Volume Loss + Breast Lift

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How Much Cup Size Do You Lose with a Breast Lift?

I did a tummy tuck after losing 100 pds and am now wanting to lift my breasts. I was a 40E before and always had larger breast even before becoming... READ MORE

What Breast Lift Should I Consider: Anchor, Lollipop or Donut? (photo)

I keep getting conflicting answers from physicians. Do I require an anchor lift or lollipop lift or can I get away with the donut? I have lost... READ MORE

Rash/sores from Very Saggy Breasts? Possible for Insurance to Cover Lift? (No Reduction)

My breasts are small and extemely saggy.(After breastfeeding 3 children) They are literally only hanging skin. When I wear a bra they kind of just... READ MORE

I Lost 100pds, Breasts Now Saggy, Lost Alot of Volume. I Would Like a Breast Lift W/ Fat Grafting and No Implants? (photo)

How possible is this scenario? I want to steer clear of implants but do wish to have some fullness. I do not expect a giant boost but I would like... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get my Breast from This Form to This One? (photo)

I want to get a full breast lift but I want to know if its possible to get them to look as close to the second picture as possible READ MORE

I Feel I Have Lost Perkiness. What Can I Do? (photo)

I m 27 years old and any mother of a 4 year old. What options do I have to get perkiness back? Are they sagging? Is there any remedy for them? I lost... READ MORE

I Am 18 I Do Not Have Children and I Have C Boobs That Sag, What Options are Best for Me?

Thank you so much for your time first off. Secondly, I am eighteen, ninteen next month. I developed an overactive thyroid and lost about thirty pounds... READ MORE

Do I Really Need a Lift? (photo)

I'm a mother of two who lost a ton of volume due to pregnancy and breast feeding. I used to be D and hoping to achieve this size again. I met with a... READ MORE

What type of incision is best for my body for a breast lift, nice cleavage and side boob? (photo)

Aside from wanting bigger boobs, I want a whole new set. What would you suggest as a doctor be the best option for my breast if I want perkier more... READ MORE

My Dr Says my Lift Won't Produce a Good Outcome Without Implants. I'm a B and Happy That Size. How Much Volume Will I Lose?

My Dr Says my Lift Won't Produce a Good Outcome Without Implants. I'm a B and Happy That Size. How Much Volume Will I Lose? READ MORE

Would an Operation Be Right for Me? Lift or Reduction?

Im a 24 year old mother of two. I'm 131 lbs and now after having my children my breasts never went back to their normal size, I am now a 34H and have... READ MORE

Will a plastic surgeon preform a breast lift on a 16 year old girl?

I have my parents approval to get a breast lift. After I lost 80 pounds my breast have sagged and lost all there volume. I've tried creams, pills,... READ MORE

Is there a Breast Lift procedure that preserves the nipple without lollipop/vertical scar under the breast ?

I don't mind a scar around the nipple area, just don't like the scar that looks like a lollipop/vertical. I have lost 160lbs and my breast have lost... READ MORE

Do I need a lift or augmentation? (Photo)

I am a 38 yo mother of 2 who were both breastfed. I am a 34C and have a loss of volume, especially at the top as a result would like my breasts to be... READ MORE

When is the right time? Before or after pregnancy/weight loss?

I have never had particularly firm breast and have always wanted a lift and a fill. Now that I am in my thirties and lost a bit of weight, I am... READ MORE

Is it true that it is usual to lose 250ml (pack of butter size) from each breast after mastopexy?

This is what I have been told by a surgeon in the UK. I was led to believe that I wouldn't lose volume, only skin. I have seen questions on here... READ MORE

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