Vertical Scar + Breast Lift

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Why Hasn't the No-vertical-scar Breast Reduction and Lift Technique Gained Wide Acceptance?

Most of the results of this technique seem to look pretty good. Yet doctors across the board seem keen on the anchor incision mastopexy. What gives? READ MORE

What Breast Lift Should I Consider: Anchor, Lollipop or Donut? (photo)

I keep getting conflicting answers from physicians. Do I require an anchor lift or lollipop lift or can I get away with the donut? I have lost... READ MORE

Breast Lift Without Nipple Removal?

Is it possible to have breast lift without the nipple being removed? I had a lift 2-1/2 years ago (with implant exchange) and it needs to be redone... READ MORE

Would a scar revision help the appearance of my breast lift scars? Could it be done as an outpatient procedure? (photo)

I had a breast lift in 2012. Despite the small white scars being completely healed, there is still a border on either side of my vertical scars. Is... READ MORE

Research Breast Lifts, I see there is a new way to lift w/o the vertical scar. I'd like more info on this. Does it work? (photo)

We would all like to avoid vertical scar. Ill be exchanging implants. Mine are above the muscle now so would require lift. I see some partly under... READ MORE

Worried About Vertical Scar With Breast Lift- Are There Alternatives?

Hi everyone. I've been thinking about a breast augmentation since I went from a D to an A, and I went to see a lot of surgeons. All of them said... READ MORE

Nipple lift without vertical scarring

I'm 19 years old. I have been in a relationship for almost 2 years and I still don't feel comfortable showering or walking around naked with my... READ MORE

Will the Breast Appearance Continue to Be Smooth or Will It Distort Around the Lift Scars?

Hi, I have an old vertical c section scar that will be removed as part of a mommy makeover. With a breast lift will the breast shape distort around... READ MORE

Is it ok and safe to get a second breast lift? (Photo)

I am 39 years old. I got an ankor breast lift 15 years ago. Since I had small saggy breasts, kind of tubular with a large areola, the surgeon did not... READ MORE

Can I have a perkier breast just by lift without implants? (photos)

Hi, my breast are saggy after my 2 kids, I am 35, 131lbs. Am I a good candidate for breast lift? I don't want implants for sure. Can I expect cleavage... READ MORE

6 months post-op from vertical mastopexy. Revision scheduled for September due to excess skin/tissue under breasts. (photos)

I underwent vertical mastopexy by a highly-recommended plastic surgeon and am pleased with my overall results, but unhappy with the excess skin/tissue... READ MORE

Circumareolar or Other Minimal Scar Options After Liposuction of the Breasts?

Would the benelli lift or a shorter-than-normal vertical scar potentially become an option for a patient with larger breasts after liposuction of the... READ MORE

Seeking breast lift WITHOUT vertical scars. Any suggestions?

I do NOT want big breasts, but I don't want my sagging, mushy, 34 "barely B" breasts to be any smaller. The areolae are huge as well. I hate them. I... READ MORE

Can a breast lift be done in form of a semi circle around the areola with a vertical line scar? (Photos)

I had my first BA with crescent lift,a circle scar with permanent sutures. i had bottoming out and went to another surgeon wanting wider implants and... READ MORE

Is a breast lift without the vertical scar possible? I don't have a ton of sagging. (photos)

I got implants 2 years ago.. Now after having my third child 3 months ago I have some sagging. I want a lift but not a ton of scarring. Is a lift... READ MORE

Is there a way for me to get a breast lift without having the vertical Lollipop Scar? (photos)

Weight gain and loss when I was younger left me with some loose skin, so 12 years ago I had implants put in primarily to get a lift. They were lower... READ MORE

Revision mastopexy scheduled in a few weeks. Can you tell by my pics which technique would give the most firm result? (Photo)

Previously, I had a vertical scar reduction with purse string suture closure under the breasts. I'm thinking that a small anchor lift would remove the... READ MORE

Avoiding vertical breast lift scar? (photo)

Is it possible for me to have a lift without vertical scar? is any doctor in North Carolina they would do this procedure ? READ MORE

Do You Find Among Your BL Patients a Significant Percentage That Have Issues with the Vertical Scar?

I have decided to undergo a much needed breast lift after nursing 4 children. Consultations with PS's in my area all recommended the lollipop type BL.... READ MORE

Can a vertical Breast Lift scar be avoided in my case? (photos)

Hi, I always wanted to have implants because i always felt my breast don't match my body (i'm all tall and big, and i don't feel them big enough). The... READ MORE

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