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Nothing short of amazing - Tupelo, MS

I am 3 weeks post op from a breast lift and all I can say is Dr Craig is amazing! He did a tummy tuck for me 6 years back and did such a great job I had no doubt he was who I would use for this procedure as well. From the beginning to the end he explains everything and ask if you have any... READ MORE

35 / 5'9" / 69 kg / 1 Child Breast Lift - Sydney AU

Hello, I'm going for my breast lift commutation this week. I have always had heavy breasts and they are extremely saggy, which I find very depressing. I can't not wear a bra even to bed as I hate the feel of my breasts hanging down. My areloas too are huge and I feel like I have the breasts of... READ MORE

Dr. Horndeski and Bellesoma Method Are AMAZING!!!! - Sugarland, TX

I was a 32DD who after two pregnancies REALLY wanted a breast lift. It's not a life threatening kind of thing, but it was something that I really wanted for myself. I started researching the procedure 3 years ago. I started talking to local p-doc's in my area and when I learned about getting... READ MORE

25 Years Old, Breast Lift NO Implants - Los Angeles, CA

I have had large areolae since puberty. Throughout high school my breasts were fairly full and firm so it wasn't a huge deal. I figured that after high school I would get an areola reduction and that would be the end of it. In college I gained quite a bit of weight and my areolae stretched... READ MORE

Breast Lift Review - Milwaukee, WI

I have always hated the size and shape of my breasts. They have been droopy with oversized areolas since puberty and I have finally decided to do something about it! Tomorrow I have my first consult to figure out if I just want to do a breast lift or if I also want to do a breast lift with... READ MORE

I Will Like Some Answers or Help from a Doctor About my Breast - Brooklyn, NY

When I was about 16 yrs old I started developing a dark Mark on my right breast. "I thought that the areola was just spreading more, But as I got older I notice that the dark Mark was spreading and feeling hard in some spots .I went to two different dermatologist because that's what the doctors... READ MORE

Lift Without Implants Didn't Fully Correct Breasts - Los Angeles, CA

At the date of my surgery at UCLA I was 21 years old, I'm now 19 months post op. I had a lollipop breast lift. My initial sagging was due to a rapid weight gain & loss(60 lbs) when I was 14, & my weight has fluctuated by about 15 lbs on & off since then so my skin quality isn't great. My breast... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Complications - Sugar Land, TX

I won't bore everyone with details about how long I wanted a boob lift, etc. I'll just tell you that I decided to have one with Dr. Horndeski after a friend had hers done by him and she had remarkable results. I really liked the look he was able to achieve in his patients and the fact that... READ MORE

Disappointed in Bedside Manners! - Mississauga, ON

The clinic was beautiful and the staff were very professional. I was however very disappointed with Dr. Lista. I found him to be arrogant and rude. It took me quite some time to make my decision of having a breast lift. I choose Dr. Lista because of his procedure which left minimal scaring and... READ MORE

My Bariatric Life's Two-Stage Breast Lift and Implants. Lift first, implants 1-yr later - Dr. Joseph F. Capella, Ramsey, NJ

I am under-going a total body transformation after massive weight loss with the leading plastic surgeon in this category, Dr. Joseph F. Capella. You may follow my experience and see my photos here. They look pretty good in my sports bra, but still not sure if I like them nude. I can see... READ MORE

Breast Lift; No Implants; Love the New Me! - Beverly Hills, CA

First let me say it took me several years to save up, have the time, and find the right doctor. I am now 37 with two children 17 and 9 and let's just say my breast took a dive south while I am very athletic, training for bikini comp and the rest of my body had tone and definition just not my... READ MORE

25 Years Old, Small Slightly Tuberous Breasts, Breat Lift No Implants on 12/11- Annapolis, MD

So, after years and years of wanting one, I finally had my breast lift done on 12/11, 9 days ago. So far the experience for someone who has never had surgery before has been an interesting one. The first week of recovery had it's ups and downs. My mental state was pretty low because I am not... READ MORE

What is the Underlying Cause of Areola Necrosis ? - Birmingham, UK

Hi. I have attached some rather graphic shots of my breast so to hopefully help other people close to my situation, they aren't for the faint hearted so I do apologise. Bottom line is I would like to know what is the cause behind my experience of areola necrosis (superficial kind). its been a... READ MORE

Snoopy Breast? Augmentation Only? Or Donut Lift? - North Sydney, AU

I had an initial consultation via email. After sending in photos I am worried now I may need a Aereola lift. I scar quite badly and am terrified. I have lost a bit of weight and I also breasted 2 children. I'm a small c cup and would like to end up with a full C cup, considering Silicone... READ MORE

10 Years Later, my Breasts Still Look Amazing! - Bellevue, WA

I wish I had the before picture but I threw it away because they looked so awful. After breastfeeding 3 children, Dr. Rand was able to lift my breasts around the nipple and reduce the areola size too. He placed implants under the muscle because he felt they would position better there.... READ MORE

Poor Job on Breast Lift - Carrollton, GA

To improve my appearance. I elected to have breast surgery 4 months ago. I was experiencing complications of my left breast implant which was inserted in 2001. Dr. K removed the old implants, replaced them with new implants. He also closed the capsules and inserted the new implants behind... READ MORE

Young and Dumb! Two Years Post-op and Very Unhappy

I had my son at age 16; obviously I'm not so bright. I've always wanted bigger and firmer breast. At age 22 I decided to go under the knife. I just wanted them done, didn't do any research. I regret not doing my homework especially on the scars that's left behind. It's... READ MORE

Areola is Too High! - Miami

I had my breast lift 3 months ago. I am very consider now because my areola pops out of my clothes and bra consistently. It seems to me that my implant sagged more than expected, so now it appear as my areola is too high. I also lack fullness on the top, which I was hoping for a result. I... READ MORE

26 Year Old: Breast Lift No Implants

So before going into any details I just want to say that my whole experience was wonderful! When I decided to get the procedure done I did a lot of research, and eventually I came across Dr. Fernandez Goico. First, I wasn't sure if to go with implants vs no implants. However, because of my body... READ MORE

Unhappy with Breasts Since Puberty - San Diego, CA

I'm 26 years old, no children, 120 lbs, and have been unhappy with the appearance of my breasts since forever. They were never perky, the same size, and I hated the size of my areola (thought they were tuberous). It led to many insecure moments with myself and with others. Finally I'd saved up... READ MORE

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