complication + Breast Lift

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34 Yo,1 Child and Floppy Pancakes for Boobs.

My original post/account was hacked so had to set up new one! That's my story. 16 Apr 2017 5 days post Before pregnancy i had perky B cup but as I gained 20kg during pregnancy my boobs went up to DD and than with unsuccessful breast feeding and significant weight loss went down to deflated sad... READ MORE

34 Yo, One Child and Floppy Pancakes for Boobs

Before pregnancy i had perky B cup but as I gained 20kg during pregnancy my boobs went up to DD and than with unsuccessful breast feeding and significant weight loss went down to deflated sad looking C cup and took all my confidence and comfort away. Three years after having my daughter i... READ MORE

6 Year Breast Cancer Survivor - Blairsville, GA

Im a 54 year old cancer survivor. Had a breast lift 5 weeks ago? I have had a few complications due to side affects of radiation treatment. My surgeon has had to go back and remove some spots that haven't healed properly, I can't wait to see them completely healed. I would have this surgery... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Complications - Sugar Land, TX

I won't bore everyone with details about how long I wanted a boob lift, etc. I'll just tell you that I decided to have one with Dr. Horndeski after a friend had hers done by him and she had remarkable results. I really liked the look he was able to achieve in his patients and the fact that... READ MORE

All I Want for Christmas is (breast lift without implants and browlift)...- Stockton, CA

In less than 48 hours I am going in fur a breast lift and brow lift. I am ready! I had rescheduled this appointment twice and now it is officially happening!! Put the door the cost is 11500 but since I don't have medical insurance - I bought insurance and had to pay 600 for. My doc wants me to... READ MORE

42 Yo, Breast Lift Consult, No Implant, Sagging Boobs @ 34D Now

I have been considering a breast lift for some time. I have gone through a pregnancy, weight loss and maintained at 125 lbs. Fast forward, I went in for a consultation with Dr. Larry Nichter @ Pacific Center Plastic Surgery for a breast lift and breast lift with fat transfer procedure. I knew... READ MORE

Great experience

Dr. Deane is the best! As a 45 year old mother of three, I have met more then a few doctors in my lifetime. I have rarely met someone as kind and compassionate as Dr. Deane. I would have a list of notes for him on my phone and he would patiently answer all of them. I never felt rushed through... READ MORE

Wanted my Boobs Back

I am a 41 year old mum of one. Ever since breast feeding my boobs have drooped considerably and have been very uneven and heavy. My bras did not fit right and my back was starting to hurt. I went to see a consultant and we talked about what was available and what was best for me. It was easy to... READ MORE

All my homework paid off - Mexico, MX

Wonderful. I'm glad I took my time to research, read reviews, became knowledgable about my procedure, (and prayed!) and followed Dr's orders pre- and post-op. I had the BEST experience you could hope for. I have worked with many drs within the medical field, and Dr. Sauceda is not only talented,... READ MORE

My Experience Was Wonderful

My experience with Dr. Franco was wonderful. He did a breast lift for me and I could not be more pleased! Even when I developed a slight complication, I got medication immediately and was offered an appointment that night. In my opinion, that is really taking care of your patients. I look... READ MORE

My Breast Lift - Southlake, TX

All the staff is very helpful. The surgery went well. I had some complications after surgery that the doctor helped me with. The best things is my breast look wonderful. The doctor is an artist. Overall it was a very positive experience. The day of surgery I walked in and they made you very... READ MORE

Breast Lift After 185lb Weight Loss

I have the vertical sleeve and lost the weight rather quickly. I originally was a 44DDD and am now a 38B. It was so worth it! My breasts were like deflated balloons and I was so embarassed that I had to tuck the excess skin into my bra. I also had the vertical thigh lift at the same time and it... READ MORE

Fantastic Provider with Fantastic Results - Pittsburgh, PA

Thanks to genetics and massive weight loss years ago, my breasts were a misshapen mess. Enough so that one of the nurses who cared for me after my hysterectomy noticed and recommended my surgeon for all breast-related procedures. I took her up on her recommendation and scheduled a mastopexy... READ MORE

Breast Lift & Implant Removal (Breast Augumentation to Follow) - San Diego, CA

I was unhappy with the appearance of my breasts even though I had two previous breast lifts, many years ago. The most recent breast lift procedure, with implants, was done about 15 years ago. I was hoping for fuller, perkier and a little bit larger breasts. I went to another plastic surgeon... READ MORE

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