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42 Years Old, Breast Lift and Fat Transfer

I am very active and healthy but having a baby and breastfeeding at 39 ruined my breast shape. I had 2 procedures: the 1st one in november 2016 (lift and fat transfer) and the 2nd one in february 2017 (lift correction and fat transfer). I was a bit disappointed after the 1st procedure (the right... READ MORE

19, 34D, breast uplift with no implants!

I'm having my breast uplift in 3 weeks! Can't believe I'm actually doing it I'm so scared. I have 34DD breasts, I am happy with the size but there just so droopy. I've got my pre op appointment on the 27th of May and my operation date is the 6th of June. I've got my post surgical bra and... READ MORE

Breast Lift Without Implants in Estonia

Finally I did it. After 2 breastfeeded kids it was right time to do it. Boobs were so saggy, that it was difficult to find sexy bra, and discusting sweating between and under during excersising. Not much pain during recovering, the worst part is sleeping on back. The doctor is experienced in... READ MORE

Almost 35 Yrs Old, 34B-cup, No Kids - Early Birthday Gift to Me! - Toronto, ON

Like most women getting a breast lift here, I too have suffered most of my life with these awkward cow udders. I didn't really have breasts until I was 14 - I wished so hard that they would develop, esp. because boys would make fun of me. So eventually they did develop. My parents always said... READ MORE

41 Year Old with Uneven Breasts, One Child, 13, I Am About to Have Sugery on the 4th of April, Mastoplexy No Implants, -Brisbane

Just want much less sagging and symmetry,15 kilo weight loss, over my bras and clothes not fitting properly.very excited but nervous aswell.have always had uneven breasts but after weight loss they are so much worse, and are much more noticeable. would love to be able to wear a dress or swimsuit... READ MORE

48 and Wanting a BL for 20 Years!!! - Biloxi, MS

I had never liked the shape of my breasts... I was always shaped very nice, and have spent a big part of my life in the gym...I have a daughter who is 27 and another daughter 10, whom I breastfed for almost a year... My breasts did not dramatically change size or shape due to pregnancy, and I... READ MORE

25 Years Old Mother of Two - Greensburg, PA

After having my first child my breasts started to droop. Then after recently having my second baby my breasts went from droopy to unbearable for me to look at. I was uncomfortable, couldn't find bras that fit nicely, insecure, etc. I found Dr. Lazzaro from Aestique Plastic Surgery and had a... READ MORE

Saying Goodbye to Droopy Boobs and Bra Rolls! - Birmingham, AL

I've been in contact with Dr. Hedden's office since October of last year. Besides a few mix-ups with receiving the incorrect quote from the out-of-town coordinator, the pre-operative process was very organized and I was well-informed. So far, the doctor and staff have been friendly and helpful.... READ MORE

FINALLY Making the First Step! - Las Vegas, NV

I'm so excited! Today I called to make an appointment for an initial consultation with Dr. Hankins. I really like the results shown in this practice's before/after gallery. The results shown by Dr. Hankins have EXACTLY what I'm looking for. My goal is to achieve upper pole fullness, lift, and... READ MORE

Surgery Soon, Cant Wait!! -Pittsburgh, PA

I have had deflated breasts since I rapidly lost baby weight after 8th grade. I can't remember a time before my breasts were saggy. I've spent almost all of my twenties without the option to go braless or feel confident in a strapless dress. I could never go without a bra because I have no shape... READ MORE

Mini Ultimate Breast Lift, with 185 Cc Implants - Sugarland, TX

I am starting this post at 9 weeks. Overall, I am disappointed with the outcome. I have been the ideal post-op patient: I STILL wear my padded bra 24/7; I took my antibiotics as prescribed in the week after surgery; I send photos and updates to Dr. Horndeski at a weekly and/or significant... READ MORE

Stop Talking About It and Just Do It! - Fayetteville, GA

After years, and I mean years, (I am 44, my youngest child is 13) I've hated my boobs. I called them socks hanging from my chest. I didn't allow my husband to touch them because I was so mortified by the sag. I hated bathing suits and bras. When my 20yr old daugther and my hair dresser said to... READ MORE

Happy with my Results of my Breast Lift with Dr. Gary Horndeski - Houston, TX - Bellesoma Method!!!

After a few years of thought and discussion with my husband, I decided it was time to give myself a gift. After having four children my breasts were a deflated 36C.  I am 51 years old.   I’ve never been a person interested in breast implants but a lift was something I’d looked at over the years.... READ MORE

38 Years Old with Large Saggy Breasts Very Much in Need of an Uplift - Edinburgh, UK

Very much wanted my breasts to be as they were before nursing two children. Surgery was not something I was afraid of it was just a case of finding the right surgeon. The procedure was straightforward and although there was some swelling and bruising this settled down quite quickly. Faint scars... READ MORE

Drastic Weight Loss After Death of Husband - Watertown, WI

Did not like to look at myself in the mirror. Needed to feel beautiful again. Recovery went great...all steps were explained well...they checked on me to make sure I was was worth every penny. They provided bras..all the creams for scar prevention and suggestions on comfort and... READ MORE

He's Certainly a Perfectionist! - Dallas, TX

Im a 29 year old wife and mother of two. I Was always small chested until getting pregnant with my first, then suddenly I found myself having custom bras made to fit my new 32F chest. When I was done having babies (and breastfeeding) I was left with sad, flappy breasts. They were still large but... READ MORE

The Girls Went South. Las Vegas, NV

In my early 50's I discovered that my girls had traveled far South! I was a full B cup and while the rest of my body and face were holding up quite well, the matronly effect of sagging greats could not be denied. It was to the point that even a very supportive underwire bra could not present an... READ MORE

Much Needed Lift! - Houston, TX

As I started to age and gain weight, (pre-menopause is horrible), I noticed my breats were becoming more cumbersome and harder to find a good support bra. I breast started to become considerably larger than the other. I had a couple of consultations and choose Dr. Michael Ciaravino because of... READ MORE

His Work is Superior to Any I Have Seen - Baltimore, MD

With advancing age, I was unable to find a bra to fit properly. I did it so that my figure was symmetric as I am a plus size. I didn't like the way I was looking due to the drooping bust line. READ MORE

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