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Lollipop Lift or Benelli Lift in Addition to Breast Implants?

I want to know if I could be a candidate for a Benelli Lift. I want a Breast Augmentation because I breastfed my baby and I lost a cup of my volume. I... READ MORE

Breast Lift Type for Little Upper Breast Volume?

I've recently come across information on 2 breast lift techniques: the pectoral muscle loop lift and the mesh bra lift. It's stated that these... READ MORE

Breast Lift w/ Volume for "Fake" Look?

My breast are already big, I want to get a lift, but I also want them to have the "fake" affect. I want them to have volume, but I don't... READ MORE

Are my breasts a 40c or 40b, should I lift them? (photos)

I feel like my boobs need more volume not sure if i am a 40c or 40b feel like I need more fullness or am I ok? READ MORE

Will Breast Lift Decrease the Volume of a Breast?

I had a lumpectomy 3 years ago, that breast sags now and the other one just a little. READ MORE

Another Breast Lift Needed when Replacing Saline Implants?

I'm 5'2" and 120 lbs. I had a breast lift with teardrop shaped Saline breast implants two years ago. I was told by my plastic surgeon that the... READ MORE

After my Breast Lift no implant, my breast look deformed. Is this normal? (photo)

I had a breast lift without implant 3 days prior to pic. Although I'm satisfied with the volume and fullness up top, I'm extremely nervous about the... READ MORE

Will a thermi breast lift make my breasts perkier?

My breast had a lot of volume before I got pregnant and now after pregnancy my boobs are slightly saggy. Can this help me? READ MORE

Breast lift 3 weeks post op - Breast volume question?

I had a breastlift 3 weeks ago. Right after surgery a got a doubleside hamatomia on both breast. They drained both breast for 5 days. Then my breast... READ MORE

Larger Implant Without Uplift To Achieve Volume? (photo)

Dear Doctors Looking at my picture would you recommend a larger implant instead of of Uplift & Implants. Will I still get good results? I'm... READ MORE

I want a lift and breast implants. Am I a good candidate for a circumareola lift? Or will I need a lollipop incision? (Photos)

I am doing some googling on different type of breast lifts. I am trying to avoid major scars. I want upper fullness, lift, and volume. Can I get that... READ MORE

Conflicting views from consultations: Do I need a breast lift? (photo)

I have asked two different surgeons. One said yes, I need one in at least my right breast, possibly both. The other said the problem was a lack of... READ MORE

Circumareolar lift? (Photo)

Hi there - I'm 30 years old, and want to add some volume to my breasts. I've seen two docs and they both recommended a circumareolar lift to the left... READ MORE

Do I need a lift? (photos)

I'm 31 years old with no children but would like to in a few years. One surgon said I do not need a lift and one said I do. I'm looking for more... READ MORE

How to fix large, sagging breasts?

I am 5'6 and 135 pounds. I have a very small bone structure and currently wear a 34F (us size). My breasts are very soft and hang. I am wondering if... READ MORE

Empty A cup wants a breastlift without implants. (photo)

Want a lift with minimal scarring and prefer no implant for health reasons. What are the best lift options? Just stopped breastfeeding a month ago and... READ MORE

Will a lift make my breasts lighter?

The volume in my breasts is pretty good, but I do want them to feel a bit lighter as I am an active runner, golfer, etc. Logic would say if you remove... READ MORE

Will I need a Breast Lift to restore full round breast shape and volume? (photos)

Lost breast volume and a bit of skin elasticity at age 52 and 5 children. I'm interested in restoring a round, full shape and I know how my body... READ MORE

How does breast look like just after breast lifting (mastopexy)? (photos)

I'm 41 years old and I did mastopexy without implant just 3 days ago. My breast looks like weird and I'm so worried about shape of my breast which... READ MORE

I am looking to add lift to my breasts and keep the natural volume. What breast lift technique would be best for me? (Photo)

I wear a 40DDD. I am looking to add left to my breasts and keep the natural volume, is it possible to keep the volume while adding lift and which... READ MORE

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