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27 Year Old Mother of 1, Much Needed Breast Lift Coming Soon

Hi, I'm 27 years old and I have a 3 year old. I've had big boobs my whole life but after my daughter's birth they really started to sag. Today they are really bad and I'm just ready to get them lifted again! My surgery is exactly 1 month away and to say I'm nervous is an understatement. I've... READ MORE

42 Yo Getting a Breast Lift (Second Try Posting This) - Towson, MD

After looking at boobs, lifts, implants and reductions for the last couple of months... I decided to have a consult done. I made appointments with three doctors and I had a consult for a Breast lift with the same doctor and thought I would inquire about added lipo to my tummy on the problem... READ MORE

33 year old breast lift w/axilla lipo

I am very happy with this procedure and with Dr. Kortesis. Ive barely had a full look, but i can tell its amazing. I really wanted to share my pictures and recovery as an African American women because it was very hard to find before and after pics for black women. In addition, it was also... READ MORE

Breast Lift in Mexico with Topplasticsurgeonsmexico

I had my breasts reduction last March. My name is I’m 32When my breasts started to develop, more or less when I was 13, I've always had very droopy, long, sagging and large but they started to worsen after my 2 pregnancies. I breastfed my kids 2 years. My breasts looked like two big balloons f... READ MORE

Under 30 Years Old, No Kids, Saggy Breasts Maybe Due to Genetics but Also Weight Loss About 8 Years Ago - London, England

My breasts were saggy and didn't look like they should for a young lady who hasn't had kids yet! Without a bra they also felt uncomfortable. I have been thinking about getting an uplift for a while but only built up the courage (and money) to get it done this year. Harley Medical Group have a... READ MORE

Saggy, Sand Bags for 20 Years - Morton Grove, IL

I had extremely large breasts since I was 15 years old. By the time I was 17 they were so saggy and I was so unhappy with them it was unreal. I had terrible back pain starting at age 19 and no doctor could get my insurance to pay for the reduction. After gaining weight and then losing weight... READ MORE

24 Year Old Female Breast Lift Positive Experience - Annapolis, MD

Hopefully this review helps anyone that is struggling to decide whether a breast lift is a good choice for themEver since late middle school, when I developed breasts, I've always had very droopy, long, sagging, tube-like breasts but they worsened a bit after a 40 lbs weight loss a couple of... READ MORE

Breast Lift Review (20 Years Old) Saint George, UT

Hey guys my name is Brittney and I wanted to discuss my breast lift, surgeon and everything in between. I hit puberty really young so I always had big breast that begun to hang at a young age. Finally I said enough is enough and I wanted to change my breast. I don't want anything spectacular I... READ MORE

Breast Lift No Implants

Never had perky breasts but especially after having 2 kids, the girls were never the same haha! I never thought I would actually go through with a surgery like this but decided to go for it! I was the most nervous about the anesthesia but when I went in, the doctors mad me feel so comfortable.... READ MORE

41 Yr Old Mother of 2 -Breast lift w/o implants 36DD- Cincinnati, OH

I decided it was time for a breast lift! I am a very full 36DD (36DDD in Victorias Secret bras) Being single approaching 42 can put things into perspective really fast! :) I had my breast lift this morning at 7:30 am, I've had several past spinal fusion surgeries, but my anxiety was off the... READ MORE

Breast Lift, Lipo to Bra Rolls and Upper Arms - Culver City, CA

I am approximately one week post op. I was off meds by the 3rd day, I didn't suffer from the extreme nausea after these procedures because the anesthesiologist added something to my sedation meds to help ward off nausea, God bless him. My reaction to my first look at my breasts at three days... READ MORE

For the First Time in my Life I Have Normal ... Actually, Awesome Breasts! - Stafford, TX

I have had saggy, mournful breasts since I went through puberty - two limp fatty flaps that just hung there looking terrible. It has been a source of embarrassment for my entire life, and when I grew two cup sizes over the last couple of years, it made everything much worse. Then I had DD limp... READ MORE

Best Money I've Ever Spent

I had a relatively simple breast lift procedure, but it has made all the difference in the world. After three kids they had gotten very saggy and stretched out. I honestly didn't have high expectations, I just wanted them lifted up. Swan Center and Dr Amy exceeded all expectations beyond... READ MORE

Couldn't be happier! - Denver, CO

I've known I would have a breast lift for 15 (!) years and had done a lot of research on doctors and my options. I knew Dr. Folk would do an amazing job....even still, I had a lot of anxiety about anesthesia and going through with it now that I have small kids and a deployed husband. Dr. Folk... READ MORE

Very Happy - Fresno, CA

From the beginning to the very end, everything about my experience with Dr Sian and his staff was consistently professional and top notch. The consultation gave a realistic scenario, the surgery scheduling was easy, the actual procedure went smoothly, and the results were even better than I had... READ MORE

24 Years Old - 32D - Breast Lift with Slight Reduction to Improve Symmetry - Chandlers Ford, GB

Since my breasts developed they have always bothered me with there lack of upper fullness, droopiness and uneven appearance. As a fashion conscious young woman I have never been able to wear the clothes I wanted to. Exercise was constantly hindered by their size and movement. My mother suffered... READ MORE

64yrs Old with Breasts I Finally Love - Geelong West, AU

For the past 20yrs I have been very unhappy with the droopyness of my breasts but never had an opportunity to do anything about it.Although 64 I am very fit and young at heart and finally had an opportunity to do this.I found out about Richard via the internet and the amazing reviews he was... READ MORE

So Happy Now at 41 with Lifted Breasts - Sugar Land, TX

I travelled all the way from the UK to have my breast reduced and lifted by Dr Horndeski. I have always had large breasts, but after having 2 kids, they were enormous and out of control .... very saggy. Finding bras to fit was a challenge, I wore sizes 38G or H, which ever I could get hold of.... READ MORE

Worst Cosmetic Surgeon - Portland, OR

Dr. Waldorf is in my opinion a terrible cosmetic surgeon. I feel she is out of her game at her age. She should not be operating. I spent $6000!!! for just a breast lift cuz she said I had enough tissue to not get implants. Well now my breasts are like half the size they used to be and they are... READ MORE

Loving my new breasts! - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

New and Beautiful Breast coming soonFriday and I am so nervous. Had my pre-op and I actually got teary eyed! I thought I was a thug but this very to! LOL! Never had a surgery a day in my life so pretty anxious about the anesthesia. Tried posting some b4 pix but it's acting up. I've been saying... READ MORE

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