Weight Gain + Breast Lift

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Breast Lift After Weight Loss Insurance Coverage

I'm almost 18 years old, I lost a lost of weight weight, 80lbs in about 2 months. My weight gain was due to side effects of meds I was on for almost 2... READ MORE

Will Gaining Weight Affect Results of Breast Lift?

I'm considering recieving a breast lift one day. If I have a breast lift done and what happen if I gain weight? Will my breasts will become more... READ MORE

Breast Lift + Implant Later Vs Lift and Implant Together?

After weight gain/loss I now have 1 breast about a C? and one D/DD? both sagging. No children yet. Had 2 consultations, both reputable drs, first said... READ MORE

My Nipple Area is 80% of my Breast. Is is Possible to Have my Areoles Appear Smaller? (photo)

After breast feeding my 2 children and the 50 lbs I've gained over the last 5 years. My breast are saggy. I have very Large Areolas. I want to get a... READ MORE

Breast Lift: Scars, Risks and Costs?

Need Help. Cost of Breast Lift? Scars? Risks? I'm trying to find info about breast lift cost. I'm 19 and My breasts are sagging.About a... READ MORE

Good candidate for a lift? Should I wait? (Photos)

I am 21 and my last years of high school I grew pretty profound breasts. As long as I can remember they have never been "perky" and I have always had... READ MORE

I've had medium to large perky breasts since I was 16, now at almost 19 I am noticing an inch sag already. Please help

Until 4 months ago, I never had issues with my breasts, they were large enough and incredibly perky. However, I gained 15 pounds 7 months ago and have... READ MORE

Do you think this dehiscent scars post mastopexy (with no implants) can be fixed with surgery? (photos)

It's been ten months and a half. I did spit many stitche Sbut it's not only that, it seems to be my skin. (Oh, and I did gain weight after the... READ MORE

What should I do about the size of my areoles and the sagging of my breasts? (photo)

I have always had larger areoles and I HATE them. I recently just gained about 30 pounds and then my boobs started sagging. I am only 18. Do you see... READ MORE

Will a breast lift help side boob bulge? (photos)

I can't find bras to fit at all because of the side boob bulge. I wear sports bras that have no support. I need I had a breast reduction done in 1990.... READ MORE

Are payment plans an option for breast lift?

After my high school years I gained 50 pounds then lost it all, I'm 25 now and I want a breast lift as soon as possible. I can pay half, or more than... READ MORE

Will I Need to Get Implants when Getting a Breast Lift?

As a I child I was overweight and gained the weight rapidly, causing my breast to sag in my teens. I have now lost over 56 pounds and they are even... READ MORE

Breast augmentation do I now need a breast lift? (photos)

I had breast implants about 5 years ago (half under the muscle 390cc - see black and white picture) because I had loss of volume from breastfeeding... READ MORE

Breast lift using the Horndeski Method, if you had a previous reduction using the anchor method? (photos)

I previously had a Breast Reduction using the traditional Anchor method. Gained 60lbs went from breast size 38C back to a 42 DDD. Now lost over... READ MORE

Should I get a breast lift? (Tuberous breasts) (photos)

I was born with tuberous breasts and always saw them as the least attractive part of my body. I was wondering a few things: first, is it worth it to... READ MORE

Will I need a lift? (Photos)

I have under the muscle saline implants. 300 cc and 325 cc. I'm considering having them removed but would like to potentially have them drained first.... READ MORE

Explant and breast lift: how will I know before surgery if volume will be enough compared with my body?

After a long reflection, I know I am ready to explant my 18 yo submuscular breast implants. I have gained weight, breastfed 3 children and my breast... READ MORE

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