Tubular Breasts + Breast Lift

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Breast Deformity, Nipple Size? (photo)

The size of my nipples has always been a source of embarrassment, but I'm wondering whether there is an underlying medical condition? Do I have... READ MORE

Do I Have Tubular Breasts and Ptosis?

20, no children. might have tubular breasts & ptosis. In my teens I had puffy tubular breasts & never perky. They have sagged and now look... READ MORE

What Can I Expect For Heal Time After Breast Lift? When Can I Begin Exercising Post-Op?

I'm considering just getting a breast lift. I'm currently a B cup and believe I have tubular breasts. I love to run, so I'm concerned... READ MORE

What Type of Breast Lift Do I Need?

I was considering a breast lift and was wanting to know what type of lift would be best and what problems would need to be addressed. READ MORE

I'm Only 18 and my Breasts Look Saggy, Do I Have Tubular Breast Deformity or Are They Just Sagging, and How Do I Fix It? (photo)

For as long as I can remember my breasts have looked really saggy and I have really big areolas, and I hate them, they've basically looked like this... READ MORE

Age 30, former anorexic, 32D bra. Are my breasts tubular--what options do I have to achieve more normal looking breasts? (photo)

I began puberty at about 11yo but became anorexic and was significantly underweight (hospitalized, etc) from 13-20. I am now 30, of a normal, healthy... READ MORE

My boobs are far apart; go more to the side than out. How do I fix it? (photo)

I want some non surgical suggestions along with surgical ones. And what do I have to do to fix my nipples? READ MORE

Best Mastopexy Technique for Tubular Breasts?

Could anyone tell me which is the best mastopexy technique for B size tubular breasts when the patient does not want a lot of scars? READ MORE

What can I do to fix my widely space/splayed(?) breasts and their general shape? (photo)

I'm 18 years old and have a few things I want to change about my breasts. Firstly, the gap between my breasts although not too dramatic - i'm not... READ MORE

Do I Have Tubular Breast or Ptosis? (photo)

21, no children, have seen 2 surgeons & one thinks they're tubular the other ptosis. I know I will need an uplift with small implants and aeriola... READ MORE

Do I Have Tubular Breasts or Have They Sagged? (photo)

Hello... I'm 23 years of age and I have one child. When my breast started developing it was basically just the areola that was seen. While growing up... READ MORE

If I Have a Breast Lift Due to Tubular Breast How Will Pregnancy Effect It?

I didn't know I had tubular breast when I started looking into options I just knew I didnt look like other girls and i was very self conscious... READ MORE

I Think I May Have Tubular Breast but Would Like This Confirmed?

I have saggy pointy breasts with quite a large areola and someone said it looks like I have tubular breast but would really like this confurmed if... READ MORE

Are my Breast Tubular or Do I Have a Severe Degree of Ptosis? (photo)

I've gone through a lot of the questions and photos that have been posted on the RealSelf board and I plan to go in for actual consultations soon. I'm... READ MORE

Can You Be Underage and Get a Breast Lift to Fix Moderate to Advanced Ptosis? and Tubular Breast Deformity?

Im 14 with grade 2 progressing grade 3 ptosis with tubular deformity i have my moms permission would it be legal to get a breast lift and reconstruction? READ MORE

Lift with Fat Graft, or Lift with Implants? (photo)

I have tuberous breasts that are widely spaced [5 inches apart] and have meet with two consultants. The first MD suggested I go with a vertical breast... READ MORE

Is it ok and safe to get a second breast lift? (Photo)

I am 39 years old. I got an ankor breast lift 15 years ago. Since I had small saggy breasts, kind of tubular with a large areola, the surgeon did not... READ MORE

What if any advancements are being made to breast lifts?

Have things improved as it relates to breast lifts? Are people looking at ways to reduce scarring further? Will improvement in technique be likely 10... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a breast Lift w/o Implants for Mild Tuberous Breasts?

I realize this is vague, but please bear with me: I have mild tuberous breasts, maybe a 34A; I have cone-boobs. When my nipples constrict from cold, I... READ MORE

Do I have tubular breasts? (Photo)

I have always hated the shape of my breasts and large puffy areolas. After doing a lot of research I'm starting to think that I have tubular breasts.... READ MORE

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