areola reduction + Breast Lift

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39 Years Old, 2 Kids, Breast Lift with Small Reduction - Houston, TX

I can't believe I finally did this! I am one week post op and I am feeling great. I went from 34dd to 34c. Not such a drastic change in cup size, but to have them up higher, no baggy skin and smaller nipples!!!! So grateful right now. I am looking forward to shopping for new bras when they... READ MORE

Areola Reduction/Benelli Type Lift

I'm a 23 y/o female who has been self conscious of my very large areolas and tubular shaped breasts my whole life. When I decided it was time to have something done about it I went to see a few plastic surgeons thinking about a lift and augmentation because it didn't seem like anyone would do... READ MORE

27 Yr Old, Registered Nurse, No Kids, in Need of New Boobs! - Sugar Land, TX

After I made the decision to go through with a breast reduction/lift…my main goal was to find a pair of boobs that looked similar to mine (saggy, loose skin, dinner plate areolas lol) and see if those end results were similar to what I wanted. I knew I wanted Lifted; Full breast and smaller a... READ MORE

Superb Implant Removal, Lift and Areola Reduction - Pasadena, CA

10 STARS! - I can't say enough about Dr. Taylor and his staff. Dr. Taylor is AMAZING. Dr. Taylor performed my implant surgery in 2003 and also my removal just this week which included a lift and areola reduction. I'm only 4 days post surgery but I can already tell that my boobies will be more... READ MORE

Made the Right Decision - Roseville, MI

I'm 22 years old and after breastfeeding 2 little ones my breasts shrank, dropped, and became unrecognizable to their former selves. I decided it was time to do something about it when I got to the point of being completely uncomfortable being naked in front of my husband. I decided upon an... READ MORE

Breast Uplift-Dr Kalecinski Wroclaw, Poland. Good Experience So Far! - Wroclaw, Poland

So I am here in Poland and have had my procedure, it is day 3 after the surgery and I am feeling fine. I saw him for the last check up this morning and he said I am healing very well. I was only under general for 1.5hrs as the procedure was very straightforward and no tissue was removed-only... READ MORE

Benelli Mastopexy for Tuberous Breasts (WITHOUT BA) - Cape Town, South Africa

I am almost three months post op after having a benelli mastopexy (donut lift) for my tuberous breasts. I was adamant that I didn't want breast implants, so my surgeon suggested just having the areola reduction with a slight lift (1cm). After the surgery I was delighted with the results. My... READ MORE

My experience with the very talented surgeon Dr Dan Marsh.

Where do I start…  I am a mother of two after having children my breasts continued to grow here’s my story. I started off as a B cup before I had my first child then my breasts increased in size to a DD cup, 5 years later I became pregnant with my second child my breasts increased in size once... READ MORE

21 y/o getting full breast lift (no implants) and areola reduction

Hi! I am 21 and never been pregnant, or had major weight fluctuations -- just bad genetics. I am 5'6" and weigh ~140lbs. My bra size is 36D-DD. Since puberty, I was never comfortable with my breasts. Despite being young and never having kids, my boobs are saggier than they should be and my... READ MORE

Great experience & very happy with results!

After my first child I had a breast augmentation done with 500cc implants. Then I had my second child and they got ginormous when I breastfed. I started working out consistently after my second child and they started shrinking and sagging. I went back to my doctor who did my original breast... READ MORE

Amazing experience, very professional

I had a fantastic experience at The Private Clinic and Wellbeck Hospital in London - from the very first initial consultation, Dr Richards and his team were incredible professional and friendly. I decided to go for breast uplift (mastopexy) with no implants and areola reduction - I was not... READ MORE

New Lease of Life at 60!! After Uplift. THANKYOU - Birmingham, GB

More beach holidays and body awareness now over 60. Improved posture, one cup size less and they look so much better in summer clothes. My breasts look uplifted, even and reduced size areola amazing. Minimal scarring just where expected. Some discomfort following operation but expected and... READ MORE

Breast Lift, Implant Replacement, Internal Bra, Areola Reduction - La Mesa, CA

I came to Dr. Pousti 5 years out from a traditional breast augmentation, over the muscle. When researching the best doctors for the original procedure, Dr. Pousti was on the list, but I lived in Illinois and did not want to travel. I was borderline lift at that time. Since then, my breast... READ MORE

34 Year Old, Retired Army Veteran, with Two Kids - Oahu Island, HI

Needed multiple procedures- breast lift, replacement of old implants, seri mesh, and reducing areole size. Dr. Schlesinger is very professional, knowledgable, and has the experience to handle and issues you bring to him. He makes you feel like an individual and not just like another case. He has... READ MORE

Breast Lift/Lipo/Scar Revision - Atlanta, GA

I can not remember the exact date of my procedure - However, I am still dealing personally dealing with the issue at hand. My biggest concern expressed prior to my breast lift was not only the lift itself, but the the reduction in size and shape of my areola. I remain very disappointed with both... READ MORE

Donut Mastopexy and Areola Reduction - Marietta, GA

Hello everyone well i'm 22 yrs old , i have one daughter and i have always disliked my boobs, they are shaped like a cone and with huge dark aureolas, after my pregnancy they started to sag a little bit so i decided to looking to the reduction and lift, I had a friend who recommended me Dr.... READ MORE

Crescent Lift with Areola Reduction - Lafayette, LA

I had a crescent lift with an areola reduction on one 8 months ago. After the stitches were removed I noticed that the areola was cut to much on top leaving the nipple too high and not centered. I discussed this with my ps and she said wait 6 months and we can fix this in office. Well now 6... READ MORE

A Little Nervous but Excited - Great Neck, NY

I have just gotten a nipple reduction and breast lift two days ago. I am very happy I have gotten it done since I have always been embarrassed of my breasts. But, I have been very nervous and almost paranoid and I am not sure why. I stopped taking the pain killers because I was getting... READ MORE

Life Changing Breast Lift! - Kirkland, WA

I had considered breast augmentation for years and had met with several doctors before Dr. Partington was recommended by a close friend. I was concerned about the vanity of cosmetic surgery and also the surgical procedure itself (I had two children naturally and no experience with medical... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Gel Implant Replacement and Aerolar Reduction- So Happy!

I had a breast augmentation with saline implants 10 years ago. After 2 babies (the last one 5 months ago) I underwent a breast lift, replaced the implants with gel, and had the areola's reduced. My areola's were huge! The biggest my surgeon had seen in proportion to my breasts. I was... READ MORE

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