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2 weeks post-op + Breast Lift

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47yo BL/BR After WLS - Durham, NC

Lost 115 lbs 3 yrs ago with WLS. So glad I had this done. Ill update as the weeks go by because I want to document and see my progress. I hope this helps someone make the decision to go for it. The surgery went well and I am still getting used to my new breasts. There was some pain in the first... READ MORE

37 Year Old and After Two Kids I Have my Boobs Back! - San Francisco, CA

I knew I would want a lift even before kids but after breast feeding two I really needed/wanted it. I am so glad I did this! I went from a flat ddd to a full d. Two weeks out I'm still healing. I accidentally laid on my left side a week after surgery and it hurt like hell and I bruised... READ MORE

Mastoplexy with Lipo Assist. Welcome Back Breasts of my Youth!

I will be turning 62 in December, and I feel OK with aging. I'm my mind I'm still the free living hippie I was when I was young, even though I've had both knees replaced, greyed to near white, have a pooch due to total hysterectomy, gained and lost countless pounds. The only thing I couldn't... READ MORE

Dr Perron and His Staff Are Amazeballs! - Ipswich, AU

I have had a few cosmetic procedures, breast implants, implant removal (explant) and now a breast lift - yes my poor boobs have been through alot lol I have used 3 different surgeons for my procedures and Dr Perron is a cut above the rest! He is gentle and extremely understanding, i changed my... READ MORE

27 Years Old with 3 Kids - Columbus, GA

Had surgery March 8 2016 not sure if i have an infection or what. Need help feeling very depressed and lost. ive called the and told what was happening , they seem as if its not a big deal but they still will do whatever it takes to make you happy.... My left breast was going great now its... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Fat Graft/Transfer and Seri/Strattice Sling Internal Bra - Twin Falls, ID

Hello everyone! So this is my story/journey to this point with my breasts and a couple other things. This is my 5th surgery on my breasts and I will be having a couple extra things done but are all included and my current doctor is a perfectionist and I think it is something that I have needed... READ MORE

30yo no kids. Ultimate Breast Lift with Mini Reduction 32F - Sugarland, TX

I am so excited with the results. I can finally wear all the clothes I want. It is difficult being a size 6 (or so lol) and not being able to wear fun clothes because my breast were so large and low. I did my research so I knew exactly what I wanted my breast to look like. I asked for them to... READ MORE

50 Years Old - Vancouver, BC

I decided to do a Breast Lift as my 50th birthday present to myself on January 29, 2015 -- after my ex left me for a younger woman. I was very scared of what the recovery would be like, and what the results would look like and couldn't sleep just thinking about what if something goes wrong. ... READ MORE

Athletic 25 Year Old, from Tuberous Breasts to Perfectly Average, Normal Boobs! Donut Lift, No Implants! - Santa Monica, CA

All I ever wanted was to look "average" and/or "normal". I use these words with quotations because I don't know if those are the right, politically correct words -- everyone has normal breasts to some degree: after all, they are just sacks of skin, tissue, and fat. But I fantasized that one day... READ MORE

43yrs Old - Breast Lift and Fat Transfer, Smartlipo and Cellulaze - Miami, FL

At 43yrs old after losing 40lbs needed a breast lift. Since I workout 4-5 days week and eat right and can't lose any more weight, decided to get Smartlipo on my abdomen and back and Cellulaze on my butt and back thighs. I was surprised at how quickly I recovered and bruises went away. So far... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Augmentation - Scottsdale, AZ

I decided that I wanted to "perk up" my breasts. Age, children, and weight loss had made them look like the cartoon of the old woman in Playboy from years ago. I researched procedures online and decided that if I was going to do this then only the best doctor in AZ would be right for me. I... READ MORE

Brilliant Surgeon - Oakville, ON

I wanted old implants removed which in turn required a breast lift. Dr. Shortt performed a miracle. After what I thought wasn't much to work with he ended up surprising me with an incredible final result. I am still in awe as to how he accomplished what he did. Dr. Shortt is highly intelligent,... READ MORE

Results Above and Beyond - Drooping Fixed - Yorkshire, GB

After losing a substantial amount of weight over around a 2.5 year period, I have been left with rather a lot of loose skin which was rather upsetting after working hard to lose over 7.5 stones. The worst area happened to be my breasts which before the weight loss had been verging on an H cup... READ MORE

50 Year Old; Breast Lift/asymmetry Patient - Albany, NY

Dr. Deluca came highly recommended. He did NOT disappoint. Not only was Dr. Deluca efficient, professional and personal, so was his entire staff. My appointments were scheduled taking into consideration the 3+ hour, one-way car ride(s) and I was promptly seen upon arrival at each scheduled... READ MORE

After Weight Loss Needed a Breast Lift - Winston Salem, NC

When I weighed 258 pounds, I decided that I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle so I started working out and I finally lost my weight and got down to 191 pounds. I looked online for a series of plastic surgeons in my area and Salem plastic surgery seemed like the best option to go with. The... READ MORE

Breast Lift on Radiated Breast - Charlotte, NC

I was so nervous about having a breast lift especially after having radiation but my worries were completely for nothing. It turned out beautifully -Dr. Harper is absolutely the best!! No problems whatsoever. I didn't need anything stronger than X strength Tylenol for pain and I would do it... READ MORE

Superlative Results! - Waterloo, ON

As a 63 year old with DD drooping breasts, I had wanted a breast lift for a very long time, but procrastinated for as long. However very recently, it occurred to me that it was now or never. Having researched area surgeons from other procedures, recommendations, and consultations, I chose Dr.... READ MORE

22 Years Old, Breast Lift, Liposcuplture and BBL - Dominican Republic

I am 5'4 at the time of surgery I weighed about 142 lbs. I always considered myself to have a nice hour glass shape, I work out on and off but I always did my best to make healthy choices. like most women over the years I have lost and gained weight. My motivation for surgery were my breast, I... READ MORE

44 Year-old Mother of Three. Breast Lift No Implants. Boston, MA

Breasts were always too low and pendulous and got worse after breast-feeding children. I've wanted a lift since I was 20 but glad I waited. I'm two weeks post op and im incredibly happy with the results already. Worth all the fear, cost and pain. I feel great now and on way to really enjoying... READ MORE

Explant Saline Implants from '99 and Much Needed Lift & Lipo - Golden, CO

I researched for around a year for a second surgeon to correct breasts I still could not love after an extensive surgery in 1999 for asymmetrical, tuberous breasts and level 3 ptosis. Finding no images I liked of explants and lifts without needing implants in my home town in Nebraska, I came... READ MORE

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