast augmentation by Dr Eddy Donna, their results were absolutely beautiful. I have no cons about the... READ MORE

Removing breast implants and subsequent Breast Lift

One of my implants had stretched as a result of a fall. It was uncomfortable and I decided since I was older, it was best to have them removed. Spoke with Dr. Higdon who suggested we cut out loose skin and reposition my breasts with a Breast Lift. Healing has gone well and the results look... READ MORE

Results Above and Beyond - Drooping Fixed - Yorkshire, GB

After losing a substantial amount of weight over around a 2.5 year period, I have been left with rather a lot of loose skin which was rather upsetting after working hard to lose over 7.5 stones. The worst area happened to be my breasts which before the weight loss had been verging on an H cup... READ MORE

My experience with the very talented surgeon Dr Dan Marsh.

Where do I start…  I am a mother of two after having children my breasts continued to grow here’s my story. I started off as a B cup before I had my first child then my breasts increased in size to a DD cup, 5 years later I became pregnant with my second child my breasts increased in size once... READ MORE

Breastlift for 33 Year Old Mom of 3

After 3 children my breasts seemed to have deflated and lost all life. There was a lot of loose skin and they were sagging. For years I had trouble with bras because I would fall out the top of them and it was difficult to find anything that would fit. Getting a breast lift was the best decision... READ MORE

52 with 21 Year Olds Boobs!

I'm 52 & have two children, some changes in weight, gravity and age had taken there toll on my breasts. My bras were now holding them up and I was bulging out of my bras (loose skin). I read all the Top Doc reviews and saw Dr. Stridde was the boob man. He's even referred to by other... READ MORE

35 Yr Old Mother of 3 - Needing a Lift - Austin, TX

I wear a 34H and ideally would like to go down to a D cup. Ive considered having a reduction for years and now that Ive had 3 kids and have been breastfeeding for 4 years, I feel like its time! My breasts are deflated and sad. There is so much loose skin when I wear a bra that it has become... READ MORE

48 Mother of 4, much needed lift, East,Texas

48 year old, 5'8, 165lb. 4 children, oldest is 30 youngest is 16. Seems like my whole life I've had these saggy boobs. Originally I wanted a lift with implant, after my consultation on Tuesday April 8 my choosen PS told me 1st I wasnt a candidate for lift with implants in one procedure. He... READ MORE

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