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1 year post-op + Breast Lift

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Breasts I Always Wanted! - New York, NY

I always had very large and low drooping breasts that I was self conscious about and hurt all the time. After years of debating what I should do about them, being too scared, and countless consultations if found Dr. Khuthaila. I'm so happy I did! She listened to everything I had to say and made... READ MORE

45 Years Old, No Children...working,living and Dating in Dubai UAE

I never realized how low my breasts were until one of my close friends had shared with me that she did the breast lift with Dr Horndeski. For years, I could never wear any clothes without a bra. Also, I could never find the proper breast tape to mold my breast to fit certain tops. I was a... READ MORE

Lift Without Implants Didn't Fully Correct Breasts - Los Angeles, CA

At the date of my surgery at UCLA I was 21 years old, I'm now 19 months post op. I had a lollipop breast lift. My initial sagging was due to a rapid weight gain & loss(60 lbs) when I was 14, & my weight has fluctuated by about 15 lbs on & off since then so my skin quality isn't great. My breast... READ MORE

Terrible Job, Very Disappointed, No Lift, Big Money - New Haven, CT

I had had implants at age 40. Absolutely loved them. After breast feeding my son, the nice perky tits I had looked like deflated balloons. I saved for ever and had saline, sub Q implants done. At age 58, I felt that they looked too large and were really sagging so I researched what I thought... READ MORE

Breast Lift with Fat Transfer - Orlando, FL

I presented for correction of asymmetry and slight sagging. I did not want implants because most people that implants have a very un realistic look and feel to their breast to me. Implants can impair visibility on a mammogram and I read that fat transfer was perfected that it would not. ... READ MORE

Much Need Breast Uplift After Weight Loss - Hull, GB

After losing a few stone my boobs had lost a lot of volume and were very droopy (I was only 23 at the time and this made me feel very self conscious) initially I wanted a lift and implants at the same time but was advised the healing process may be complicated and would be much easier to perform... READ MORE

Mastopexy After Birth by Dr Tiryaki - Istanbul, TR

Hi, i got Mastopexy surgery from Dr Tiryaki one year ago. Unfortunately I had a sugging problem after giving birth. I would like to thank Dr Tiryaki for honesty and patient during all check ups after the surgery. Actually I did not visit my 1st year post-op check but everything is just fine... READ MORE

Breast Lift After Gastric Sleeve - Webster, TX

Dr. LoMonaco has been a great doctor to work with in regard to cosmetic surgery after bariatric surgery. He is very kind and thorough in explaining procedures. I have had a breast reduction and lift and am looking forward to a lower body lift. My husband thinks Dr. L did an amazing job and so... READ MORE

Breast Implant Removal

Was left with terrible scaring lump in breast and inverted nipple kept getting fobbed of for 8 months Dr saying wait for healing then after 11 months Dr carver said there is nothing he can do at all and I'm no spring chicken left very upset.I feel disfigured and very depressed and not sure where... READ MORE

57 Year Old with Comments After One Year Breast Lift/reduction Using the Horndeski Method - Sugarland, TX

It is a fantastic method and Dr. Horndeski is a great plastic surgeon. My surgery was performed 11/06/14. I am now one year post the procedure and by breast look great. I dealt with an open wound two weeks after the procedure and Dr. Hornedeski was excellent in helping me to overcome it all. I... READ MORE

32yrs Old 2kids - Miami, FL

Dr miami is a awesome dr he totally change my life with my new body I'm loving it! i will says he's the best at what he does... he's amazing so is his staff he couldn't put together a better group of ppl very friendly always there 24hrs a day7days a week ready to answer any questions or... READ MORE

Breast Reduction and Uplift....1 Year on - Malta

It's now a year since I travelled to Malta for Breast reduction and uplift and I can say without hesitation that I have been thrilled with my results. I'm a petite 5ft3 and have always had big breasts a size 12 on top and 8-10 on the bottom. I had reduction and the right breast and breast uplift... READ MORE

Best Liposculture, Breast Lift, Brazilian Butt Lift =) El Paso, TX

Dr Agullo is the best plastic surgeon in the world!! He understood all my needs and explained in detailed the procedures I got, he help me decide what was the best for my needs, am so grateful I found him. I couldn't be happier with my results, his bed side manners are great,I strongly recommend... READ MORE

42 Years Old and 3 Kids Later, I Needed an 'Uplifting' Experience... - Toorak, AU

After having given birth to and then breast feeding 3 children, my breasts were significantly sagging. I kept myself reasonably fit and my weight within a healthy range, but no amount of exercise was going to stop the extent to which my breasts hung. They were almost pendulum like in their... READ MORE

I Would Trust Only Dr Koo - Saint Louis, MO

Dr Koo was very interested in finding out what I wanted from my breast lift and augmentation. She was willing to invest the needed time to make sure the end result was exactly what I wanted. This experience definitely met all my expectations and I could not imaging trusting anyone else to... READ MORE

So Happy with my Results! Breast Lift with Slight Reduction - Monroe, MI

I always was large chested. I always wished I was a tiny bit smaller. Being large chested just gets in the way of sports, being active, and fitting into clothes and especially bathing suits. Being a 32dd was not a too much of a problem until I had a baby. After that my breasts just faced... READ MORE

Happier Everyday - Plano, TX

Dr. Perry is Awesome! He listens and answers all questions. I came in with big, saggy breasts with large nipples. My procedure went extremely well with NO complications. My breast are beautiful now, think Samantha's from sex and the city. Go if you want exactly what you ask for. He is the Best... READ MORE

Worst Cosmetic Surgeon - Portland, OR

Dr. Waldorf is in my opinion a terrible cosmetic surgeon. I feel she is out of her game at her age. She should not be operating. I spent $6000!!! for just a breast lift cuz she said I had enough tissue to not get implants. Well now my breasts are like half the size they used to be and they are... READ MORE

Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Texas - Westlake, TX

Don't be fooled by his good looks- he is extremely skilled. I have a friend who has had many procedures by many different doctors, and she made me promise her to only go to Craven. Dr Cameron Craven is the best. I never intended to have cosmetic surgery. However, a couple years ago I had... READ MORE

My Mommy Makeover - New York, NY

I had 2 procedures done last year ,Breast implants and a mini lift and also a Brazilian butt lift .After having my daughter my body was never the same ,my breast looked liked two pairs of socks .My butt has always been big ,but sadly it dropped .Was feeling insecure and decided to have surgery ... READ MORE

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