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Breast Lift not healing, loss of skin 2 - 3 inches wide/long. Will my skin grow back and close the area? (photos)

I had a breast lift on May 14, 2014 and my one breast did not heal as well as expected. My PS tells me to keep putting Neosporin and gauze on the... READ MORE

How long should I wait between breast lift and breast augmentation surgeries?

I suffer from very asymmetric breasts ( one is a small C, the other a large D) Although two doctors have told me they could lift my larger breast and... READ MORE

5 days post op of Breast lift, would a sport bra or a wire bra be harmful to wear? (photos)

Did not wear a bra till now coz yet looking 4 a suitable tightened medical sized one...This bra will arrive from Spain within 2 more weeks ... I asked... READ MORE

My doctor won't let me shower until 72 hours after getting lipo and a Breast lift. How come I have to wait 72 hours?

I feel so yuck. Its been over 48 hours and I really need to shower, but how come I have to wait 72 hours? I did a lift and Lipo. I have a pain ball in... READ MORE

Should I get a Breast lift? (photos)

I had a BA 5 years ago and getting a TT soon. Should I get the lift now or wait until I replace my implants in 5-10 years and get it then? READ MORE

Is it common to do a Breast Lift first then wait 3 months to do Breast Augmentation?

I'm 35 yrs old and have had 3 children. It was an obvious I needed a breast lift. Along with that I wanted a augmentation but was told to do the lift... READ MORE

How long after nursing should I wait to schedule a consultation for a Breast lift?

How long after nursing should I wait to schedule a consultation for a breast lift? Will I be able to get a areola reduction with a breast lift? READ MORE

Can your breast sag if you had a breast lift and got pregnant after?

I want to have a breast lift with a tummy tuck but I am unsure if I want more children in the future. So I've decided on holding off on the tummy tuck... READ MORE

To have a Breast Lift, how long should I wait after I'm done with breast feeding?

I'm planning to have a breast lift and would like to know how long should I wait after I'm done breast feeding to achieve the best results with the... READ MORE

Can my breasts be revised 8 weeks post-op, how soon if so?

My breast are a different size and shape and on the left side it is flat and on the right it is full also the aerolas are 2 different sizes and on the... READ MORE

27 Breast Lift, nipple reduction, 1 bigger than the other, what result can I expect & who is the best to do it in London?(photo)

Always had low down nipples and too much skin on top. I would like a nipple reduction and evening out of the breast size. I want to have breasts with... READ MORE

How soon can you have another surgery after your first? (photos)

I'm scheduled to have a BBL on August 22nd and also wanted to have fat transfer to the breast but the doctor doesn't do breast. So my question is, how... READ MORE

How long after a lift can you also get an augmentation? (photos)

The picture on the left is 3 days after sx, the right is 4 weeks. Since the swelling has mostly subsided and I compare the two pics, I really liked my... READ MORE

I''m 5 weeks post-op after a Breast Lift in Belgium. How can I fix the sagging of the upper pole and areola/nipples? (photos)

Excess skin does not appear to have been sufficiently removed from the upper poles and is now sagging there. This is making areola and nipples sag,... READ MORE

How long should I wait to get a tattoo after Breast lift?

On 9/16/16 I had a breast lift and my implants removed. How long do I need to wait to get a tattoo? Does it matter? I am healing well and haven't had... READ MORE

Breast lift and pregnancy. Any suggestions?

I had a pareola incision mastoplexy one week ago due to tuberous breasts and I really want another baby asap how long do I have to wait and what risks... READ MORE

How long do I have to wait to tan after a breast lift?

I just completed a breast lift May 4th. I was wondering if there is an input on here. I used to spray tan often as it's better for skin. I was... READ MORE

Full anchor mastopexy (breast lift) after having Brazilian butt lift procedure. When is it Safe?

How long after having my Brazilian butt lift procedure will it be safe to have a full anchor mastopexy (breast lift) performed. READ MORE

I just had a breast lift w/o implants. Now I'm wishing I would have gotten implants. How hard to add them?

Would I need to wait a few months before implants could be added? What is the smallest size of implant? I nyst want a c cup READ MORE

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