Volume Loss + Breast Lift

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How Much Cup Size Do You Lose with a Breast Lift?

I did a tummy tuck after losing 100 pds and am now wanting to lift my breasts. I was a 40E before and always had larger breast even before becoming... READ MORE

What Breast Lift Should I Consider: Anchor, Lollipop or Donut? (photo)

I keep getting conflicting answers from physicians. Do I require an anchor lift or lollipop lift or can I get away with the donut? I have lost... READ MORE

Rash/sores from Very Saggy Breasts? Possible for Insurance to Cover Lift? (No Reduction)

My breasts are small and extemely saggy.(After breastfeeding 3 children) They are literally only hanging skin. When I wear a bra they kind of just... READ MORE

I Lost 100pds, Breasts Now Saggy, Lost Alot of Volume. I Would Like a Breast Lift W/ Fat Grafting and No Implants? (photo)

How possible is this scenario? I want to steer clear of implants but do wish to have some fullness. I do not expect a giant boost but I would like... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get my Breast from This Form to This One? (photo)

I want to get a full breast lift but I want to know if its possible to get them to look as close to the second picture as possible READ MORE

I Feel I Have Lost Perkiness. What Can I Do? (photo)

I m 27 years old and any mother of a 4 year old. What options do I have to get perkiness back? Are they sagging? Is there any remedy for them? I lost... READ MORE

I Am 18 I Do Not Have Children and I Have C Boobs That Sag, What Options are Best for Me?

Thank you so much for your time first off. Secondly, I am eighteen, ninteen next month. I developed an overactive thyroid and lost about thirty pounds... READ MORE

Do I Really Need a Lift? (photo)

I'm a mother of two who lost a ton of volume due to pregnancy and breast feeding. I used to be D and hoping to achieve this size again. I met with a... READ MORE

What type of incision is best for my body for a breast lift, nice cleavage and side boob? (photo)

Aside from wanting bigger boobs, I want a whole new set. What would you suggest as a doctor be the best option for my breast if I want perkier more... READ MORE

My Dr Says my Lift Won't Produce a Good Outcome Without Implants. I'm a B and Happy That Size. How Much Volume Will I Lose?

My Dr Says my Lift Won't Produce a Good Outcome Without Implants. I'm a B and Happy That Size. How Much Volume Will I Lose? READ MORE

Would an Operation Be Right for Me? Lift or Reduction?

Im a 24 year old mother of two. I'm 131 lbs and now after having my children my breasts never went back to their normal size, I am now a 34H and have... READ MORE

Will a plastic surgeon preform a breast lift on a 16 year old girl?

I have my parents approval to get a breast lift. After I lost 80 pounds my breast have sagged and lost all there volume. I've tried creams, pills,... READ MORE

Do I need a lift or augmentation? (Photo)

I am a 38 yo mother of 2 who were both breastfed. I am a 34C and have a loss of volume, especially at the top as a result would like my breasts to be... READ MORE

Would I be able to have perkier breasts from just a lift? Or would I need implants as well? (Photos)

I've lost about 40 pounds over the past 4 years, and while my breasts have always been more on the saggy side, they have lost a lot of volume and have... READ MORE

Is there a Breast Lift procedure that preserves the nipple without lollipop/vertical scar under the breast ?

I don't mind a scar around the nipple area, just don't like the scar that looks like a lollipop/vertical. I have lost 160lbs and my breast have lost... READ MORE

Is a lift needed to correct thin breasts? (photos)

I'm in my early 20s with no children but my breasts seem to be losing volume (currently a small C). I am comfortable going up at least a full cup... READ MORE

Confusion about types of Breast lifts and which is best for my desired results. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm interested in a breast lift/implants. As you can see from my photos, my breasts have a "deflated" appearance from loss of volume and sagging, and... READ MORE

Breast lift or Breast Augmentation? (photos)

I had a breast lift done over a year ago but am not happy with results the upper pole has lost volume. Which procedure would be the beast to give me... READ MORE

When is the right time? Before or after pregnancy/weight loss?

I have never had particularly firm breast and have always wanted a lift and a fill. Now that I am in my thirties and lost a bit of weight, I am... READ MORE

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