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I did it!!!

After months of research I took the leap and had a breast lift today. I also had lipo around the armpit area. So far alll is well. My arm puts hurt more than any else. As the pain meds wear off the breast lift incisions tend to tingle and hurt. I have used this site to help guide my decisions... READ MORE

44 Year Old Lady. 36gg Breasts. Severe Droop. Time for Change

Weight and droop of breasts was getting depressing and making me feel so much older than I feel. After researching many options decided on a consultant I felt had a huge amount of clinical experience. He gave me confidence to make an informed choice.I am only day 5 today post op. I Will keep you... READ MORE

More Than Happy Up to Now!

I've been on this site day and night for months now, I'm a 30dd with 3 children and since my last child who is now 6 I've lost about 2 1/2stone in weight so my boobs completely deflated. I always knew I didn't want big boobs so an implant was never really an option for me but I was worrried that... READ MORE

Young Body, Old Boobies - Edmonton, AB

I was 14 years old when I noticed my breasts did you lay like the rest of my friends. I never had that fullness that they did. My nipples were always pointing to the floor, even at a young age. As I got older I just became more and more uncomfortable with them. After nursing my daughter, believe... READ MORE

30, 2 Children, Fluctuating Weight

Breast lift without implants I have always had sagging breasts for as long as I remember. After having my 2 children (5 & 8) I decided to go ahead and get a breast lift. I went for my 1st consultation and booked in for surgery for the 1st August 2017.The morning of the lift I was so... READ MORE

So Almost Done with All my Consultations.....

Wow where to start. OK. So far i have had 3 consultations. It is crazy how every doctor gives a different answer to all your questions! Anyways. The first (being the worst) was with Dr Joel Maier. To sum up my first consultation ill just say after leaving there he had me not wanting to get this... READ MORE

Mr Hassan - I Didn't Consider Any Other Surgeon

I didn't take my decision lightly to have surgery on on breasts or face! I started to research Mr Hassan a couple of years ago as you hear many dodgy stories! On every site I could find, there was not 1 bad review or discouraging word about Mr Hassan. I didn't even consider any other surgeon. Mr... READ MORE

I'm 55 and not ready to "set it down" just yet so I'm having a tummy tuck, breast lift, and bbl. I chose two different doctors

Dr José Leon in the Dominican Republic for his work with breasts and Dr Wilberto Cortez in Houston aka "Dr Hourglass" for his brilliance in tummy tucks and bbl"s. I had Lipo w/some maniac surgeon in Atlanta a few years ago.... results so I really wanted to go to Dr Cortes first but after my ... READ MORE

Round 2, Breast Lift After Implants - Akron, OH

Had a tummy tuck and breast augment four months ago. Love the tummy tuck but the breasts, not so much. My surgeon went with a larger implant (450cc) and removed some skin from under to tighten the breasts. Definitely an improvement in volume but not shape/lift. Also the left one points outward a... READ MORE

Breast Lift - Scottsdale, AZ

After three kids including a set of twins 1 1/2 years ago, my body has deflated. Time for a tune up on Dec. 8! I selected Dr. Repta as my PS due to his many great reviews and amazing before and after pictures. I currently have 32DD breasts and am 5 foot 1 inch weighing in at 117lbs. My breasts... READ MORE

32; 3 Kids, D Cup Prior to Breastfeeding, 120lbs, Waited 10 Years

Had my consult that turned into a pre-op today! I've waited 10 years considering and reading realself. I can't tell you how excited I am to be actually going through with it. I always thought I wanted a lift and augmentation. But I've heard doing a lift with a augmentation wasn't a good idea. So... READ MORE

3 Babies Later, Breastfeeding All 3, and NOW

Back in April I started searching for a doctor who can do a breast lift but not just any breast lift. I wanted my natural, perky, and lifted beautiful breasts back from high school. I did not want any implants and the first 3 doctor's I saw said that if I wanted to achieve the full upper pole... READ MORE

24 with Two Children I've Always Had Large Breast Before I Had Children.

I went for a consultation twice, once in Chicago IL and once in cleveland ohio. Since the age of 12 I had very large breast. After having children my weight went up and after the kids the weight all came off leaving the breast with a worst sag. Both doctors recommend the same thing. A lift and... READ MORE

28 Y/o Breast Lift Without Implant

I've been lurking this website since i decided to go through with a consultation with my friend's PS. Have read so many reviews that have been so helpeful, so decided to write my own. I deal with a LOT of anxiety. Like, a lot. But yesterday was my surgery, and i did not panic once. I lost 50... READ MORE


I went in for a breast consult about 10 to 11 months ago and it was the worst decision of my life. During my consult, I told Dr. Hakki that my original lift and implant had started drooping and had become displaced. Carla and I both agreed that they appeared matronly. My original wish was to get... READ MORE

Review of my breast lift, with a reduction on one side to fix asymmetey - Waterloo, ON

On may 1st I had a breast lift and reduction to fix asymmetry as well as abdominoplasty. I am just going to review the breast lift, as I still have some swelling from the tummy tuck so can't give a final opinion on that yet. Anyways, Dr Ma had an amazing bedside manner, the whole staff were... READ MORE

Breasts I Always Wanted! - New York, NY

I always had very large and low drooping breasts that I was self conscious about and hurt all the time. After years of debating what I should do about them, being too scared, and countless consultations if found Dr. Khuthaila. I'm so happy I did! She listened to everything I had to say and made... READ MORE

Happiest decision of my life.

Dr. Zelken is a step above most doctors I have encountered in the Newport area. Not only is he supremely talented, but he truly cares about each patient that comes in. I trusted him completely and he delivered more than anything I could have ever dreamed. I have seen his other patients results... READ MORE

48 and finally getting a Lift with no implants, also a no drainage Tummy Tuck - Danville, CA

I've had larger breasts since I was a teenager - D, DD and larger. I've gained weight, lost weight but never lost my breasts. At first I didn't like it, I was bothered by the size and how I wasn't able to wear certain things. There were always clothing problems, sleeping problems, problems with... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 1 Child,

I researched for years about getting a breast lift. I work out 4-5 days per week but that's the one area that no matter what I do I know I can't change. So I decided to get a breast lift. After doing several consultations around the Chicago area I decided to go with Dr. Sharma. His staff made me... READ MORE

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