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30 Year Old Mother of 1 with Saggy Breast - Great Neck, NY

For as long as I know my breast have been saggy. I breastfed for 2 years which didn't help the situation. I've always wanted to have the procedure done but was too scared. I met with Dr Tehrani and his staff and I was put at ease. I met with one more doctor before him but felt more comfortable... READ MORE

34 y/o breast lift only

Wow! Dr. Park is a skilled surgical artist. We went thru a few rounds of me pushing towards implants and Dr. Park convincing me to do a lift only. I'm glad I listened!! I have amazing results and don't have to worry about implant revisions or the health risks of having implants. Dr. Park and... READ MORE

13 Years in the Waiting: The 26 Year Old With Droopy Breats.

I was 13 when I 'properly' started to sprout. Really early on I remember looking at myself naked and thinking I looked different; to all my friends, to my mum, to the Google results when I clicked the search button once I'd taken a deep breath after typing in 'boobies', 'tits' or 'wangers'. I... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Fat Transfer - Boulder, CO

33 year old mom of two boys (7 & 4) hopping to get some volume with breast lift combined with Platlet Rich Plasma (PRP) fat transfer. I'm 5'5", 135 lbs and around a 34B in my right and probably an A in my left. I've never had big boobs by any means but they were ok then I had 2 babies and... READ MORE

30, 2 Children, Fluctuating Weight

Breast lift without implants I have always had sagging breasts for as long as I remember. After having my 2 children (5 & 8) I decided to go ahead and get a breast lift. I went for my 1st consultation and booked in for surgery for the 1st August 2017.The morning of the lift I was so... READ MORE

31 Tummy Tuck Scar Revision and Breast Lift with Keloid Removal

I went to see Dr. Ginsberg his bedside manner is amazing. The location and communication is horrid. I have been trying to get them to contact me regarding fixing this and nothing. I went to them right after and they wanted me to pay more. I paid for the keloid treatments, scar removals with a... READ MORE

I hade an incrediable experience

My whole experience with Dr Marando was very exceptional. I have had very saggy breast for as long as I can remember and I am only 28. I've had three children, my breasts have fluctuated from 34DD to 38H whilst pregnant and due to the fluctuation left them extremely deflated. Everyone tried to... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 3 Kids, Saggy Breasts Since Developed, Much Needed Lift! (no implant)

I have had terrible droopy/sagging breasts for as long as I can remember. I developed large breasts very early (10 years old). In high school I was wearing a D cup and then with each pregnancy I was an F cup, and with lactation I was wearing an H cup. Also I stay around 140 to 150 pounds... READ MORE

32; 3 Kids, D Cup Prior to Breastfeeding, 120lbs, Waited 10 Years

Had my consult that turned into a pre-op today! I've waited 10 years considering and reading realself. I can't tell you how excited I am to be actually going through with it. I always thought I wanted a lift and augmentation. But I've heard doing a lift with a augmentation wasn't a good idea. So... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 1 Child. 2017 Year of Change.

Im doing my first surgery July 6, 2017 Breast lift /no implants. Im 38 DD they hang and I don't like how they look. In a few months I'm doing my 2nd surgery a tummy tuck and lip of hips and neck. Im just so excited to be doing all of this. My surgeon is doing 2 surgeries cause she feels it a lot... READ MORE

34 Yo,1 Child and Floppy Pancakes for Boobs.

My original post/account was hacked so had to set up new one! That's my story. 16 Apr 2017 5 days post Before pregnancy i had perky B cup but as I gained 20kg during pregnancy my boobs went up to DD and than with unsuccessful breast feeding and significant weight loss went down to deflated sad... READ MORE

27 Year Old Mother of 1, Much Needed Breast Lift Coming Soon

Hi, I'm 27 years old and I have a 3 year old. I've had big boobs my whole life but after my daughter's birth they really started to sag. Today they are really bad and I'm just ready to get them lifted again! My surgery is exactly 1 month away and to say I'm nervous is an understatement. I've... READ MORE

28 Y/o Breast Lift Without Implant

I've been lurking this website since i decided to go through with a consultation with my friend's PS. Have read so many reviews that have been so helpeful, so decided to write my own. I deal with a LOT of anxiety. Like, a lot. But yesterday was my surgery, and i did not panic once. I lost 50... READ MORE

26 Years Old No Children Saggy Breast - Belgium

I've always had really saggy breast from when I was younger, I've always wanted to get my breast done but was just always scared to, eventually I brought myself round to getting it done, I travelled to Belgium and had the best experience ever thanks to dr oelbrandt and his lovely wife who really... READ MORE

33 Years Old, 1 Child,

I researched for years about getting a breast lift. I work out 4-5 days per week but that's the one area that no matter what I do I know I can't change. So I decided to get a breast lift. After doing several consultations around the Chicago area I decided to go with Dr. Sharma. His staff made me... READ MORE

Long-awaited Breast Lift

I've always been unhappy with the physical sensation of how my breasts laid against my body. I have been blessed with extremely sensitive breasts, and dreamed of how they would feel, and how my quality of life would improve, just with the passive experience of feeling clothing move over them as... READ MORE

34 Yo, One Child and Floppy Pancakes for Boobs

Before pregnancy i had perky B cup but as I gained 20kg during pregnancy my boobs went up to DD and than with unsuccessful breast feeding and significant weight loss went down to deflated sad looking C cup and took all my confidence and comfort away. Three years after having my daughter i... READ MORE

26 Yr Old, No Children, Just Developed Young - Westchester, NY

I recently decided to move forward with the breast lift after being insecure with my breast for many years. Im nervous but Im very excited. Being so young with saggy breast has not been pleasant. I plan on posting many pictures as I found this site so helpful for me, I hope to help other women... READ MORE

26yr Old, Mastopexy Reduction, Implants Due in 6 Months - Nuffield, GB

I had a mastopexy reduction just 12 days ago at a private hospital called The Nuffield in Exeter, Devon. My surgeon is amazing and I'm so happy with my lift that I am waiting 6 months to decide whether or not I would like implants. The implants used here are Nagor, manufactured in the UK with an... READ MORE

28years Old*lost 80lbs*breast lift/augmentation

I lost 80lbs and had a tummy tuck 2 years ago.I finally came to terms that my breasts also needed help.I saw a few doctors before I picked the one I knew was a right fit.I went in asking for a lift and Implants and he was the ONLY one who told me no.He had a different plan.Reduce and tighten 1st... READ MORE

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