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Small Hole Like Wound Under Breast 1 Month Post Op; What Should I Do?

Im just at a month since my sugery my PS said i could wear underwire bras usually i change in to a sports bra for bed but last night i didnt i woke up... READ MORE

Breast Lift + Augmentation 2.5 Weeks Ago, Healing Problems?

The left breast has a brown scab looking spot right below the areola. Dr. said that it was from stretching of the skin. She has had me keep it moist... READ MORE

Open Wound Under Right Breast After Breast Lift ? Please Help 17 Days After

I had my surgery breast lift done 17 days ago yesterday i saw 1/2 inch open wound under my right breast when the drain used to be .i am very worry .my... READ MORE

Muscle Type Pain After Breast Lift with No Implants

Im having pain on my left breast only seems like muscle pain worried i did to much, i had a breast lift alone not implants and its been 2 weeks since... READ MORE

Possible Post Mastopexy Tear With Pain- What To Do?

1 yr.ago had a mastopexy/sm implant exchange with good results. After about 3 months I felt a tear. Noticed implant shifted and clevage/ribs where... READ MORE

Can I Have Breast Lift or Reduction Without Epinephrine?

I am 37. I am seriously considering a breast reduction or a lift or both. I have had a hx of tachycardia (controlled with low dose of beta blocker)... READ MORE

Worried About Vertical Scar With Breast Lift- Are There Alternatives?

Hi everyone. I've been thinking about a breast augmentation since I went from a D to an A, and I went to see a lot of surgeons. All of them said... READ MORE

Is This Amount of Draining Normal After a Breast Lift/Implant and Tuberous Breast Correction?

I had a breast lift and implant as well as tuberous breast correction preformed 16 days ago. My results so far are nothing short of completely... READ MORE

Concerns on Safety and Final Results For Surgery With Multiple Procedures. (photo)

I am getting a BL/ with 550cc implants, a full tummy tuck and power assisted lipo on my back, arms, inside thighs and under my chin. I will be in... READ MORE

Redness around scar after anchor BL (Photo)

I'm a bit worried about the redness around my scar. I am not supposed to see my Dr. until Thursday to remove rest of stirches, and just want to make... READ MORE

Will my breast go back to "normal"?

I had a breast lift w/o implants 5weeks ago. The dr also did as slight reduction in one breast. That breast is a strange shape -- kind of squarish and... READ MORE

What to do with my sagging boobs? (photo)

I'm 18 and my boob size differs because of the shape of my boobs they grew very quickly and are extremely heavy they hurt a lot this is affecting my... READ MORE

Do I need a lift if I'm getting 500cc implants? My nipples face down to much. (photos)

I have gone to a surgeon and he said I would need a lollipop lift, and that way he could add 500cc because I want the biggest he could put it. I just... READ MORE

New red spot under breast lift scar (2 1/2 months post-op)? Is this normal? What should I be doing to treat it? (Photo)

I'm really worried about this seemingly new spot along the incision. I had a breast lift in early December. What could this be and is it normal? What... READ MORE

Breast lift without implants looks very uneven. Am I just worrying too much? (Photo)

I had a breast lift a little over 5 weeks ago. My left breast seems like the nipple is kind of dipped in and it seems smaller/shaped differently than... READ MORE

What is wrong? Should I be concerned? Incision appears to be spreading (Photo)

I had a breast lift 3 weeks ago, and my left breast is being difficult. Was feeling good other than having nasty sores and today the big spot started... READ MORE

Uneven breast after a breast lift! (Photos)

Hello, I had on 30.12 a breast lift with implants. I'm so worried, my left breast is for a cup bigger than the right. Do I need correction? I am so... READ MORE

Blue nipple straight out of breast lift. Is this normal or should I be worried? (Photo)

I had a breast lift on Friday, Saturday afternoon I had a nurse sent to my house to make sure everything was healing alright and she said everything... READ MORE

Worried about smelly discharge on steri strips (Photo)

I am 11 days post op breast lift and had my day after surgery strips changed today. My left breast had some clear discharge on the incision that... READ MORE

Woke up to bloody fluid seeping through tape 9 days post surgery after a breast lift, what should I do?

I had a breast lift (anchor technique with auto augmentation) 9 days ago and woke up this morning to a small amount of bloody fluid seeping through... READ MORE

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