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How Long Will It Take for Breast Tissue to Settle After Breast Lift Revision?

Had revision breast lift in one breast & scar revision in 1/2011. 1st lift was performed 12/2009. First surgery left me quite asymmetrical. Right... READ MORE

Do You Have to Have Breast Tissue Removed when Getting a Breast Lift?

I went to a consultation in Austin Texas for a breast lift only and wanted an idea of how small my breast would be after. i have a small c right now... READ MORE

Can another surgery fix my botched breasts? Can another surgery get ride of the extra areola tissue? (Photo)

Hello, I am now 39 yars old. 15 years ago I had a breast lift. I had small doopy breasts with large areolas. But as you can see on the pictures, my... READ MORE

Am I being treated correctly, 4 weeks post mastopexy or if I should be talking to a wound specialist? (photo)

Mastopexy 4 weeks ago,with a reduction of 300gm on right breast. R breast developed a cellulitis in week 1, treated with clindamyacin. Developed a... READ MORE

I have a small blister that pulled off when I removed the tape from my Breast Lift, can this be tissue death?

I had a revision on my breast lift, I have a small blister that has formed under the tape when I removed the tape it pulled off the blister it is next... READ MORE

Should I Be Deterred if a Doctor Says He Doesn't Do Any Internal Suturing of Tissue During a Breast Lift?

After years of searching I finally felt as if I had found the perfect surgeon for my breast lift. During my consultation I asked if he used any... READ MORE

Lipo out Some Breast Tissue for Small Implant During Lift?

Is it common to lipo out some breast tissue when performing a lollipop or anchor lift and replace it with a similar size implant (around 250cc)? Goal... READ MORE

Can the inframammary crease of a natural breast be raised along with the areola and tissue mound lift? (photos)

Is armpit tissue removed?Not only has the breast mound descended in my 60 years but the inframammary fold has always set low on my chest. I would like... READ MORE

4 weeks post-op breast lift, there's a hole behind it. I feel like I could aspirate it with a needle! Any suggestion? (photos)

Four-weeks post-up lift, finally seemed to be healing well after T-junction opening on both sides. I noticed lighter looking skin in the middle of the... READ MORE

I was wondering if this is the beginning stages of tissue necrosis? (photo)

Ok so I had an anchor lift on April 14, 2017. I was wondering if I should be worried. My PS gave me nitro paste. How long does it take to work? Do I... READ MORE

Mastopexy or tissue removal? I hate these boobs!

I run, and started bc 9 months ago for bone density increase (nuvaring). Weight has gone to the boobs-- A to B size. I hate them. I'd rather have no... READ MORE

Hard spot in breast?

I had a breast lift October 12th and I have a sand dollar sized hard spot or lump in my left breast. My doctor said it's probably stressed tissue. I'm... READ MORE

maxoplexy failed, lost skin, will the tissue regrow the skin smooth like it was?

Using saline, twice a day keeping the four by four area wet, a hole that has formed and the breast has fell. Much like a burn victim but i started at... READ MORE

How long does it take for the tissue to smooth out after having a donut mastopexy?

It has been five months since i had my donut mastopexy, however i still have puckering around the edges. it that normal? READ MORE

After Breast Lift, will this skin glue to my areola?I can see the tissue underneath. (photo)

It doesn't seem that the skin and areola are stitched together. At this point it looks so weird, I can see the tissue underneath the skin :( Will it... READ MORE

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