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Lollipop breast lift

I've had low hanging breasts since puberty ne have wanted to have them lifted since I was 15 and finally did this summer. I don't have any before photos but here are some updates. These first two were three days after when I was still quite sore but definitely no excruciating pain. They were... READ MORE

52 Yo Scarless Breast Lift with Fat Transfer from Abdomen - Boca Raton, FL

I will be undergoing the scarless breast lift with a fat transfer from my abdomen in just 6 days, I have chosen Dr. Hilton Becker in Boca Raton, Florida after searching for an alternative to the vertical "lollipop" lift. I live in the Tampa area and will be traveling 4 hours to undergo the... READ MORE

Age 45 breast lift only

Best decision ever. Wk 3 and so happy. Lolly pop no anchor. I need to update as pics lead up too wk 2 and now I ek 3. Pain was not bad and was mobile. Was scared for years and wish I'd done earlier. Medbelle I went thru really helped. Surgeon was dr akali but it would not let me spell that.... READ MORE

Happy with perky boobs'

This is one week after my surgery. I'm curious if it's healing well as I have been changing the bandages myself and haven't seen the nurse for the past week so I am a bit worried. The doctor used the lollipop technique and one or two days after the surgery the nurse said it looks great but to me... READ MORE

36 Year Old - Lollipop Mastopexy - Revision from Previous Areola Reduction (Benelli) Due to Stretching! - Oakville, ON

So far so good! I can't wait to see the final result.... Around 6 years ago, I had a Benelli procedure to correct puffy areolas (by another surgeon in Toronto - Dr. Brown). I wasn't too upset with the size of my areolas, though I know I'd have liked them smaller. Of course after taking out the... READ MORE

Breast Lift, No Implant. 36 Year Old Fit Woman, 2 Kids - Melbourne, Australia

Ok, I just wrote the longest review which accidentally deleted. I'm in hospital having had my surgery and Mr Weymouth just walked in for review (hence the accidental deletion as I threw my phone to the fable). I am sooo happy so far. I went to see another surgeon first who I felt presented a... READ MORE

Dr. Casas!! ***Breast lift only** No reduction or Implant

I'm 5'4 138 lbs and starting my journal of my breast lift. Currently I wear a 34EE bra. I have 1 child 22 yo and don't plan to have more since I'm over 40. I was told that I can do a lollipop lift without getting a reduction. I like the size of my breast but want them an inch or so higher. I've... READ MORE

47 Yrs Old and Thrilled in the UK with Lollipop Breast Lift- No Implants - Bristol, GB

I wanted to write a review firstly to thank everyone who has posted about their own experiences. It really helped me when I was researching about the procedure and wondering whether I was too old or too ridiculous to even be considering it. I also wanted to write a British review about my... READ MORE

44 Years Old, No Kids, Bilateral Mastopexy, Liposuction, Facial Fat Grafting - Wilmington, NC

I've never had perky breasts. Those of us ladies in our family that were born with this genetic gem fondly call them "bullet boobs." In addition to hitting the breast jackpot, I've also been blessed with hereditary saddle bags. Since puberty, I've had those lovely pockets of fat misshaping my... READ MORE

37 Years Old, 2 Kids, Lift with no implants, Saggy breasts, Big Aereolas

I've wanted this for years. I always had to hoist my ugly monsters into a bra and could never do strapless (I'm big on summer clothes, dresses etc). I knew this would make me feel better about myself so I saved up the cash! So far they're looking good (lift with no implants, lollipop scar not... READ MORE

32 Years Old and Assymetrical - Novi, MI

I have always had assymetry (comes with scoliosis, which I also had to have surgically corrected, a lot of the time) but it didn't get unmanageable until roughly 7 years ago. Have gained and lost weight and the small side remained where it should be, and the larger side headed south. It's... READ MORE

Breast Implant removal and lift, Finally Did It! - Norway

Hi everyone, Please excuse my english as I am norwegian, and english is my second language. I found this website, as before and after pictures are not allowed in Norway. Thank God for the web... Prior to my breast lift, I have been eager to learn about the procedure, and what to be aware of... READ MORE

Gary Horndeski's UBL... Too Good to Be True?!?! I Flew. Houston, TX

I had numerous surgeon consultations in the UK & had searched the world over for a surgeon that could fix me without the big lollipop scar. Nearly hung my hat up... then I found Dr Horndeski! The final work is so good that no UK surgeons believed what they were seeing! Long recovery but so worth it! READ MORE

BA and BL Big Big Mistake for Young Girl Without Kids. Longueuil, QC

I Had a BL and BA 500 cc saline submuscular three years ago, I had tuberous breast and my dortor sad I need a lillop lift for my breast to look natural and for changing the shape for my breast. I had 20 and no kid. He make me a scar under my right breast (10 cm ) that he never talked before. I... READ MORE

41 Y.o. Wants a Breast Lift (Lollipop), No Augmentation - Florida, FL

Hi, I did a lot of research about breast lifts, had couple of consults, saved money, and finally ready to go for my dream: to have a perky, nice breasts (I hope)! I am size 36B and do not want to become any bigger. I decided to do it at CG Cosmetic Surgery @ Florida, with PS. Jacob Freiman. I... READ MORE

breast lift without implants

I was motivated to go through with this procedure because of how much my breast changed after each child and i only breast fed for a month or two each.I was very unhappy with the sag and the expansion of the areola.It did take me a while to decide between just a lift or with implant. I did alot... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Breast Argumentation - Park City, UT

Naturally large breast were both a blessing and a curse. They were wonderful when I was 16 but by 25 they had already begun to sag. After an accident in my 30's I gained 50lb which took my 36dd to 40e. When I finally got all the weight back off (I'm now 5'6" and 135lbs) I had very little breast... READ MORE

My Breast Lift with 100 CC Implants @ 40 Years Old - Paris

I have hated my breasts ever since I can remember. I went from no bra to a 34D in four months time when I was 15. Puberty. I am 40 and have one child. I never breast fed because it was so painful. My chest grew from a 34D to a 34G during pregnancy and got even larger when the milk came in.... READ MORE

Best experience, amazing results, wonderful team!

My experience with Mr Richards has been purely positive. I had an areola reduction with mini breast uplift almost 9 weeks ago. My experience of his entire team has been phenomenal. Understanding, supportive and genuinely kind throughout, I just want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. ... READ MORE

Lollipop Breast Lift With Implants For Upper Pole Fullness - Southfield, MI

I used to be very embarrassed about my breast. They were long, stretched, and looked like I've breastfed before (even though I don't have any children). My areolas were the size of a cookie! Once I found my doctor, Amy P. DeRosa, I booked immediately. After the procedure, my breast looked very... READ MORE

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