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Do wide breast lift scars get better over time? (photo)

Hi. I got a breast lift 4 months ago. At first the incisions were very thin, but then they widened a lot, especially around the right areola, as you... READ MORE

My Breasts Are Too Far Apart, Will a Breast 'Lift' Help?

I'm a 10D or 8DD and feel they are too far apart, I can fit 3 fingers in the middle before the tissue begins to thicken. They are not saggy at all... READ MORE

Benelli Lift for Wide Set Breasts? (photo)

I always hated how my breasts were set wide apart. When I lay down, they flatten and roll under my armpits! I am looking for breasts that stand tall... READ MORE

What's wrong with the donut lift?

I have seen several surgeons telling me I could do the donut or lollipop lift. With research I have found that it flattens out the areola and the scar... READ MORE

I'm 28. My breasts have always been wide set and saggy. What's the solution? (Photo)

I am starting to lose weight. I've already lost 30lbs, but I've always had wide set, saggy breasts. I want them closer together for nicer cleavage... READ MORE

Breasts are too wide and droopy. Is this a normal outcome after a breast lift?

I feel like my breasts are too wide and still droopy. I was hoping they'd sit higher up on my chest. What can I do to fix them now? I am 4 months post op. READ MORE

Should I be concerned about breast lift incision? (photos)

I am 15 days post op from breast lift. My right breast incision is freaking me out! The scar is getting wider and the scab is falling off exposing the... READ MORE

Is this acceptable and or normal? (photos)

Lift done 7 days ago As you can see I had an anchor incision. I was concerned when my surgeon wanted to go this way but he put my mind at rest when he... READ MORE

Will a breast lift give the results I'm hoping for? (photos)

Hello and thanks for your time. I have stretch marks and my skin quality stinks. Would you recommend the use of SERI surgical scaffold to help... READ MORE

This is a follow up to my question; Breasts are too wide and droopy. Is this a normal outcome after a breast lift?

Had initial mastopexy surgery Dec, 2013, had revision surgery Aug, 2014. These are my results as of today, Feb. 2015. I think this is as good as it's... READ MORE

What is the surgical if any difference between a Breat lift, and a full wide Breast Lift?

My sister was told that a full wide breast is needed from at a consult. She is narrower that me in the chest width and from what she is telling me,... READ MORE

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