Weight Loss + Breast Lift

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Advice for Sagging Breasts After Weight Loss?

I am 29 and have recently lost 100 lbs. I have always had large breasts (46 DDD) now that I have lost the weight I feel so insecure, my chest is saggy... READ MORE

How Much Cup Size Do You Lose with a Breast Lift?

I did a tummy tuck after losing 100 pds and am now wanting to lift my breasts. I was a 40E before and always had larger breast even before becoming... READ MORE

Breast Implants Years After Breast Reduction?

I had a Breast Reduction 15 years ago when I was 18 years old. I have gained and lost weight many times since then, had a baby (unsuccessful at... READ MORE

Breast Lift After Weight Loss Insurance Coverage

I'm almost 18 years old, I lost a lost of weight weight, 80lbs in about 2 months. My weight gain was due to side effects of meds I was on for almost 2... READ MORE

Will Breast Tissue Be Reduced After Weight Loss?

I had two breast lift and breast augmentation consultations. Both seemed to think I could "maybe" be happy without a lift. They both said... READ MORE

Sagging, Uneven Breasts After Weight Loss - Surgical Options?

I lost 50 pounds this year and am concerned now that my breasts are not even, and they sag. what procedures would be recommended that cause the least... READ MORE

Breast Lift Options After Weight Loss?

I was wondering what would be my best option? When I was a teen I was a 40 DD and I was overweight. When I left high school I got into fitness... READ MORE

Possible to Have Breast Lift with Implants at Lower Cost?

Are there doctors who preform a breast lift with silicone implants for $5000 or less? I had an extreme amount of weight loss about 1 1/2 year ago and... READ MORE

How Will Nipple Surgery During Breast Lift Affect Breast Feeding?

I have lost well over a hundred pounds. My breasts now feels like my grandmother's skin. They have lost most of their elasticity and are practically... READ MORE

Possible To Get Upper Pole Fullness After Weight Loss with Breast Lift and NO Implants??

Im 18 and Ive lost more than 80 pounds. I went from a 42DD to a 34DD and Ive lost a lot of the fullness in the upper part of my chest. I really REALLY... READ MORE

Is Breast Lift by Skin Excision Possible?

So I'm 19 years old with C-cup breasts. I lost some weight 1/2 years ago,obviously my breasts were a little bigger (still C cup though) but once I... READ MORE

Will Losing Weight After Breast Lift with Implants Effect my Results?

Will Losing Weight After Breast Lift with Implants Effect my Results? READ MORE

If I Get a Second Breast Lift Will The Incisions Be The Same?

I had a breast lift a year ago after I lost about 60 pounds. Since then, I have continued to lose another 15 pounds or so and have been really leaning... READ MORE

4 weeks post op Breast Lift without implants, will my breasts look even? Was the wrong incision used? (photos)

They looked great at first but after 3 weeks they dropped. The right one has began to sag especially to the side and the nipple faces downwards. There... READ MORE

Breast Lift for Uneven Breasts After Breast Feeding, Weight Loss?

I'm thinking of getting a breast lift since I have lost 55 lbs. and breastfed 4 kids. My breasts have gone from a 40H to 34C and I don't want any... READ MORE

Breast Lift + Implant Later Vs Lift and Implant Together?

After weight gain/loss I now have 1 breast about a C? and one D/DD? both sagging. No children yet. Had 2 consultations, both reputable drs, first said... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Improve my Breast? (photo)

Hello, thank you for your time and concern, i am 20 years. I have lost alot of weight( 208lbs to 130lbs/ ideal goal 115lbs). I would like to improve... READ MORE

Post Breast Lift Sagging After Weight Loss

I lost about 65 pounds over the past 4 years. I had a breast lift 7 months ago, after losing the weight. The top of my breasts has loose skin again... READ MORE

Male Mastopexy

After losing roughly 80 pounds over the course of a few years beginning back in early 2007, I was left with a bit of extra skin on the chest which... READ MORE

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