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27 Year Old Mother of 1, Much Needed Breast Lift Coming Soon

Hi, I'm 27 years old and I have a 3 year old. I've had big boobs my whole life but after my daughter's birth they really started to sag. Today they are really bad and I'm just ready to get them lifted again! My surgery is exactly 1 month away and to say I'm nervous is an understatement. I've... READ MORE

Breasts I Always Wanted! - New York, NY

I always had very large and low drooping breasts that I was self conscious about and hurt all the time. After years of debating what I should do about them, being too scared, and countless consultations if found Dr. Khuthaila. I'm so happy I did! She listened to everything I had to say and made... READ MORE

22 Years Old No Kids - Breast lift no implants

Since the age of 17 I've considered getting a breast procedure though being so young just wasn't ready. My original bra size was a 12G and extremely droopy. I had a consult with Dr Richard Rahdon late Jan, told him about my dream boobs, concerns and everything else. He made me feel so... READ MORE

66 Year Old Breast Lift and Brachioplasty After Significant Weight Loss

I could not have chosen better than Dr. MacLennan. From the first meeting I felt I could trust this physician; that we were a team discussing various options in order to determine what was right for me. She was frank about the limitations of surgery and the potential areas where there could be... READ MORE

Areola Reduction/Benelli Type Lift

I'm a 23 y/o female who has been self conscious of my very large areolas and tubular shaped breasts my whole life. When I decided it was time to have something done about it I went to see a few plastic surgeons thinking about a lift and augmentation because it didn't seem like anyone would do... READ MORE

Ultimate Breast Lift (Bellesoma)

I'm writing this review again, somehow it didn't post the first time. It is almost 6 months post-op since I had the Ultimate Breast Lift by Dr. Hordneski. I love my breasts. I had a lift back in 2008 and 6 months later back to where I started. I still have to go for scar revision later in... READ MORE

40 Year Old New Girl - Miami, FL

Dr. Mel Ortego pereformed my Breast Lift, I am really swollen, and oozing blood but I'm sure that's normal. I will provide pics later. I have always to correct my sagging boobs, and feel more confident and happy with myself. Dr. Ortega was funny and answered all questions and concerns about this... READ MORE

48 Yrs Old, Ultimate Breast Lift by Dr. Gary Horndeski - Sugar Land, TX

My breasts have always been large and pendulous my whole life. I don't ever remember a time that they weren't hanging, not even during my teenage years. I never seriously thought about having surgery to lift them until probably five years ago. I wasn't really thrilled with my breasts, I just... READ MORE

40 Year Old African American Female

Wanted to slow down the normal changes that the body goes through and wanted Breast lift and revision on an existing tummy tuck scar. As an African American female- I was concerned with scarring on the breast and doubtful that my scar would be improved from a prior surgery. I was referred to Dr... READ MORE

Results Above and Beyond - Drooping Fixed - Yorkshire, GB

After losing a substantial amount of weight over around a 2.5 year period, I have been left with rather a lot of loose skin which was rather upsetting after working hard to lose over 7.5 stones. The worst area happened to be my breasts which before the weight loss had been verging on an H cup... READ MORE

55 Year Old with Saggy Boobies - Carmel, IN

Had wanted to fix my sagging breast. ( breast 36d+) As a private matter wasn't sure how to find a doctor. After talking to my breast cancer doctor and asking for his recommendation I made an appointment with the doctor he referred me to. After meeting her and liking her, I knew she wasn't the... READ MORE

61 Year Old with History of Yo-yo Dieting

I had lost and gained the same 50 lbs since childhood and it definitely took a toll on my body. I wanted to explore skin removal surgery and breast lift for many years once my weight stabilized, but I never found the right surgeon with whom I felt comfortable and secure. I finally found Dr.... READ MORE

46 Year Old, Benelli Lift Without Implants After 3 Children - Tijuana, MX

Went in for my consultation and Dr Vega addressed all my questions and concerns. I let him know what I wanted and he let me know weather or not it was a possibility. I originally wanted a crescent lift but he advised and explained that I would have better results with a peri-areolar lift with no... READ MORE

Hour Glass at 50!!! - Charlotte, NC

Dr. J Garrett Harper is an amazing doctor and I feel bless to have him as my surgeon. After meeting with Dr Harper and expressing my concerns with my body; I knew that Dr. Harper would be committed to helping me attaining the results I desired, which was a breast augmentation without the use... READ MORE

Very Happy with my Procedures - Boston, MA

Dr Davidson is not only talented and puts his heart in to his work he really cares I had a few concerns that I emailed him about He responded so quickly and put my mind at ease I had a breast lift and lipo I was so worried about loosing my fullness and asked if I should get implants... READ MORE

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