8 months post-op + Breast Lift

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Taking Back My Life- Surgery by Dr Samara Churgin Babylon, NY

So I was 305 lbs at end of 2014. I decided to have a gastric sleeve procedureoff done in January of 2015. to date I have gone from 305 lbs to a weight of 135 lbs. (yes 170 lbs in 18 months, My surgeon was my first angel - he gave me the kick start opportunity to get my health back. I was my... READ MORE

Feeling Rejuvenated - Sugar Land, TX

After years of being discouraged that my breasts were sagging, I went to Dr. Horndeski for a breast lift. I did a lot of research and I knew from customer reviews, the before and after pictures, and from his unique procedure that he was the right person to do my beast lift. I wasn't... READ MORE


As a woman in her 60's I struggled with "am I too old for a breast lift." I was wearing my sports bra all the time as that was the only bra I was comfortable in. I wish I had my lift 10 years sooner. I needed none of the pain meds after and the results were incredible. Dr. Bengston uses a... READ MORE

Amazing experience

I had a breast reduction and lift surgery and my experience was great. The doctor did an excellent job and everything turned out as expected. I visit my doctor twice after the surgery and travelled 10 days after. My recovery was fast and smoothly. It's been almost 8 month now and my scars are... READ MORE

In Need of a Lift - Portsmouth, GB

After a period of stress, which led to sudden weight loss, I was in much need of a lift. After some internet research about the procedure, I made an initial appointment in May and had had the procedure by the end of July. The whole process was quick, easy and supportive. I'm very pleased with... READ MORE

3 Kids and a Need Fat Transfer Breast Lift with BBL - Marrietta, GA

I had my surgery 8 months ago and Dr. Okoro, Jenny, Erica and all the other staffs were and still amazing. The surgery was a success and I'm happy with it. In other for you to see more progress, you have to keep up with a healthy life style: eating clean and exercising is a must. I will... READ MORE

Wish I Had It Done Sooner! - Huntsville, AL

Dr. Wilson and his staff have been great. The breast lift and minor reduction surgery is a procedure well worth doing. Recovery time was minimal and follow-up was excellent. I have very pleased with the outcome and professionalism of Wilson Plastic Surgery. At my recent mammogram, the nurses... READ MORE

Breast Reduction & Lift - Danville, CA

I had large breast growing up and hated that one part of my body. I was the girl who had the biggest breasts growing up and was teased my whole life. I decided to have surgery at 32 years old and I am so happy I did it. I went from a 32 F to a 34 DD and can now wear a strapless dress or not... READ MORE

Breast Lift W Fat Transfer - Vancouver, BC

I've waited to post my review so I could share longer term results. I had a breast lift with fat transfer (vs implant). After breastfeeding 2 kids, and now 50, I am pleased with the results. I'm much more comfortable with my breasts. The scar on one side follows my natural crease under my breast... READ MORE

Beyond Beautiful Breast Lift: Artistic Perfection! - Dallas, TX

Having been large breasted 32E and small framed my whole life, at 37 although I had never had kids, my breasts looked as if I had nursed 3! I was very lucky to have worked in a Plastic Surgery Department at a prominent university in Dallas and therefore, had seen hundreds of surgeries by... READ MORE

Older Woman/breast Lift - Seattle, WA

I work out and am in great shape - but having nursed two babies and many years later...this was an area of my body that required help. I went back and forth in regard to this decision, but in the end, I decided to go ahead. The improvement was amazing. Recovery was not difficult and little... READ MORE

Dee's D's - Chicago Ridge, IL

Dr. Shifrin performed a breast lift/augmentation on me. By the end of my consult I was sold on Dr. Shifrin. His attention to detail and skill level exceeded my expectations...And my results were A-maxing. I'm soooo happy I decided to go with Dr. Shifrin. I would definately recommend Dr. Shifrin... READ MORE

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