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Tubular Breast with Mastoplexy: is a Permanent Purse String Suture Needed?

I have asymmetrical tubular breast and have been told that I need a concentric mastoplexy and augmentation. I have been told by some doctors that they... READ MORE

Do I Have an Unusual Case of Large Tuberous Breasts? (photo)

After suspecting for years that I have tuberous breasts, I had a consultation with a PS. His opinion was that I have some degree of the deformity, but... READ MORE

Breast Lift for Tuberous Breasts

I have been diagnosed with tuberous breasts and it was recommended I get a lift on one side, because one of my nipples hangs lower than the other.... READ MORE

Is There Any Completely Natural Way to Fix Tubular Breasts?

I am 14 with the tuberous breast deformity. Is there a completely natural way to fix this?  Or do I need any type of breast lift or cosmetic... READ MORE

Tuberous Breasts - Breast Lift Without Implants?

I posted a question yesterday but my photo didn't upload. I'm trying once again with a photo. If you can't see the photo, click on my... READ MORE

Do I Have Tubular Breasts? (Photos)

My breasts have never sat properly and always sag and are not the right shape and are far apart. I am supposedly a 34F but bras do not fit properly... READ MORE

Why Does my Verticle Scar Widen and Pigment After Breast Lift?

I'm 25 and had my 1st of 3 surgeries when I was 18 and my last at 23 to correct a size B tuberous breast, and a normal size A breast. I now have... READ MORE

Should I Have Scar Revision Surgery Post Benelli Mastopexy--what Do You Advise? (photo)

11 months ago I had a Benelli mastopexy for my tuberous breasts. Quite a lot of stretching of the areolas occurred, which I can live with,... READ MORE

Stretched Areolas After Benelli-- Is The Cause Not Enough Support Post Op?

I had a Benelli mastopexy for my tuberous breasts (without BA) in December. I'm now 3 months post-op and my areolas are stretching out and... READ MORE

Best Mastopexy Technique for Tubular Breasts?

Could anyone tell me which is the best mastopexy technique for B size tubular breasts when the patient does not want a lot of scars? READ MORE

Would You Require a "Donut Mastoplexy" Along BA for Small Minor Tuberous Breasts?

I would like a BA from A to B cup. I have small minor tuberous breasts. One PS says I should have donut mastoplexy and other say no, that it is not... READ MORE

Do I Have Tuberous Breast Deformity and Do I Need a Breast Lift? (photo)

Hi I'm an 18yr old girl from Melbourne, Aus. I've always been very self-conscious of my breasts due to their sagginess, wide spacing and very large... READ MORE

Tuberous Breasts? Breast Lift? (photo)

I'm 21 and breasts grew in saggy, far apart, and with large puffy nipples. Are these tuberous breasts? I have congenital adrenal hyperplasia- caused... READ MORE

Tuberous Breast Lift Without Implants. Can I Get Nice Results Without Implants? (photo)

Currently a 34b & have tubular breasts, I've always been small chested & have wanted a BA for years now. But after lots of research, i feel... READ MORE

23 Years Old in Need of Lipo and Breast Lift (Tuberous)

1.) I'd like to get lipo on my stomach (especially love handles) and thighs. I am 23 years old, 5feet2inches and weigh 110lbs, I like the fact... READ MORE

Do I have tuberous breast deformity and can it be fixed? Can areolas be reduced? (photo)

Do I have a tuberous breast deformity and if I do what can be done to fix this? Also, can the size of my aureolas be reduced? READ MORE

Recurring Tuberous Breasts After Having Benelli Lift, How is this Possible?

I'm a 22-year-old female with tuberous breasts. I had a benelli mestopexy done two months ago (WITHOUT a BA) and was originally very happy with... READ MORE

Do I Have Tuberous Breasts, and is There Any Way to Avoid Mastopexy? (photo)

I'm quite confused about this issue. I don't know whether I have tuberous breasts - I suspect I do. If so, how difficult would it be to correct this?... READ MORE

Can You Be Underage and Get a Breast Lift to Fix Moderate to Advanced Ptosis? and Tubular Breast Deformity?

Im 14 with grade 2 progressing grade 3 ptosis with tubular deformity i have my moms permission would it be legal to get a breast lift and reconstruction? READ MORE

My Lollipop Cut Has Turned Black Red and Has Black Pieces?

I had my breast reconstruction 2 months ago and had a breast lift on one of my breasts ( i had tuberous breast deformity). everything went great,... READ MORE

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